आपका अद्भुत समय | Aapka Abdhut Samay | Bro.Mohan C.Lazarus | Sis.Anne Geetha Testimony

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Beloved in Christ This is your Miracle Night! Our God is the God of the Miracle Are you waiting for a miracle to happen in the presence of God with
great expectations by stuck up in many problems and struggles even today? Definitely, You have answers
and many sorts of miracles in the Lord Let us hear now the testimony of a certain
person who received a miracle by waiting Keep waiting with Faith This God is enough to perform the miracle in your life It’s your Miracle Night My name is Anne Geetha, from Nagercoil I’m working as the Asst. Head mistress in
Kanyakumari Government Medical college. I had a lump in the ride side of my chest for more than 6 months. We took few tests for that. The initial biopsy report was negative only. A doctor from nagercoil suggested us to undergo a surgery After that surgery, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I got the report on the 2nd of May. It was heart breaking. We have faced so much of troubles and struggles before. But we couldn’t accept this. My wife was with me in all my activities. She used to be more supportive to me. We couldn’t accept that she has been diagnosed with such disease. It was a huge mental stigma to us. We were affected and also depressed We were so depressed that we
didn’t know whom to tell and how to tell. I have assisted in surgery for so many patients. Since I’m a doctor, I have given
anaesthesia to so many cancer patients. I couldn’t accept the fact that
I was affected by that same disease. I mourned heavily asking God that “Lord,
I am with you only, why did I get this disease?” I consulted with so many doctors here in Nagercoil. Then I went to CMC Vellore through my relative. I took 5 Jesus Redeems Magazines
and my iPad along with my things. I was admitted in the CMC Hospital, Vellore. When the preparations were going on, I use to watch Mohan C. Lazarus Annan’s sermons in YouTube. In that, I kept listening to Mohan C. Lazarus Annan’s
sermons Why are you stunned? Why are you afraid? It used to be so comforting to my mind. Not only that, I kept listening to Jesus Redeems’s songs in YouTube. A song called “Vetkapattu Povadhillai” was so comforting to me. I use to listen to it with a burdened heart
and say, Jesus I should not be ashamed. I kept listening to it repeatedly. I use to think of my situation with an unshakable
faith that God will not let me go ashamed! When I started from Nagercoil, I took 5
Jesus Redeems magazines in my suitcase. I use to read the testimonies and pray that “Jesus,
I should also be a testimony like this. You should give me a deliverance.” When I was turning over the pages, I saw about the construction of New Life Hospital. I read about the funds and donations. I couldn’t able to turn to the next page. I got a heavy drive in my heart that patients like us will
be coming there so I need to help them by donating money. So, I took it as a vow and prayed! Then, my surgery was done. Breast cancer treatment includes not only surgery, but also chemotherapy,
radiotherapy and so many other treatments and stagings are there. I know that very well I have seen patients who have undergone chemotherapy
where it weakens the body and leads to hair loss. Lord, how will I bear that? How will I go to my workplace if I lose my hair? How will I meet someone? I was thinking that God has given me such huge stigma. Lord, give me a deliverance. Father, Give me a deliverance from chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I don’t want this father. I prayed that every results should be negative. And I kept listening to Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus’s sermons. As I prayed, every results were negative. My node was negative, My biopsy result was negative, Endopredict test was done to decide
whether I require chemotherapy or not. That test was also negative to me. And doctors said that I am at low risk. This is the biggest grace that God has shown me in my life. All praises and glory to God alone! I took leave for 20 days and went. When I asked for leave, the management said you
can take leave even for 6 months or 2 years also. But, God helped me to go back to work within
that 20 days without any difficulties as I was before. The doctors and nurses who are working
with me use to ask, how is this possible?! I use to share my testimony that It’s because of Jesus. Not by my might and God led me! It consoles so many people. They turn back and see me. Now she has no problem, She is alright, She is able to all the works, She is doing her normal activities now. I don’t have any kind of problem in my body now. There is no sign to say that I was a cancer patient. I’m doing all my works which I use to do before. I don’t have any difficulties now. God has kept me as a testimony
amidst my colleagues, relatives and friends. I thank God for doing such big miracle in my life! Beloved in Christ Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ! Are you fine? Are you healthy and happy? No, brother Sickness, Problem After checked up, Doctor reported something suddenly Are you being afraid? Do not fear For you to be healthy With concern of your health, they’re
reporting the body condition after diagnosing They’re reporting the details of the illness for you to be healthy they’re trying Unfortunately, sickness occurs an illness occurs in the body We’re being affected by it we’re getting troubled For what to do? I’m devoted, I’m praying I’m so loving upon the Lord I’m so hopeful Sometimes questions may
arise, “why should it happen to me?” Will I be ashamed, perhaps? No Look at God, How greatly the Lord has done
amazing things to the sister Anne Geetha! What an amazing miracle it is! She is working as an Assistant Professor in Medical college She knows everything about it she teaches it Her body has cancer disease What to do? If any effect of illness occurs, many questions will arise Why to me? Why do I sin? What have I done wrong? I’m loving the Lord I’m believing Depression will come Will Shame, Shy come to me? You’ve said that You loved the Lord Said ‘Jesus, Jesus’ “then why has it happened to you?” If anybody shall ask me, All of them make us get depressed You may be in stress today Look at her, “I won’t be ashamed” a boldness She heard the song “Never be shamed” The song was produced in the video by Jesus Redeems Ministry God provided me the grace to write that song That we produced as a song Look at what the Holy Bible verse says, The Lord says in Joel 2:26 “never again will my people be shamed.” That song was written on the basis of that verse The Lord says, “You’re my people” “If you’re my children, I won’t let you be shamed” “I’ll heal you” I’ll give you deliverance” “I’ll fulfill all your needs” “I’ll give you what you’ve lost” God gives promises “I won’t let you be shamed” That’s what God has done Look, How did she get that faith? Jesus Redeems’ Magazine She received and read it Not only promise sermon that God has given Many testimonies are there When you read it what kind of miracles Jesus do to the people! People who healed from the illness People who healed from cancer, asthma Huge testimonies are there But In the Magazine, we’re publishing few testimonies only Because we don’t have more space Jesus does so many miracles He heals cancer, asthma, arthritis Curing the tumors Varieties of miracles I look at my ministry’s journey Thousands of miracles We stored everything in the video We’ve their address and everything It’s not cheating I could challenge, You shall come and look For Jesus does a miracle, thousands of witness could be a stand for he heals cancer how many testimonies do you need? We’re publishing it, their testimonies We publish it with photos We’ve their complete address Jesus does the miracle When they read those testimonies, they’re getting faith Jesus will do a miracle to me also We publish the testimonies for it Not for my fame Because I do not give healing The one who heals is Jesus attain faith in Jesus, When they read it That is the important reason for the miracle Miracle will happen when you believe Jesus expects faith Look at her, when she had read the magazine, she attained faith She listened to the song “I won’t be shamed” She believes that verse “I won’t be shamed” Jesus will heal me She believed it A miracle happened to her A miracle happened to her God healed her amazingly today she does all the works normally She pursues her work How does the thing happen? Jesus He is able to heal the cancer How many testimonies do you want? We make them stand in front of your eyes Non-Christians Not a Christian How did Jesus touch and heal them? They will explain to you Beloved in Christ To strengthen your faith, I’m saying you Believe it Jesus will give healing to me also He will perform a miracle to me also If you believe If Jesus does a miracle, then
heal everyone who is in the hospital? Jesus won’t heal like this I say because I won’t give healing The one who heals is Jesus To Whom Jesus will give healing? Those who seek him and pray hopefully, He will heal them That’s what Jesus said, Do you believe that I could heal you? If you ask to heal you for fun If you believe, I’ll perform a miracle to you That’s all No, There is nothing fantasy and magic Am I a magician who heals everyone? Not a magician, hallucination I proclaim about Jesus and how
could you receive a miracle from him? When you pray with faith, Jesus will perform a miracle Sometimes I intercede along with you Jesus does a miracle by hearing the prayer If you believe, the miracle will happen That’s all If you go to Brother Mohan C Lazarus all the disease will be cured No, How could I heal you? I don’t say like this I haven’t said that sickness shall be healed if I put my hand I haven’t said that I heal all the diseases My Jesus heals you He healed me He healed the multitude in front of my eyes Therefore I could say boldly that Jesus will heal you If you believe seeing this testimony and yet you do not believe Then How could you receive the miracle? You should believe that’s all Those testimonies were stirred them up Likewise, Jesus won’t let me be shamed She is an assistant professor You may inquire it You may ask them She is in Nagercoil Inquire what happened to her colleague Whether is it true or false? There is no need to bear false witness for Jesus He is an Almighty God He heals at free cost That Jesus performs a miracle He’ll do to you He won’t let you be shamed Say, “Jesus, I believe you” “Give me health” Do something to me as You performed to them Say like this What religion are you? What caste are you? What language? Jesus will ask nothing Are you a girl or a boy? If you touch me, I will be contaminated He won’t say like this Though the contaminated one touch him, the touched will be sanctified It’s written in the Holy Bible If you touch Jesus, he won’t get contaminated the one who touches Jesus will be sanctified It’s written in the Holy Bible It happens today also He sees you as his children you are my children my son my daughter How will I contaminate if you touch me? To clean your impurity, I shed my blood on the cross, Jesus says so Come into him Everyone shall come He won’t be partial Differentiating boy and girl What religion, caste they belong to? He won’t see anything Come with faith. that’s enough Alas, My children are coming with struggles He has compassion on you and perform a miracle Taste him Know about him Don’t believe from the unknown people talking’s Jesus is not like this I haven’t said like this That I heal everyone Rumors are spread by the unknown people The Lord shall forgive them Read what is said about Jesus in the Holy Bible You read the Holy Bible, what is said about him Did Jesus said that I would heal everyone so come to me? Jesus said to those who gathered if you believe you will be healed You should believe him Believe him today For you not to be shamed, God will perform a miracle Do you believe it? Shall you pray with me? Shall a miracle happen, if you pray? Pray by confessing the name of
Jesus Christ, a miracle shall happen Let us pray Put your hands upon the affected part To manifest your faith put your hand upon
wherever the pain, torments and sickness are Do you have a tumor? Do you’ve cancer? Put your hand if you’ve affected kidneys? We shall pray for two minutes Believe, Jesus touch me now Jesus is near you You may be at home wherever you may stay you may be watching from wherever you’re But his hand will touch you We shall pray now Father in Heaven, I pray for this
brother, sister, mother and father Jesus, I too shall not be shamed I too need a healing You should perform a miracle to me also Whoever prays as “I believe you, God” Jesus for you will perform a
miracle to those who believe you Healing shall happen in the name of
Jesus Christ to Who’re all praying for the health The terrible cancer disease shall
leave in the name of Jesus Christ The Asthma shall leave in the name of Jesus Christ The Arthritis shall leave in the name of Jesus Christ The affected heart shall be cured in the name of Jesus Christ The affected kidney shall be cured in the name of Jesus Christ You touch the affected liver touch the affected lungs touch the affected Uterus Your power of Healing shall pour from the
head to the toe in the name of Jesus Christ All sort of disease shall remove in the name of Jesus Christ Tumors shall vanish in the name of Jesus Christ Amazing healing shall happen right now We read “we heal by your scars” We’re healing In the name of
Jesus Christ and by the scars of Jesus For touched your children For performed the miracle Praise the Lord Praise the Lord Praise the Lord We pray you Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ Amen Amen Beloved in Christ Jesus did a miracle to you What should you do now? With faith, “Jesus, Praise you God for you’ve touched me” Thank you, God, for giving me the healing Praise God to expose your faith Immediately transformation Changes from today Let us know your healing, deliverance We too shall praise God You shall come and share with the
people, the miracle that Jesus has done God will be happy He will bless you continuously Believe Jesus ever Call him He will perform a miracle and make you glad Amen

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