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Welcome to health care at home In the previous season we talk about cholesterol but we didn’t share any remedies with you So let’s take that conversation further, as I told you that a certain amount of cholesterol is necessary for our body Because of cholesterol only our body produce hormones, vitamin D & digestive juices Since cholesterol doesn’t get mix with blood Due to this its major portion can create blockage in our arteries If there is any bacteria in the blood of arteries and if that bacteria is attacking over the inner wall Then cholesterol works to heal that wound At times due to extra portion of cholesterol remains the cause of blockage in arteries Let me tell you that how can you keep your cholesterol in level Now a days major portion of our generation has sedentary jobs So the policy of eat and burn is fail here because it is very much necessary to burn those calories When you eat and if those calories aren’t get burned then they convert into cholesterol or triglyceride And remain stored in our body Slowly their level is increase and in result they become dangerous So eat and burn, do walk. Even if you are working but walking for sometime in between the work Or get awake prior 1 one and do some jogging and walking You can do any type of exercise like yoga, pranayama, swimming, gym Do something thrice in a week which make you sweat This will burn your extra calories Start doing some efforts, Make sure that first meal of your day is oil free How can you have oil free meal ? Take fruits or raw vegetables If you take such first meal then there will no oil intake This way there will be no oil intake, you’ll get easy to digest carbohydrates and fiber as well This will clear your colon, there will be no rise in cholesterol and high cholesterol will start getting used The cholesterol which is stored in your body will start getting used Let me tell you a remedy take 20 gm coriander seeds, 10 gm fennel seeds and 10 gm Mustard seeds Also add 2 tsp Turmeric powder and 1 inch piece of cinnamon Put them in grinder, make powder and keep it in a jar Boil 1 glass of water and add 1 tsp powder when the water is boiling and let it boil for 5-10 min on low flame Either you can use this water like this or you can sieve it if you are uncomfortable drinking this way Take 1 cup of this water post breakfast, It keeps the level of cholesterol in control Juice of bottle gourd is also very beneficial, Either you can have raw bottle gourd or can extract its juice This is very good for cholesterol, triglyceride, heart and for the health of arteries Remember don’t use bitter bottle gourd because it can be poisonous Even if the juice tastes bitter then you need not to consume that juice Because bottle juice is slightly sweet or it has no taste which is similar to aloe vera juice So the juice of bottle gourd is very much beneficial Onion, garlic and ginger, these 3 are nectar for cholesterol But in raw form & Don’t cook them. Eat 2 garlic pods, 1 onion and a small piece of ginger If you eat these 3 items regularly then the possibility of high cholesterol becomes very low So make sure that you eat them regularly Also you can make one tonic i.e Heart Tonic named by me This will not let your cholesterol, triglyceride go high also there will be no blockage in arteries But how to make and use this tonic that I’ll share in the next episode As this episode has already turned lengthy If you have any problem, you can whatsapp me at 9082130828 We wish that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe to our channel Tell your friends and relatives to subscribe to our channel Get all the health benefits at home & support us in our motive Our motive is that maximum number of people get the health benefits from us. Also don’t forget to share and like our videos as much as possible. Thank you

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