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The plants that should be planted in the bedroom
help to purify the air to sleep well. Trees that should be planted in the bedroom
because they help your health improve !!! – Daily Because this beautiful tree will help filter
out toxins like benzene, trichlorethylene And formaldehyde in the air as well It also produces 5% more moisture in the air
to eliminate airborne germs that cause allergies. Along with alleviating respiratory irritation
resulting in comfortable sleep throughout the night. Easily planted By separating the clump from the complete
tree to plant in a pot with 2 parts loam, 1 part sand, 1 part wood waste and 1 part
manure or compost. Take care to water it enough, but not wet
every day. Set it to the sun And don’t forget to dissolve the compost or the manure in plain water for
watering at the beginning 2 times a month. – Bamboo Palm A small tree with excellent air purification
efficiency While also helping to eliminate the toxins
that are mixed in the air separately Resulting in breathing in fresh air both during
waking and asleep The planting is easy. Is to take shoots with 3 roots Planted in a potted soil with 2 parts compost,
1 part sand, 1 part sand and 1 part decaying wood. Take care to water the water, but do not wet
only 1 time per day. Set in direct sunlight. – betel betel Ornamental plants, in addition to having a
beautiful shape like a heart It is also an amazing feature. Because it reduces 94% of dust in the air
and 78% of mold in the air. In addition, if the betel plant is planted
in the bedroom Will help purify the air Sleep comfortably
Without allergy or asthma disturbances By bringing the complete plant to be planted
in mixed soil, rice husk, coconut flakes or leaf fragments in equal
proportions If you want to embroider in a vase, use only clean water. – Gerbera Planting trees in the bedroom that aside from
helping to freshen the air Also reduces the substances that cause
allergies and asthma as well Helps to sleep more comfortably. Planted by splitting shoots with 1 shoots
and 3 roots to trim the roots. And leaves out a little to reduce dehydration
Then planted in sandy mixed soil with coconut flak Be careful not to cover the top. Look after watering, but do not wet. And set in the shade of the sun – Class Sacred tree that helps to purify the air in
the bedroom. While also helping to absorb toxins such as
xylene, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene And trichlorethylene Make it easy to breathe
And resulting in a comfortable sleep Planting methods are not difficult. Start by mixing 1 part loam and 1 part compost
and 1 part rice husk. Put in 10-18 inch pots. Then bring the complete plant varieties to
plant Regularly water both morning and evening. And set in a sunny place – Jasmine Jasmine fragrance helps to soothe the mind. Makes the body feel relaxed While also helping
to reduce stress Not startled at night Make you sleep fully
Wake up refreshed and ready to live As for the method of planting for decorating
in the bedroom, it is easy to do by planting jasmine plants
in pots. With a loam mixed with manure at the same
rate Take care with moderate watering both morning
and evening. And set it to be slightly exposed to sunlight – dragon fruit Trees that are suitable for planting in the
bedroom. Because Lignmagkr will exude oxygen. Absorb toxins and carbon dioxide at night
Causing the body to get fresh air in the lungs And sleep more deeply The easiest method of
cultivation is cuttings by cutting 1 slice of dragon fruit from the plant. About 10 cm long, 1 part landed with 0.5 parts
sand And 2 parts coconut coarse, take care of watering
moderate 1 time a day and set to stand in the sun during the day
time – Aloe Vera It is one of the timeless plants that Egyptians
commonly use. Because aside from helping to care for beauty
and treating skin wounds Aloe vera also helps you sleep better. Because aloe vera will release oxygen at night While also being easy to take care of If planted
to be set in the bedroom To prepare the soil mixed with manure and
coconut flake into the pot. Then extract some shoots from the complete
plant and place it in the prepared pot Do not cover the soil for sure. Take care to reduce the water a little Then
taken out to dry in the sun Because if it is too sunny, the tree will burn – Millionaire Ruen Nai Listen to just the name, it should be planted
already, right? Millionaire Ruen Nai is classified as a poisonous
wood in the building. That the NASA organization has researched
that It has the ability to help eliminate formaldehyde. 90% of the causes of cancer in the air are
substances from building materials in the house. If the rich house is set in the bedroom Will
help eliminate all of these toxins While also producing oxygen for us Sleep well How to plant, take the sapling
from the flow to plant in a pot with Common soil pervious to mix sand and rock
fragments Take care to water moderately and set it to fade with sunlight.

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