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😖MOM SUCKING BOOGERS OUT OF BABY’S NOSE WITH MOUTH!👄 NoseFrida – [ Josh ] How does that taste? Looks like it’s awful. – [ Christina ] Roswell still doesn’t like it. No matter what I give him he doesn’t like it. – I’m trying to throw this up. – No this bib for some reason tastes delicious. Ok ready? Show em. Look at him hold his mouth open like I don’t want to. But the bib tastes delicious, huh? If we get enough of it on the bib then we might actually swallow some. – Yeah you should just put it all on the bib and then he’ll eat the bib. – Yep you don’t like that do ya? – You guys are about to witness one of the grossest, craziest, clever things ever. NoseFrida. Is that how you say that? You see what that mom’s doing? She’s sucking boogers out of her child’s snotty, boogery nose. – With her mouth. – With her mouth. You’re about to witness Christina sucking boogers out of Roswell’s nose. With her mouth. That’s disgusting. Hold on. Let me get a close up of his boogery nose. Look this is the thing. If you guys have ever had a baby, it is so hard to get their boogers out. We are having some Spring coldness going on in our house. – Sinus crap. – Do you guys get sick when the weather changes? My body’s so happy cause it’s sunny outside but like up here it’s just a mess. And Roswell’s successfully went all winter without getting sick and it’s been awesome. So we haven’t been able to try this awesome nose sucker. So you literally suck the boogers out of their nose with your mouth. Put this in your mouth put this in his nose and you suck it out. I’ve never done it. They didn’t have these awesome things when we had our other kids. So we’ll see how it goes. – Okay. – K Rozzy should we see if we can get some boogers. I’m scared. You do it. – No you do it. – Will you do it to me cause I have a lot of boogers. – Gross. No! That’s disgusting. Can you do it to yourself? – Can I/ – You can totally do it. – Oh my gosh that’s so bad. Oh yep. – Was that gross? – It was like the sound of it, did you guys here it? – It sounded so gross. – It was like a booger vacuum. – Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Just right on the tip? – Yeah he doesn’t.. we’ll try again. But like my friend has this on her baby and he was like sick sick and like.. I couldn’t believe how much snot came out of his nose but Roswell must not really have very much. – That is one of the grossest things I’ve ever witnessed. I’m sorry, like I know you’re probably not getting any boogers in your mouth doing that. But oh my gosh it sounds like.. Like you’re slurping boogers out of someone’s nose. – You are. – You literally are. – This is like what traditionally you use. We had to use with our other kids like these things from the doctors. You squeeze this and then it sucks it out. But they totally do not work. And they’re always like sticking this in there and trying to get them out. – I feel like you’re just sucking their brain out with it. – He can spare a few. – I mean with the old one. – Yeah they’re really hard like they never work very good. – That one sounds like you’re getting straight boogers out. – For real. When I saw my friend do this on her little boy like there was so much snot that came out it was insane. I’ve never seen something like that. – I feel like I’m gonna throw up my breakfast. – K let’s try the other nostril. No I know it’s weird Rozz. Say mom don’t eat my boogers. Okay hold on. Oh I got some but it’s like in his nose. I know I’m sorry. – How do you get the baby to hold still? – We got some more. I’m sorry, Roswell doesn’t like it. – Not as much ooey gooey as I thought there would be. – No luckily, I though he was really snotty like when he woke up. He sounded stuffy. I think it’s just like that sinus stuff as in the time of the year. If he was actually really sick, I’ve seen it. Guys go check this out online. It’s called the NoseFrida. I’m sure there’s some really gross ones. If Roswell gets any actually sicker we’ll show you.. But it has this little filter. So that the boogers.. – That you hope the boogers don’t make it through that. – Like it’s not even wet. Like the boogers didn’t even get on there. – I know but what if it was a really runny nose though? – Let’s try it on you Josh. – Sick. – I wonder why I spend so many days doing laundry. What is going on over there? What are you wearing? Okay come here. What are you wearing? – Too much shorts. – Why on earth would you ever wear this many shorts? Look at mom. Look at me, you’re in big trouble Mr. You’re in big trouble. Let’s take em off and show em. K 1. Pull down those ones. 2. 3. 4. Okay next ones. 5. And oh no no more. William. Why did you wear 5 pairs of shorts today? – I don’t know. – Because you want to drive your mother completely insane? With laundry and messy clothes all over your room. Is that why you do that? Huh are you just trying to be mean to me? Why would you wear that many pairs of shorts, William? – I don’t know. – I don’t know either. You’re crazy. And the funny thing is, hey babe. – Hi. – I didn’t even notice. He’s been wearing those for like 4 hours now. Running around doing his thing and then finally he decided to show me. I saw one was poking though. And a lot of times he’ll wear two pairs of things. Like the other day had on two pairs of underwear, two shorts and two shirts. And today I didn’t even notice but seriously how did he even get 5 pairs of shorts on at the same time? Dad. Get to work. – I am working. – Don’t you guys wish you worked from the couch? – YouTube for life. – You could sit on the couch with your computer. Like Josh, wear flip flops and shorts. – I know this looks glamorous to you guys but sometimes it really is a lot of work. Like I don’t get a lot of sleep at night. Why? Because I’m partying all day and all night. No it’s cause I’m working. – It’s cause there’s way too many good YouTube videos to watch. – No that’s not.. I mean yeah there is there’s a lot of good YouTube videos. No but this is a full on business. So I treat it like that. And I’m doing a lot of stuff. There’s a lot of stuff that you guys don’t see that I’m doing, it’s a lot of stuff. That you don’t really care about. – Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. – It’ll make our videos awesomer so stay tuned. – Tell Josh thank you for sitting on the couch all day and working on the computer for you guys to have this wonderful vlog. K who knows what tomorrow is? – Leprechaun’s Day! – No it’s called. – St. Patrick’s Day. – Good job Tayden. William what on earth are you making right there? A what? Yell it so I can hear. – My trap. – Your trap for what? – For the Leprechaun Day. – For the Leprechaun Day? That is a pretty awesome leprechaun trap dude. Lots and lots of Elmer’s glue. Why did you put glue in there? – Oh so he gets stick. – So he can stick? Why are you spraying a gallon of water in there? – Cause. – Cause why? – Slick. – To make it slickery? So it’s sticky and slippery and why’d you put gold coins? William that’s way too much water. Stop. Stop! Stop! Why’d you put gold coins? – Me, me, me. – You got it on Roswell’s face. – Sorry. Sorry Rozzy you needed a shower. – He’s like where’s my trap? – Awww. William don’t squirt me you meanie pants! Give me this. You little stinker. Okay hi Rozz. Hi happy handsome man. You’re so sweet. Nikoi tell me about your leprechaun trap. – So this is mine and Roswell’s. – Aww that’s so cute. How is that gonna work? – The leprechaun’s gonna jump in here and then I’m gonna carefully put it back on with a piece of tape on it. And then he’ll fall down into this hole. He’ll walk over and fall down into this hole and then he’ll fall into the um.. – Ooh in there. – And then he’ll stick, stay down there and he can’t get out. – Are you gonna use that gold coin to lure him in though? – It’s kind of complicated cause there’s two parts. – Let’s hear the parts. – K so the first part. So he climbs up my rope. To find a gold coin inside there. Then another coin’s gonna be right here. Attached to this rope. The rope’s coming back through here holding this. Because if he still grabs this it’s gonna pull this, pull that back dropping a taped piece of card board that’s hanging right there. Over there so he’ll be trapped and stuck in my trap. – Won’t he already be trapped from the syrup in the bottom? – [ Nikoi ] If he escapes. – If he grabs that. Then it’s just extra security. – Extra security. Are you guys gonna catch a leprechaun for St Patrick’s Day? Let us know if you made a trap. Or what fun thing that you’re gonna do for St Patrick’s Day. – Holy that guy just peeled out. Nikoi. – What? – What’s up little lady? – Oh what’s up? The sun’s right in my face. – The sun is up and it’s in our faces, we can’t see. Holy. Today’s been rather busy Dyches Fam. We just got done with the live stream with all of you guys that joined us. And we are doing a t spring campaign for our t- shirts. You don’t have to go buy one but we’ll love you if you do. Where we headed to right now? – My gymnastics. – Where are you I can’t see you. Where we headed? – To my gymnastics. – Gymnastics and the where we headed right after? – Home. Busy, busy day. So I have gymnastics then I have to hurry and get in the car and then I have soccer. And Tayden has soccer. – Yeah busy. K give me a big old smooch. No smooch. – No you have beards. – No right here on the cheek. K get out and go kick some butt. Love you. ( Music playing ) – We made it to the soccer games. Nikoi’s playing over here, Tayden’s playing over there. Here we go. Let’s go Koi. – [ Christina ] Come on Nikoi. – William hi. Hi Christina. – Hey. Good job guys. – Hi buddy. ( Music playing ) – Ohhhh. Replacement. William say hi to everybody. – Hi. – Nikoi. Did you do good tonight? You hustled you guts out. – And I got.. – All worth it for yogurt. – Good job little lady. We got Rozzy and mommy. K big happy family. – Soccer night. ( Music playing ) There you go. Put that in. Yeah. Go William go, go, go. Tayden are you out of gas buddy? Oh William not too tight, not too tight, not too tight. A hug. Not too tight. Are you okay? K there’s my two soccer stars. Way to go tonight guys. Both of you are super sweaty. Okay kids are you out of gas? – Yeah. – Tayden hey both of you guys did good tonight. You hustled your guts out. – 5 assists and two goals. – I know you guys both did really good tonight. Keep it up. Guess what we got a soccer game on Saturday so.. We’re not done this week. – And then Monday. – And then Monday. – That’s crazy. – Holy. I’m gonna go get a drink before I pass out. – Yeah. Let’s watch Tayden get a drink of water. – I’m the leprechaun. – [ Christina ] Give me my gold. – I’m the leprechaun. That’s a movie. I’m the leprechaun. I do look like a leprechaun and I got green eyes. Oh Nikoi just spilled water all over the table. How dare you. K so uh it’s like 9:40 at night. This time change thing is… Makes me frustrated cause it’s really only 8:40 at night. – [ Christina ] I don’t know why they have second grader soccer at 8 o clock. – Yeah why the second and third graders are playing soccer at 9 o clock at night. Quit copying what I’m saying. But we made it home and the kids have got to go to bed now. But I wanted just to show you their little traps how far they made it. I know but you guys got to go to bed so.. Um I’m gonna have them say goodnight and then uh maybe Christina and I will or maybe just me will do the comment of the day. Stay tuned. Oh goodnight Rozzy. He’s going to bed. – Good night baby Roz. – Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy mamma? Aww. Tayden. William say, William say goodnight. – Good night. – Tayden say goodnight. – Goodnight. This is my trap so far. – Holy it’s got a bunch of maple syrup or regular sugary syrup in the bottom of that. Oh Roswell, happy St Patrick’s Day. Yay he’s so excited. And he’s wearing green. – No pinching this baby. – Yeah huh we’re gonna take that off tomorrow. I’m gonna pinch that bum bum. K Nikoi. – Happy first St Patrick’s Day. – Aww. – Happy St Patrick’s Day. – Happy St Patrick’s Day. – Happy St Patrick’s Day. – Are you gonna catch the leprechaun? – With this. – You’re gonna whip him? Oh. Here’s William’s trap. Well can’t say he didn’t try. It might, it might work buddy. I think it’s a good one. – He eats the Skittles but he will die. – He’s gonna eat the Skittles and die? – Oh yeah cause it’s got glue on them. – K Dyches Fam thanks for hanging out with us today. We seriously love you guys. I wanna do a few comments before we go. The first one comes from.. She says. Can you see why I pick that one? Thanks Bailey I appreciate that I love my beard too. The next one comes from.. The Jazz are looking good this year. Are you a Jazz fan or a Cavaliers fan? Let us know in the comments below. And the last one to our good friend Katherine. Hope you had a good one. We love you guys and we’ll see you tomorrow. Peace out Dyches Fam. We love you. ( Music playing )

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