Как повысить фпс? Туториал по очистке и оптимизации ПК.

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Hello dear friends today we
let’s talk about how to increase your computer’s performance for
this will require several the first of these actions is
installation of programs the first such malwarebytes program
once we have installed we need will scan the entire system here we are
click get free trial version of course
nobody wants to pay after we click get
free trial version
we have and to wage our mails here can be
to conduct absolutely any mail then we’ll need to scan our system
click check and the computer will start scan
our system on various programs third party actions that may
somehow harm our computer after the scan we will need to
press conti that is we will place the program that found this program
quarantine after that you can click finish look at the report but it’s not
no one will be interested only on scanned to our computer after
using this program it can be will delete if you want can
to leave but as it is not recommend to go to the bar
manage uninstall programs and uninstall our program and such action to us
it will take six or seven times don’t be alarmed it’s quite simple usually
computer masters charge for such actions are pretty decent amounts after restarting the system, the following
the program hitman pro here we click on we do not
uninteresting next, we accept the custom
the agreement is on and we’re going to use only once so
tick no I’m going scan the system only once
clicked the checkmark to continue and the program will start scanning our system again after that we will need to put on
delete all malicious files that discovered our program this need for
to ensure that these programs are not used in the future brought harm to our computer here we need
will activate the free license click activate free
license and re enter the mail mail can be to wage utterly any
it doesn’t affect anything it doesn’t affect anyone nobody checks it
controls copied pasted and click
activate after activation we will have a sign
the program is successfully activated click then everything is fine and the program will start
loading and preparing to clean the system after cleaning the system we will click next and
a reboot will be required total computer system cleanup
finished please restart computer to finish cleaning the system
and we reboot it. programs and the core
it’s Dr. web as he calls it here all on standard but again click
verify and again after our system
well our program checked everything delete all malicious files we do not need them
they are interesting and we do not need them it is necessary this should be done at least 1 time in six months for
your computer for and neutralize the following program
this antivirusnik here all, too, most install wait until it stops after installing antivirus and she needs
will scan the new system it’s pretty basic this is it, this class is for
those who do not know where to poke expired on this lesson is for those who do not know how
poke and that click avast stop on click install
you can set up and climb but we are all no need to install we’re here.
uncheck the box we do not need a browser and here I climbed a little looked
what needs can to lift characteristics this us that not need to in principle
we leave everything as it is after avast installed click continue and
we agree with the user agreement agreement and agree further avast
will begin to scan our system we us need to wait the whole procedure on
in relation to these programs takes approximately
half a day to long but your computer even if he did
old and useless click here protection
virus scan and full scan here you can read
can you scan this a few times too long procedure the next step us
it will need to be removed by someone leave itself antivirus
I am an ordinary antivirus can’t keep ye a lot of haters
Oh what a fool you are why don’t you hold antiviruses La-La-La all Affairs there is no
antivirus need but I them not’m using windows R wrote msconfig and remove
all ticked opposite unnecessary programs apply okay restart the computer next step
this is the installation of the program si cleaner. the program is necessary in order to
clean your computer from cache and your registry file there here we will need
to choose Russian language to select Russian language where he have you where he here is she
Russian language and click install wait until the program is installed and after
installation of the program we will need go to the following
menu, cleaning the application and put a tick where I put it AutoFill forms session office session is
we don’t need to and we will need to push cleaning after we clicked cleaning
again we will need to go into this program and clean our registry search
problems fix selected after that we will need to
restart our computer the following what we will need to do is update
drivers of our videos and if you have invideo-selectable g-force
if MD Radion install the program so I have md I install Radion after we install this the program itself will find
new updated windows drivers so and to windows not always knows what
the wood you need I would recommend this program the previous and also the link to all
programs I will leave in the description I will load their on Yandex and google who needs after she finds new grass
we will need to restart our computer and do defragmentation
hard drive now I’ll show you how to do it to us
you will need to click on our disk hour and perform mouse power pack defragmentation
properties tools defragment you choose on your choose our disk
no matter what goal d but desirable both and disk defragmentation this procedure
takes about 3-4 hours maybe all but also take so I recommend it
put it on the night after she’ll do it
you can continue to safely use your if it doesn’t break and all yours
files will not go anywhere and will not be removed from
your computer has restarted ours a computer
next we will need to go to system speed start
performance settings, advanced, and here we will need to click change
you will have a tick automatic paging file volume reduction
that is, we increase the paging file and here we will need to specify the most
the last part is cleaning your house and replacement of thermal paste we clean and here that dust
and spread the thermal grease evenly and we collect back the main thing that it turned on
and earned all the links to the data programs I will leave in the description I will load
their on Yandex disk and google disc the thank you thank you for watching don’t forget
subscribe to the channel shake bells and other things
please write comments thank you with you was Alexey until

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