अस्थमा के लिये आयुर्वेदिक इनहेलर  An Ayurvedic Inhaler for Asthma & Bronchitis in Detail  Nityashree

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Nityanandam Ayurveda Rare Ayurvedic Information When we mention about incurable illnesses, and when someone may never have thought that they would recover, when we share the Ayurvedic and yogic treatment or any natural treatment, or any solution that is effective, tried and tested, then when we share that this can cure the illnesses, then often we find opposition. People often oppose this, because they are not able to believe that is this even possible? They start to criticise in the beginning, that it is a lie and that they spend thousands on the medicine, and that they are following some course of medicine since a few years, They wonder how can I say that this will get cured in so much time? In such a case, I have an appeal to such people, that they should not get worried, and try a remedy first and see and try it and then say what are the results that they got. Sometimes, when we find some illness as complex, that can be cured with a simple Ayurvedic remedy. Today, for an incurable and complex illness, I have come up with a simple Ayurvedic experiment, which when followed you can cure Asthma, or those who have breathing difficulty, who have breathlessness and feel suffocation, those who use an inhaler, specifically, this video is to get rid of the inhaler, I have worked on hundreds of people, and I have told thousands of people, who attend my classes or camps, how to get rid of the inhaler. I have witnessed myself, how many people were able to give up the inhaler. One elderly lady used to come to me, up to some time back, now she no longer visits me, she was habituated with using an inhaler. Other than an inhaler, she had bronchitis, and all day she had an oxygen cylinder on standby, Every now and then, she had to use the oxygen cylinder, which used to supplement her oxygen requirements. I shared the experiment with her, which I am going to share with you today, that helped her give up the oxygen cylinder. People who are using the oxygen cylinder at home, and are using a respiratory support system, who keep using the Oximeter to check the oxygen level in the body, and when they find the oxygen level low, and they use their oxygen support system… This will complete their need for oxygen support. This will greatly help people suffering from Asthma and Bronchitis. But along with following what I will advise you today… in my next video I will advise you the restrictions, then when restrictions are observed, then that will be like an icing on the cake. Without restrictions, sometimes the benefit is not complete. Still, let us at least get going. Come, let me tell you what is to be done? I will tell you an experiment which will help you get rid of the inhaler. Kapoor (Camphor), which we use to offer in the Havan, or some use it to light the lamp to perform the Aarti. Camphor is commonly used by people, which is called Mushk Kapoor in Punjabi. Camphor is available in many varieties. The best variety of which is Bhimseni Kapoor. Camphor is available in the raw and ripe form. The raw camphor is slightly better, which is called as Bhimseni Kapoor. You will not get Bhimseni Kapoor from a regular grocer, If you ask them, then he will give you the pieces of regular Mushk Kapoor, which is used to burn. He won’t even understand what is Bhimseni Kapoor. When you visit a herb seller, he will show you what is Bhimseni Kapoor, which he will give you. If he is an honest person with integrity and does not adulterate, and keeps quality products, will stock this. Buy 100 grams. What do you have to do? Buy 100 grams of Bhimseni Kapoor and store it in an airtight container. Take out a piece of camphor from that container. How big a piece? Like you see these three fingers, take camphor of this length and breadth, a small piece like that of a matchbox. Take a piece of this side. The thickness may vary. Whatever be the thickness, match the size of a matchbox to the camphor. If it is in pieces, then in totality take that much quantity. Place it on your palm, After keeping it on your palm, cover it like this, how drug addicts who are used to cannabis, hashish, or poppy, those who inhale drugs secretively, they smoke something like this, you have to copy that way. Keep it like this and if possible, put it in a sheer muslin cloth, and tie it up, and make a small packet from this. Keep it in your hand and then bring it close to your nose, and inhale deep and long, As you inhale deeply, and the breath is taken in, now cover your palm, and exhale a long out-breath. Now again bring it close to your nose and inhale again. and then again close your palm and exhale deep. You have to practice this for 8-10 times. Then keep it back in the container. If the camphor is kept in the open, then it will evaporate gradually. Do not let it evaporate, but save it. Take 50-100 grams of camphor and place it in a glass or porcelain bowl, and keep it in the room, That will keep illnesses away. Keep a small piece of camphor under the pillow of Asthmatic patients, which is good for them. If someone has fever or has viral, then placing a piece of camphor is helpful. Camphor is of cold potency. It is light and slightly sharp. Its intrinsic nature is cold. Despite that, it is useful in curing Asthma. It helps get rid of inhalers for Asthmatic patients. Why? Because I have observed and you also would have seen, that in Amarnath pilgrimage, when people climb higher altitudes, who travel to high altitudes, tourists and mountaineers who frequently climb mountains, they keep camphor with them. Why do they do so? Where there is less oxygen, there they are given camphor for inhalation as it provides oxygen. This works like oxygen for people who are breathless, when the bronchial tract weakens, where it takes too much effort to breathe, then camphor smoothes this as well. This smelling experiment should be done 10-15 times in a day, and has to be placed back in the airtight container. Then repeat this in the afternoon. Follow the same procedure in the evening and at night. The first couple of days practice this for 3-4 times. Your inhaler will become redundant from the very first day. I am not fibbing. As a precaution, you should place an inhaler by your side, and use only in an emergency, and if not, then this should be enough. I have observed that this works as an inhaler. The function of an inhaler, is to smoothen the respiratory tract and provides relief. This provides instant relief. Please start using this camphor inhaler from today. But this has not to be taken in excess of 4-5 times, as this can get addictive. If you take it for 2 years then it becomes addictive. Take it for 15-25 days, then taper it down from 5 to 4 to 3, 3-4 days into doing it thrice after which you cur it down to twice a day, then once a day, then on alternate days and then twice a week. This has to be tapered down like this. After 2-4 months gradually stop taking this. This is an excellent solution for getting off the inhaler, for people with Asthma and Bronchitis. There are no side effects, you can easily do this. In case of cough, mucus, or in Kapha conditions… If a heart patient is finding it difficult to breathe, he can also be made to do it. He will also find a lot of relief in his breathlessness. Some elderly people feel breathless on climbing stairs, you may have seen when you are going out with a tour group, people are vomiting. They can be asked to inhale this. This will make them feel better in nauseatic conditions. It is so good and can be experimented in all such situations. This was a small experiment for Asthma patients, to get rid of their inhaler. This is just the beginning. You follow this and in my next video, I will bring for you diet tips for Asthmatics, What should be eaten and what are the restrictions to be followed, what lifestyle changes should be brought, so that Asthma can be cured completely. People who come to me, and I am telling you the truth. I do not talk nonsensically. I give them a holistic solution through Yoga and Ayurveda. They do get cured and are getting cured. They are getting rid of their inhaler. You will also be able to get rid of your inhaler, that is certain. I will pray to the Almighty for you. Please make people aware of all these things. Please do not hoard this information. If you have come to know about this or have benefitted from this, then share with others. That is all for today. Goodbye (Namaskaram)! Become a vegetarian! This will give a boon of life to the speechless! You will get from the Only Universal Master, Eternal and boundless love!

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