⛵️Everything went REALLY WRONG with our Sailboat’s rudder!! 😱#117

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Can you guess what we’re gonna talk
about this week? So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been
building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But, guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! This is actually the second episode about our rudder. So, if you didn’t watch the first episode… you should, I guess. Click somewhere around here. Because we don’t want to give you the entire explanation on this episode about how our rudder works and how it goes down, why it goes down, because we don’t have a keel we have a centerboard. And bla bla bla… It’s easier to just watch that one and then you come back and watch this one. So now that you already watched that one, that you understand that we have a rudder that needs to go down and it needs to lift up when you lift the centreboard. Confusing. And you know already that our main problem with the rudder was that we had a lot of corrosion on the shaft. So let’s start by fixing the shaft. Yeah. That’s how bad the shaft was corroded. It was so bad that we decided to cut the flange off… and to build a new one. Remember this? Check it out. So basically we built a new piece (flange) of this part and we cut this with the lathe and now we just need to position it in place, twist it to the right position and then we’re gonna weld this whole side. And then we have a brand new piece for a long time now. I hope so. This is gonna last for a long time. Definitely. Let’s try this in place and see if this fits in place. Just a few adjustments and we’ll be fine!! So basically we first, I mean he
first did one pass with the TIG with… Just a minute. Yeah, Just so you understand he first did one pass using TIG and the TIG was just to melt both materials together
without any additional metal. It was just to guarantee that it’s sealed on both ends of the pipe. And then now he’s finishing with the MIG welding just to fill up the whole gap and penetrate the whole thing. It’s gonna make sense. Intershield 300 So with the shaft ready it was time to…? Install the rudder back in place. But before that we needed to give a proper maintenance of the system: take off the grease, change screws for
new screws… Change the rubber for new rubbers. Change the rubber for new rubbers and you know… the whole maintenance of the system so we can install it. But we can show you that on a
video clip, right? So video clip it is. All the retainers and o-rings Well, there’s something wrong here. I don’t know if you guys saw but we just installed our rudder in place. You see the rudder, right? Right in place. Sometimes the unexpected happens. Everything went wrong. When I mean wrong I’m not trying to make a drama, but actually today everything went really wrong. What happened? Come on. This is our axis. How do you call it? Our shaft. Basically… do you remember that we took this flange apart… I mean the old flange and
built this new one? And in order to do that we create this entire piece new and we welded it here, right? When we did that we gave the turner the old flange, we gave the turner the shaft and we just asked him to consider that the disk that cut, the cutting disk has two millimeters. So, he needed to consider two millimeters the cut and he needed to make of course the same length. But… We didn’t measure it, that was our mistake, our part of the mistake, we didn’t measure when he gave us the shaft. And we didn’t measure it before. But today when we installed it in place it wouldn’t go to the right place because it’s a lot longer than it was supposed to be. I don’t know if you understood how bad is this, but basically… The shaft is almost one centimeter longer than it supposed to be. And that means that all the seals that are supposed to be here now they are like here. That means here the o-ring won’t seal and that means that the shaft won’t go to the right spot, and that means that the we cannot
install the rudder in place. That’s why the shaft is here and that’s why the rudder is there. So the solution now: Pedro is gonna cut
this weld again and he’s gonna cut the shaft in the
correct length and then we are gonna install it in place. You know when you
say that you are back to square zero? We are back to square zero 5 months ago. That’s the reality… I mean not to square zero let’s say square 1. It’s like 1 step in front and 2 back. I don’t know… Guys, sorry but this episode is not
gonna end on the end. It’s gonna end a little bit before the end because it’s just… There’s nothing we can do… I mean like… It’s the first time that we actually
started editing the episode before we finished it. Half of the episode was edited
until today already. And we were like it’s just install it in place, it’s no problem. We can edit half of the episode, we finish the episode and then we have a few days to finish editing. But didn’t work this way. But, positivity. There’s a way of fixing it. We are gonna fix it. At least we have Pedro and he is gonna fix this for us. I think it’s gonna be fine in the end. Of course we’re gonna lose some
days of work. But sometimes… Don’t criticize me by saying that again, but: sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If we get sad because of that it’s not
gonna fix anything. So we need to be positive that at least there is a way of
fixing it. If it was shorter than was supposed to then we were screwed. At least it’s longer. So, longer is much much easier to fix. So, that means we need to cut short the episode and then we’re gonna show you the fixing of this in a future episode. I don’t know if next week or in a week
after. I’m not sure. We’ll see it. Hopefully next week. Hopefully next week. Let’s see if Pedro
is really busy or not to do that for us. Because we gave him a lot of work to do. We have a lot of stainless… Ops. That’s for the future. But for now… that’s it for today I guess. That’s it. We cannot do anything else for this episode. So, let’s welcome on board our new Patreons then. So, welcome on board, Gregory, Patricia, Blaz, Tim, Spatz, Phil, Oleg, Ernesto. And we also want to thank the donations through our PayPal. Thanks a lot Kylie, Sean, Jason and Paul. By the way… thanks a lot Ernesto, our new Patreon that just showed up here today with his wife and his friend and he gave us a French press. That’s so cool. We love coffee and this is
gonna be really cool for the boat. This is gonna be on the boat, Ernesto, for sure. Ee’re always gonna drink coffee from our French press. We really really appreciate it. And I guess
for this week that’s it, right? Yeah. We see you guys next week. We see you guys next Monday. Join the crew

100 thoughts on “⛵️Everything went REALLY WRONG with our Sailboat’s rudder!! 😱#117

  1. Great video there’s always setbacks in a refit I’m just completing a complete refit now was curious as to how much they charge for labor per hour there here in canada its 100 dollars per hour doesn’t take long to blow threw 50 grand

  2. Ok, it took a while to figure out what went wrong. I have it now and cutting the new end piece down by 1 centimeter should get the bearing surfaces back down where they need to be. If they had not tig welded the inside bore of the shaft, it would have been easier but now you have to cut out both welds and shorten the new flange piece by a centimeter or so to get the bearing surface lower in the bore where the bearing seals wear on the rudder shaft. Mistakes do happen and without the original working drawing of the original shaft it's hard to get it right sometime. It will take a little more machine time but it should work out when it comes back. It is always something that goes wrong when you least expect it.

  3. Even repairable problems are part of the adventure. You both are probably wearing down some after all the time, money and work: that’s natural “the end of any race is always the toughest part.” Keep your good attitude, enjoy a good meal, share some wine together and all will be well.

  4. Glad you showed this… nothing is perfect all the time and it’s great to see that things happens and you just need to keep calm and fix it and move forward

  5. Hi guys sorry about the rudder issue! I wish all goes well with the fix, what is your estimate time to put put this baby in the water and in case I missed it what is your first travel plans …!!! Marcelo

  6. I love u guys & I wish I had something to send u whether it was money or something u need for the boat. I live on disability but I would love to come hangout with you guys when she's all done and sitting in the water looking all kinds of BEAUTIFUL & STUNNING…..

  7. So sorry guys, that was a real disappointment for you. The upside is it's fixable. Hang in there n keep smiling. Your fan club is here cheering u on. 👏👏👏👏👏😜

  8. Hi Roberta and Duca,

    I'm french industrial designer, and i want to tel you that there are no problems with you rudder shaft; in case of problems there are always solution.
    Yes it's a dummy mistake to not mesure the original length and during the video i pray you have do it ! but not at least.
    In the case it was to short it'will be possible to make a cylindric spacer to extend it.

    Pedro have all he need to make this like a boss.

    Don't be afraid it just time and little money.

    see you soon .


  9. hey guys,Thats lıfe ,thats lıfe…and come up experıens, keep goıng. keep goıng .Never gıve up, you doıng well.Loves from TURKIYE

  10. To quote John Lennon: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." It's a setback, but at least it's not a really major one. One of the things that we love about you two is your ability to constantly continue on with a smile. Your videos always seem to brighten our day. Have no worries, this too shall pass.

  11. Life has a way of reminding you things are not always what they seem, it now more about how well you recover from this small setback. guys that baot is in good hands and trust it will reward your efforts 10 times over. onwards and upwards guys.

  12. I wish you would quit apologizing when things go wrong. It's all a part of any build and to show completed work without the pitfalls would be disingenuous. I'd personally rather you spent the time on the video to do anything other than apologizing. You could show B roll of boat yard life, ask Roberta to give you her take on where you are…without interrupting her, or literally anything else.

  13. Again the thoroughness and attention to detail in refurbishment re-engineering / seals etc. is outstanding, no catastrophic breakages or failures to worry about 6 months down the track from relaunching, when you are 500 Nautical miles in the middle of nowhere. The shaft will be shortened re-machined and this hiccup be something you laugh about in a years time…..All the best

  14. Muito instrutivo o vídeo mas sempre tem alguma coisa par atrapalhar e ainda bem que podem diminuir o eixo. Boa sorte e aguardo o resultado final.

  15. Pessoal não fiquem tristes isso só acontece com quem está trabalhando e fazendo o seu melhor, mais um aprendizado e experiencia , nada de mais logo vão colocar o eixo no lugar e vai ficar tudo ótimo, cortou o coração ver a Roberta triste, mas no final deu seu sorriso característico, Go ahaed.

  16. little set backs happen that's not a catastrophic set back so it will get done .
    also every time i see your boat it looks more and more stunning for a steel boat it gorgeous and the colors are awsome keep it up guys

  17. Por que vocês não fazem vídeos em português, afinal vocês são brasileiros. Eu gosto dos vídeos e não gosto de ficar lendo legendas, pq não posso prestar atenção aos detalhes dos vídeos.

  18. That sucks about the shaft. I love your positive attitude…There is always something to do on a boat. Thank you for sahring your journey…the good and the bad 🙂

  19. Your not trained engineer's so you need to expect these hiccups now and then when you're doing the job yourself. Just make sure that the flange face holes are in the correct position as well otherwise you'll end up having to do more modifications at the other end later on.

  20. Was it a mistake? Yes? Did you learn from it? Yes! Now you will know for other projects the number 1 rule in engineering, measure twice, cut once.. At the end of the day, it was a simple problem, with a simple solution, sure it is more annoying than anything, but you have learned from it, one hopes!! All smiles, a good valuable lesson to anyone, always measure twice, cut once…There is no harm in checking and rechecking before you cut…glad it has worked out…

  21. Better too long than too short!! Easier to shorten than to start all over!! Oh well…lesson learned! You guys do a great job! Good attitude also!!!

  22. Y’all are awesome. Thank you for sharing, sorry for the trial, but you are doing great and doing great stuff!

    (By the way, “rubbers” is another way to say “condoms” in America. So you might want to say “gaskets” 😉)

  23. instead of cutting and re-welding the shaft why not take it to the machinist and have the take 1cm off the rudder flange where it bolts onto?

  24. Whole life consists of both – good or bad things. If everything would be good, we would not be happy when we're lucky. Right? 🙂 So don't worry – be happy 😉 As it is said "S…t happens" So fix everything and go sail. Good luck and greetings from Lithuania 🙂

  25. Another one of life's little experiance's. One day soon you will be laughing at these things when you are sailing in the sunshine with the perfect wind, drinking a cervejas or two on your epic yacht!.

  26. That sucks guys… I hate waiting for things, especially when it's something that should have been right the first time. At least it's fixable 🙂

  27. Maybe I'm confused, but don't you need to lengthen the shaft to position the seals higher, in the correct area of the shaft ? Cutting the shaft would make it move the flange up, making matters worse ?
    My 2 cents…

    Keep going, I see the light at the end of the tunnel… Best of luck..

  28. É isso mesmo, positividade, sempre. No final, tudo se resolve. E vejam que a sorte está do lado de vocês, que vão poder cortar o eixo, pois se tivesse ficado menor, aí sim seria um grande problema.

  29. Estimating the actual length is extremely difficult if the exact length is critical. The cutting disk is 2mm thick but the cut is wider than that because of wear from the sides and whatever wobble occurred by hand movement. It would have been short by a mm or so. I consider this a blessing. You were now able to get an exact measurement by the difference. Seriously nice rudder design.

  30. Will things go wrong? Certainly they will. These bitter Pills will make Odd Life much sweeter later on. Keep on running 😃

  31. At their age, where does the money come from? Refitting a boat, especially a sailboat ain't cheap. Can't be that many rich patrons out there…

  32. It is good thing to use metal instead of wood since metal can be repair pretty quick compare to wood you know. Good Vlog and suck it up you guys can make it in no time! Smile!

  33. São os erros e tropeços que nos fazem aprender, muitos desistem e não entendem que isso só vai temperar melhor o gostinho da vitória.

    Quando estiverem velejando vocês vão lembrar de todos estes momentos que passaram juntos e vai ser a sensação mais maravilhosa de suas vidas, com direito a algumas lágrimas de pura felicidade. A sensação do dever cumprido misturada com a de novas aventuras que apenas estarão começando, mas para chegar lá…

    …não esqueça de medir tudo pelo menos 3 vezes,rsrsrs.

    Desejo a vocês muita sorte e felicidades.

  34. Sometimes that is how things work out. I am happy to see you both always seem to see the bright side of things like this. Keep rolling with the punches and be happy in knowing that when it is finally finished you will know it was done correctly. Some things just take a little more time than expected. Looking forward to seeing how your next week goes. See you again next Monday!

  35. Hang in there; things could be worse. As you said, even way too long is better than a little too short, even if you measured more precisely the second time you cut it….

  36. I love how you guys always find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and embrace the positive! Looking forward to seeing the results of the fix on the rudder,

  37. O, que pena que não deu certo!
    Fazem un novo Plano e para frente, gente!
    I’m woodworking, they have an axiom…
    Measure twice, cut once.
    I’ve been on both sides of the notion and have to say I like this side better!
    Boa sorte, hein!

  38. hello my name is Nino I have just signed up but I have been following you for a long time, you are a very very nice and nice couple, congratulations on your boat and when it is finished I wait for you in my beautiful sea in the archipelago of La Maddalena in Sardinia (Italy) ok ???

  39. Wow 1000 comments, how do you deal with that! I was going to say shorter could have been better as you just add a spacer……

  40. Your doing a terrific job & have a lot of thoughts & plans going through your heads.
    So mistakes are bound to happen. All one can do is to minimise them as much as possible.
    And hopefully never make the same one twice. It's been said in another comment below, measure twice & cut once.
    Personally I measure & re-measure several times before cutting, I learnt the hard way & it really sucks.

  41. Oi. Bem bom o canal de vocês. Bem esperto gravar tudo em inglês ja que a monetização é bem maior pra views nos EUA. Eu assisto alguns canais de construção e reforma de barcos e ainda nao aprendi todos os termo técnicos em ingles. Nao sei se voces pensaram ja sobre o motor, em usar elétrico. Sempre que vejo falando sobre uso de motores sempre tem aquela critica por causa do barulho do motor diesel. O que voces acham.

  42. Hang in there guys! I'm in the middle of a van house conversion for a friend, that is months past our scheduled completion, so we really understand about setbacks. We'll keep moving ahead, and y'all do too! Love the videos, and especially love your always positive attitudes! I'm trying to be that way more!

  43. Aahhhh the joys of boat work ! . I just pulled out my entire rear deck to pull out two 360 litre fuel tanks. Fun and games !

  44. I think you'll get the boat out on the seas… https://scontent-cph2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/84718529_10157411044909262_7901441662184849408_o.jpg?_nc_cat=106&_nc_ohc=HWhpjCuag_EAX_Db8ll&_nc_ht=scontent-cph2-1.xx&oh=1f9a70ae1440adc278a37cdd247859ef&oe=5ED247CF

  45. Roberta, if you haven't seen it yet, take a look at a channel called Sailing Emerald Steel. You and Susan have some much in common personality and personal drive wise. Found your channel just recently, good to see some familiar places / faces ( Rafa is the best!). I can see you guys are doing great, but if you need input on electric / electronics / batteries / solar just whatsapp me (11) 97444 6462. I am almost done with the refit of my boat and did a lot of research on this subjects. Around June I will probably sail to Guaruja to haul out and do the bottom, I hope by then you are not there anymore 😉 ahahahha, but if you are, it will be a pleasure to meet you guys. If before that you sail to Paraty, that is my home base and a great place to recoup from all this hard work before heading south, please let me know, maybe a we can meet over there. Cheers, Rafael.

  46. The saying is “back to square one” very interesting videos guys! You can always take something from something but never from nothing. If you get my drift.

  47. This video teaches us all a valuable lesson… when it comes to math or measurements…double check everything. Keep up the good work!

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