मायग्रेन, सायनसचा त्रास जातो, स्ट्रेस जाऊन झोप चांगली लागते,nasya ayurveda treatment, nasya marathi

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Frequent colds, sinus pains, headaches, irritability, stress, and the incomplete and disorganized sleep, neck pain, hair loss, premature whiteness are all too often found in our daily life. Frequently using headphones, looking at the mobile screen constantly stresses the eyes Thus, complaints like headaches, irritability and lack of sleep start to arise. Chronic sleep apnea does not relieve anxiety. Feeling unwell, further indigestion Indigestion causes stomach disorders such as stomach gas Blood pressure problems arise On all such issues it is extremely beneficial to nail this oil What should be the amount of oil in the vein? What time is it appropriate for individuals with a bladder, gall bladder tendency to nerve? Watch the video until the end to find out what to do after brewing. The amount of oil you need to make the vein is just as much as the amount of drops in the scalp. It is best for both nostrils to have two drops in each Before performing this experiment, note that those who consumed alcoholic beverages such as rice and those who suffer from respiratory disorders who have drunk rice should avoid nausea. Avoid bathing in cloudy weather in the rainy season In the disease of phlegm, it is very beneficial to take nasal dilation in the morning in the bile and in the evening during the windy tendency. Sleep straight while spreading arms and legs Cover one nostril hole by bending the head back and pour the oil in the other Again, cover this nostril hole and add the oil in the first hole This medicinal oil should be kept in hot water to prove it Then, with the help of cloth or cotton, the oil should be released into the nose After pouring this oil, the hands and feet should be loosening the ears Doing so provides enormous benefits to the body Relieves fatigue Strengthens teeth Increases stabilization of teeth Premature white hair Stops They Don’t get sick Sleeps calm

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