Пора в путь. Привет, Нью Йорк! #1

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Well, hello, and here’s a new journey, very, very soon, and this means that you need to prepare for it, but traditionally already – I arrived in the village of Kubey for the flag, always on my journey there is a flag of Ukraine, which is sewn by the same person, in the same place and usually it’s in the month of October, just now October 12th, these are the days Kubeya, 210 years ago in the Budzhak steppes formed a lot of the national settlement of Kubey. This is probably more rite and tradition, come here, come sew a flag here, and so it happened that on October 12, it’s also Andrei’s birthday, this is the person who sews the flag for me, so in addition to the flag we will have shurpa, in 2 hours. Andrei washed the barrels, now is the month of October, this is grape harvesting, this is already pressed grapes – dries, there is a crusher for grapes, and there are a lot of mosquitoes and as I was told that just the same thanks to this midge, we get wine, and not the devil knows that, therefore, midges, although it seems incomprehensible why here, but they do their job, there they are how many, you can even catch them, such a little one. Solemnly transmit, I wish good luck so that he will protect you. Well, with your light hand, he told me always brings adventure, good. Before departure there is very little left, there are a number of questions that I need today close, and I’m leaving tomorrow and now, for example, now I’m meeting with Victoria, this is my wife my good friend, an operating surgeon, for me he is just a doctor. Hello Victoria. This is an instruction about my past medicines that are on this the side of the ointments that they just gave me with them – a bandage, a good patch, mittens, a napkin, I don’t know what it is yet, this one KA-300 will be given to me, nalbuphine, adrenaline … I don’t know, a syringe is just for all of these things, clarithin, chloramphenicol I know what, sorbex we also know what it is and now I don’t know what, Vyacheslav will write to me, this thing from the last trip, a fellow dentist gave me, says any pain in the mouth – rinse, Well, as you can see, there was no pain, the whole jar, will go with me to the second journey, then, I have left it from the last trip, I ate chloramphenicol sobrex left just a little bit of what trochisan is I don’t know now I’ll read more precisely, citrine, it’s a scalpel, yes a scalpel, it’s I don’t know what kind of pills I’ll ask Vyacheslav, I think he will recognize them in appearance, I don’t even know what it is, with myself I also take 2 ointments, you asked, now we’ll tell you about them, I’m in this journey, a warming cream, took the past journey, a new life is called – Ukrainian production, on herbs, natural, no burns or allergies, it seems like you can’t get from them, it can be seen that I used a lot when it’s cold, I can just like that instead to warm up there knees and some other muscles, joints – very good, I’ll also take a phyto analgesic of the same company on this journey, this is also my friends guys give me and I’m basically happy such is my layout. Everything, the box is packed, leave it until tomorrow, tomorrow we’ll pick it up, put it new tires, old Schwalbe Mondial again I will turn here in such a ball, with me goes a spare, but I think it’s necessary to take another one, Schwalbe Marathon Plus large, a couple of bolts and this is the rear belt guard, I remove them and take it separately, there’s very little scotch tape left, everything, in principle, is possible move on. This whole mess, these are the things that are with me they’re coming, but that’s not all, I still have a tent, jackets, sleeping bags, which I will take in the states. This is Lena’s transfer to New York, what needs to be transmitted, the flag of Ukraine sewn, I’ll try a shock absorber under the seat, a spare carriage, two flasks under water, one spare tire, there is also a spare camera, a microphone I have, patches, glue, speedometer, cup with a burner, glasses, kapron thread with a needle, new steering wheel mounts under the camera, ear sticks, by the way, you need to take a toothbrush, toothpaste, clamps, knitting needles, multitula, flashlight, took the key for 17, because I have a dynamo hub type-setting bearings, not industrial ones and every 4000 kilometers, have not been tested yet one thousand kilometers, it needs to be pulled, I need this key just to put on and take off the pedals during the flight, I took Latka 24, to glue, I’ll have a karemat itself inflatable, plus a pillow – good glue, this is adhesive for patches, the main department of public service emergency situations – Ministry of Emergencies in a word, Ukraine in the Donetsk region, guys I gave, they say meet firefighters in Latin America, please give them, well I’ll take the key for brooks saddle tightening, I didn’t want to take it, I mean the saddle, but I didn’t have time to take another, monopod, this is my new bag, there are other bags in it, they need to be pulled out and filled with everything I’m flying with drone, front wheel bag tripod under the camera and under the phone, under the photo, I ride in the same boots bicycle with a spike, there will also be a spike, I ordered in the states, I’ll pick it up there. sandals, I take with me an expander, only easier than last year, all I’ll do something, socks, sweater, windbreaker, pants from the rain, cap, gloves, this year we’ll try to ride in gloves, balaclava, shaving trimmer, sponsors stickers on bags, a solar panel, a hammock, even take with us, a Swiss knife, a small one tripod on a belt a knife as usual for documents Hermo pack, on the frontal flashlight, as I will have some period when I will to go in the pants, then a reflector, at the same time a latch, well, gum on Trunk floor, everything, very, very, very modest. Departure day, a lot of things really, I’m in a hurry, I’m in a hurry, I’ll manage to do it all, promised – rising now to KeepSolid, to find the answer to our question. Good morning. Ivan, the question is, why do the pliers lie in the kitchen? For cleaning and repairing the coffee machine. Wow, as everything is almost elementary, and we head broke. All in touch, bye for now. Received the answer, now we’re running, waiting for me at 11 o’clock in the afternoon, now even 11 s copecks, after 12 hours I have a plane, I still need to get to Kiev, 500 kilometers to the airport, now a friend is calling, we are with him should pick up my suitcase and bike, and go. Before Departing to this time I decided to try bca, is that protein at all? Amino acids, in order to come, it’s clear that over the summer I ate well, but it will be stress for the body, so it’s going to be such a little help for me, I hope it’s will mega efficiently twist with this, but let’s see the experts of this the store, the legendary Happy Body, They say that there will be a mega result, check. IvStroy by the way, not only that that my friend is also a sponsor in this new journey, and now with such chic I’m now I’ll go to Kiev that we’ve gone, here Ivan himself is the new hero of the new video. Today they wrote to me in the morning, do not forget to sit on the track, here we sit …. It’s not the first time I’m leaving, each time there’s such a story, when there’s even a week It remains until departure, I think, and even a lot of time – I have time, and the last two days so difficult saturated and sleepless. I don’t know what’s going on, but something is kind of straight Bulgarian wave to me, every year flags are sewn and sent, and escorted, Natasha gave me the incense on the road, thanks. This is with a tavern, with mushrooms and with cheese. Many celebrate and I think that you also already note by the number of my face in shot, yes, I’ve eaten up over the summer, well, how can you not eat me with such friends? tell me Eat the last time a normal meal. Already we are landing, it’s exciting that this is the moment when I’ll tear myself away Ukrainian lands and further await us only cool adventures. Flew from Ukraine, now I am in Qatar – transit zone, through hours and a half or two – I have a flight and 15 hours of flight, now flew by four and a half from Kiev to Doha, there is a change of 4 hours. Now I hope the plane will be half empty, a big Boeing three sevens, fed well, I hope it will be half empty, I’ll go somewhere behind me and lie on the seats. Yes, yes, I’m flying right over Iraq now. Qatar is ahead of many for example, when landing, they immediately give a menu, the flight will be big, there are several meals scheduled, now I’ll show you in several languages, Well, I see. Socks. Toothbrush with mini toothpaste for the duration of the flight, ear plugs, bandage on eyes and lip balm, fly west, so the sun always us catching up, even though I fly out at 8 in the morning, almost 15 hours of flight, and I’ll arrive at 15:00, but you need to sleep. We fly over one of my dreams over Greenland. go to the exit now I will show how here by 1100 intel edit not at all don’t bother at all like take one thing we can say that this is an American dream data look wooden on this plastic to this handsome we still back boxes the yard is your neighbors somehow does not spoil you and when you finish building, you throw knives and hatchets should count already i remembered and sight and everything there is not just I saw the handle as the hall and stuck it here it is this is my country like this pool whirlpool whirlpool you canned it she date gazebo with it it’s just to bask literate everything where I was in the basement everything is gone anymore gas date laundries immediately this is what you set for earlier and fall away very cleanly started understand with red from real dry land orders here is how an American car wash in films such yes so remembered sushi there is a difference there yes it is softer than there is some you know as if here is the addition of soda and here it’s as if there’s some kind of you need something as if something new york is considered the cleanest you Odessa flag and coat of arms in a car with worldly numbers ok generally the room and just need to buy kindling, I thought he was talking about ignition and kindling is chips and me. American save our man all the beauty 10 dollars pumpkin 10 dollars peter i don’t I know the diet, it seems to me that corn 6 to 6 dollars will definitely not be cheaper 2 corn on this floor decoration is more beautiful 4 dollar reds even painted to cut or 10 dollars, and Americans in general loves barbecue so here it is only for every taste and color I started to pay attention that I’m shooting on the same camera in the same and the same settings, for some reason, the color scheme and, in general, the feeling of space different when you shoot with us or here and another world is not there and maybe because what will be decorated here so find out from here really at the bottom of our car parks here is such a bright yellow blue what anji there is here and juicier faded and no a special corner for firewood is easy sit place place place for very Well, have a nice dinner, although we have a night in Ukraine, I will sleep blue name is hiv

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