ये लक्षण नजर आए तो समझो टीबी है || what are the symptoms of tuberculosis in lungs  || tuberculosis

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These symptoms have been seen to treat TB
TB The full name of the Besilai Tubrkul. It is a contagious disease in the early stages
and it is potentially fatal if not prevented. The person slowly kills. TB The other known disease, such as tuberculosis,
Tuberculosis and tuberculosis. Six or seven million people in the world suffer
from this disease and 25 to 30 million people each year die from it. Two in every three minutes in India have died
due to tuberculosis patients. Forty thousand people are infected every day. TB The disease is caused by a bacterial infection. It is considered a disease of the lungs, blood
flow from the lungs but can spread to other parts of the body, such as bones, bones, joints,
Limfgrnthian, intestine, urinary tract and reproductive organs, skin and brain up etc.
membrane. TB The bacteria enter the body through breathing. A patient coughing, speaking, sneezing or
spitting mucus and sputum of time very small droplets that are spread in the air, which
can stay in the air for hours Baktiriaki present and healthy person’s body when inhaled, enter
create disease. Tyubrkals small lumps in organs affected by
the disease, ie become. If untreated, the affected limb gradually
cease to function and that may be the cause of death. TB The disease is also found in cow. The bacteria get into milk and milk without
boiling may be diseased person. special :
* In India, every year 20 million people are vulnerable to TB
Nearly 5 million die annually. The number of TB patients in India is more
than any other country in the world. * If you remove an average of 30 percent of
the world’s TB patients are found in India. TB Disease-causing * TB Blue disease are many reasons, mainly
due to poverty, poor nutrition and inadequate due to less food, less space for people to
live in, the lack of hygiene and cow’s raw milk etc. * The person TB His exposure, taking his goods,
using. * TB Spit here and there by giving the patient
a healthy person the virus attack have flown. * Drinking and smoking may also be hit by
the disease. The slate workers in a factory is also at
risk. The spread of disease TB The bacteria are inhaled into the lungs,
the lungs are expanding their number. They wound infection in the lungs to become
smaller. This can be known by X-ray, to the stage of
wound Simtms seem mild. The special thing about this disease is that
the symptoms do not occur in most individuals. If the person’s weakened immune symptoms begin
to show and he soon becomes utterly diseased lymph glands or such persons within the lung
TB The bacteria are found, some people whose immune power is higher in calcium or Fraibrosis
cover carried the bacteria in them are closed. The bacteria in the lungs or lymph glands
in the body live. Then they do not harm, nothing can be done
against such Jivnuon. The bacteria in the body in a sleeping state
can remain harmlessly for many years, but as the body’s immune power is weak, TB The
symptoms begin to appear. It can spread to any part of the body. TB Symptoms of bronchitis, pneumonia and lung
cancer symptoms are found, so a definitive diagnosis of other diseases, so it may not
be likely to occur. TB symptoms of
* Loss of appetite, weight loss and a sudden loss diminish.  * Restlessness and lethargy to
be dominated, to feel chest pain, fatigue and night sweats to be. * Light fever, keep warmth.   * Be cough, cough and hemoptysis in the
sputum. Sometimes loud cough blood in the sink suddenly. * Neck lymph glands to swell and the boil. * Deep breath to chest, swelling of the hip
bone, knee pain, difficulty in bending the knee. * Women with Temperature fasten neck, eyes
climb up or fainting are signs of meningitis tubberculous come. * Abdominal TB Abdominal pain, diarrhea or
diarrhea, flatulence, etc. occur. * TB Symptoms of pneumonia with high fever,
cough and chest pain. TB treatment of * TB From the start of treatment chest X-ray
and sputum test is a laboratory.   Nowadays TB For the treatment of different
antibiotics / Antibekteriyls drugs used together. This treatment lasts for 6 to 9 months consecutive
regular. * On irregularities in the disease taking
the drug, it causes bacteria to develop resistance to the medicine. It does not respond to medication Baktiriaon
again. This situation is dangerous for the patient. The reason for much of the same antibiotics
that should not lead to resistance in bacteria.  * During treatment the patient received
nourishment, she stayed away from alcohol, cigarettes etc.    * Children TB To avoid Biksikjik The
vaccine is applied soon after birth. It is now believed that the BCG vaccine has
no role in it. Now on a 15-day chronic cough of tuberculosis
infection is suspected to be expressed. DOTS method offers patients free of tuberculosis,
it takes less than 10 months. That day has to take medication regularly
and condition. Adbic drug in people who leave food, but they
are not destroyed by tuberculosis germ manages to generate drug resistance. ”
 The biggest killer disease AIDS Every second a
person trapped in the clutches of the world’s tuberculosis. According to the World Health Organization,
one third of the world’s population has latent TB infection Kicpet. March 24 is celebrated as the Day of tuberculosis
worldwide. HIV Aids is the
biggest killer disease tuberculosis.

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  3. This disease generally does not spread in a single short duration contact with patient. But, long duration contact usually more than 48 hours with patient can transmit this disease. Hence family members of patient are never spared from this disease and it continues from one generation to another. Many times during marriages, this disease is kept secret from opposite party.

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