Йога комплекс сидя. Разминка для тазобедренных суставов.

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Namaskar friends! I welcome you to my
channel today I have for you very short but very effective complex
for opening the hip joints the complex is perfect for those
who little time the whole complex will be sitting position and so begin
sit in a comfortable comfortable pose with a straight back
put your feet together knees to the sides start swaying from side to
side in a butterfly pose baddha konasana the back right they breathe calmly exactly on inhalation we swinging one way while exhaling in
another we feel how warm our
hip joints then we put our hands back resting on
open your knees on your palm or breath expiratory bring together inspiratory open
the front surface of the body as you exhale rounding your back and pulling your head
knees showing the same side on inspiration
we feel the front surface of the body on exhale back
feel the warmth of the hip the joint
straighten the back we transfer the weight to buttocks and swing our knees Now
Well, take a seat closer to the wall so that ours back was straight we press our back against
little wall palms on your knees and shake again
knees task to fully straighten your back now
in the same position we begin swinging performed circular motions
help yourself with your whole body and head hands hold on to stop them the same
one-way rotation number and as much to another breathe calmly and evenly straighten the legs
shake off the crowds and kneel the world weaken slightly legs arms crosswise
bend palms under the arms for change left foot
pressed against the inner surface hips the knee tends toward
pleasant warmth and now the opposite
side we are calm
warm up the knee and hip joints and now combined movement the leg is straight the same to another
side you need to rest your palms with your back in order to make it easier pace we choose our movement to everyone
comfortable stretch the top of the head straight back
bend your left leg in the knee foot to the inner surface of the right
put your hips on your knee right hand grab the sock right
straight legs and swing on try lower your stomach as close to your hip as possible
grabbed yourself by the sock or while inhaling we try to bend up a little
as you exhale round your back concept up then fix the straight back position
you need to go down below, provided that your back remains straight straight leg
repeat the same thing on the right press the foot with the foot
look up grab yourself by the toe and sway as you exhale stretch down which is right palm on the right knee also self-capture with both hands on the foot and
on a breath exhalation in wavy motion
same wave-like slope fix the position go down if your back is not yet straightened
stay higher straighten the right leg shake your legs
reach for arms upward while inhaling well and on the exhale we leave
flat back we fall cling to socks
we only go down if our belly rests freely on our hips and
the back remains straight if not happens stay taller
breathing position calmly exactly I remind you again that the back is straight
only the diagonal is formed we straighten legs
then sit down again comfortable bend your legs and start the rotation of the grip on the sock
left leg draw some kind of circles and leg resting on the palm
behind your back bend your legs under your foot under the pull to your foot swing the sides in
side, as if by you, to you child try to open the thigh
pull the leg even closer few seconds of position and stack
repeat the same rotation with the right foot draw circles with your foot and grab yourself
hand warm up the bucket pull the foot closer to you again and
swing the country side I open my thigh even more
put your hand right under your knee fix a few seconds and lower
the bases we connect the pillar and and again with straight back butterfly baddha konasanu
swing your knees and now alternately straighten the legs with the grip repeat with two legs while holding
balance inhale and exhale alternate fix position balance
looking forward try to straighten your legs
then bend their legs and alternately rightly left leg
pull closer to yourself a lot on heel socks we aim a little lower
belly button set help yourself warm up your foot
ankle and knee joints as well straightened again shook her knees in
butterflies and on the exhale went down the slope we rise we straighten on
exhale try to leave with a straight back put your belly a little deeper on your feet
now hands forward a little deeper we are tilting, swaying exhale down
directing the body straight straightened up sat quietly exactly
we straighten the legs shake the foot on my knees it was small
consistency hope she cheered up you and you liked me I’m glad that you
practice yoga with me on my channel there are many lessons and shorter and
longer to new meetings on the rug friends!

6 thoughts on “Йога комплекс сидя. Разминка для тазобедренных суставов.

  1. Начал смотреть тебя ещё когда у тебя меньше подпiсчик0в было, но скажу одно – ты этого достойна !
    Чемпионка России по йога-спорту как-никак (из твоего инстаграма) ♥

  2. Не всегда удается выбраться к Наташе на урок лично, но всегда в доступности этот канал, где занятия на любую интенсивность и продолжительность. Вот, казалось бы коротенькое видео, а согревает и заряжает на дальнейшую практику. За твой голос отдельное спасибо! Так мягко и тепло он погружает в поток движения, что не замечаешь течения времени. Вот не заставишь себя сам позаниматься, а с Наташей-легко и просто!)) Ученик Илья.

  3. О, это как раз для меня! Успеть за … 😊разогрелась отменно! Наташа, запиши еще медитации или шавасану Очень приятный голос !!😍

  4. 🧘‍♂️
    Natalia Chistyakova, lovely, you are awesomely spectacular in your asannas perfomances ! blest one thank+you for sharing your blessings with us. superb! inspiration, edification.

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