साँस, दमा, एलर्जी की दवा की निशुल्क सेवा sans, dama, asthma, allergy ke ilaj ki dawa

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Medicine for respiratory diseases and allergies. This medicine is distributed two times a year. It is given for free. No money or donation is taken. Patient is not required to be present at the camp. Any family member can come and take the medicine on behalf of the patient. No registration or report submission is required. If you, or anyone in your family has such issues, you can try this medicine. This medicine is made by Dr Surendra Sharma, from Hyderabad, and this organisation distributes it for free in Vivek Vihar, Delhi. Thousands of people from different cities take this medicine. I came here 6 months ago. Before that, I had asthmatic bronchitis. I have felt a lot of improvement after taking the medicine I believe I will get fully cured this time. This medicine is very good. It is ayurvedic. I have seen hundred per cent improvement. I have not faced any problems since I took this medicine. I am okay now. There are still slight complications, that’s why I am coming to take it again. I collected it for my father He has seen much improvement. I’ve taken it three times. This is my fourth time. This is my second time. I have seen 50 per cent improvement. My throat used to get blocked, my eyes red. My face would get swollen before. But now I am 50 per cent cured. Me and my 90 year old mother are very healthy because of this medicine. I have taken it several times. There’s a lot of improvement. There is no money asked. Earlier it was difficult to walk. Now, I can even run without any problem. It’s a good medicine. I have taken it four times. It is very beneficial. I gave it (to my wife). She is well now. I took it for my sister. She has seen a lot of improvement. I don’t get exhausted when climbing a flight of stairs, anymore. I needed to use inhaler every 15 days. Now, it has been years and I don’t need it anymore. There’s no problem. I am absolutely well, now. There’s no problem in walking, breathing, or anything. I have seen huge improvement. In fact, I am fully cured, now. Impact of medicine is felt 15 days after consuming it. It is taken in a set of two. That is, if taken once, it has to be taken again. If taken three times, it needs to be taken fourth time also. Those with more serious complications may require to take the medicine more than two times. There are three rules in the diet for this medicine. Every smoking and related products like bidi, cigarette, tobacco, pan masala, alcohol have to be avoided. All kinds of meat, fish, and eggs have to be avoided. All types of cold and sour food items have to be avoided. Other than these, for the dose given in summer there’s one more restriction in which for 8 days before and after taking the medicine milk and anything made from milk has to be avoided. It is important to take the medicine in the stated manner and time, or it will not work. If you are coming from other states, come and take the medicine in the first few days so that you can return home in time to take the medicine at the stated time. To know the date and address of the next camp read our comment below, or send a WhatsApp message to this number. In the experience of the organisation, no side effects of the medicine have been seen nor does it show any reaction with any other medicine. But the organisation does not take responsibility for it. You can take this medicine at your own will. Jai Shri Ram.

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  1. साँस, दमा, एलर्जी की दवा अब 27 मई 2020 से 31 मई 2020 तक मिलेगी

    पता: विवेक विहार दिल्ली

    व्हाट्सप्प नंबर: 9419003173

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