गर्दन काली पड़ने के कारण और उसका ईलाज || Dark Neck Treatment & Causes

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Hi friends today we will talk about the problem of a dark neck darkened neck skin is a problematic issue for a lot of people especially when the complexion of your face is light but the skin colour of the neck begins to darken this causes a lot of distress to people When this problem happens to women they hesitate in wearing fashionable blouses and when it happens to men, they hesitate in wearing open neck t-shirts In fact, in a lot of ways, this problem causes an inferiority complex in people which makes them feel underconfident and unsure about themselves Some times people mistake this for dirt accumulated on the neck and then begin scrubbing the area with soap but the net result is that instead of the skin getting lighter it gets darker due to daily rubbing with soap, and loss of moisture In today’s video, I will speak about the medical reasons for a dark neck which means the causes that lead to dark neck due to some problem/disease in our system And I will also speak about the Physical Causes which are basically the outside or environmental factors that can lead to darkening of the neck skin I will tell you complete information about this I will also tell you the difference in the symptoms of dark neck, due to these two primary causes Besides this I will give you the complete treatment for a Dark Neck Firstly A dark neck can be caused due to a medical condition which is known as Acanthosis Nigricans In this, not only does the neck skin become dark but it also leads to thickening of the neck skin and the formation of folds in the skin this results in itchy skin burning sensations and sometimes it causes the sweat coming from the neck to smell bad between 60% and 74% people in the age group 40-60 years can suffer from this problem. It is mainly triggered by obesity. Women are affected in greater numbers than men, by this problem The causes for this can be genetic or familial traits which means that many people in the same family might suffer from a darkening and thickening of the neck skin A lot of times, people who suffer from obesity, along with problems like diabetes blood pressure PCOS and hyperthyroidism are more prone to Acanthosis Nigricans The other reasons which are very common are excessive sun tan of the neck due to sun exposure it is also caused due to friction/rubbing of metal chains worn around the neck which not only leads to darkening of the neck skin but it can also lead to the formation of skin tags in the area Another reason is applying talcum powder on the neck daily and spraying deodorants and perfumes directly on the neck It can also be caused by applying cheap and highly fragrant creams and lotions on the neck as also creams containing steroids Another major reason for darkening of the neck skin is your hair dyes Whenever you colour your hair, then the chemicals present in the dye can easily irritate the skin of the neck and then slowly, the colour of the neck skin begins to darken this usually happens in the back of the neck The aforementioned reasons which cause the neck skin to darken do not result in thickening of the skin neither does the skin develop folds and neither does the sweat from the neck smell bad Only the skin colour of the neck darkens and it begins appearing dry Now lets get to the treatment Firstly, I’ll tell you about the treatment of Acanthosis Nigricans in which not only does the neck skin darken but it also gets thickened develops folds, and begins to emit a bad odour of sweat To treat this problem, first of all you must reduce your weight by dieting and exercise On my channel You can watch a video about weight loss through a natural diet and also see a video about losing weight through weight loss pills diabetes blood pressure and thyroid problems if treated properly can automatically result in the cure of Acanthosis Nigricans as well In order to get rid of this problem fast you should clean your neck with Benzoyl Peroxide (4%) wash in the morning or you may also use Saslic Foam (2%) wash either of these should be used to wash your neck thoroughly and then followed by application of coconut oil, as a moisturiser Or you could also use a mixture of coconut oil and vitamin E oil which should be mixed well and applied all over your neck Every night you can apply Retino A cream 0.025% or or Retino A 0.05% or Adapalene Gel 0.1% or Tazarotene Gel You can choose any 1 out of the previous gels/creams which suit you best, and then apply it on your neck Like I tell you in every video of mine that you should begin applying these creams and gels from the lowest available concentration and for the best results you should use them regularly for atleast 3 months Now lets speak about the dark neck condition which only results in darkening of the skin First of all you will have to stop using all talcum powders scents deodorants cheap creams lotions and steroid containing creams on your neck If you colour your hair then avoid the use of ammonia containing dyes use only natural hair dyes as far as possible On the Hair Dye video on my channel I have given the names of many good natural hair dyes you can see the video and know their names If your neck skin has become dark due to a sun tan then you should apply on your neck daily, a mixture of Sour Curd and 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric let it sit on your neck for half an hour then wash it off with plain water and apply a mixture of Coconut Oil and Vitamin E oil on your neck properly If you wear a closed neck shirt, kurta or kameez for a few days then your neck skin will be protected from getting burnt by the sun on my channel in the video about Safe & Effective Fairness Creams I have given the names of many good creams you can use any 1 of the creams mentioned there and apply it every night regularly for 3 months this can solve your dark neck problems also Friends I hope that this video of mine has helped you to understand the causes of your dark neck and that it also helps you in treating this problem effectively Thank you!

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