✅ Reality of Gomutra Benefits | Truth of Cow Urine Exposed | गौमूत्र की सच्चाई

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Friends, the cost of cow urine in India is 200 to 250 rupees per litre On the other hand, the price of milk is 50 rupees per litre So is cow urine really such an effective medicine! Or is it just the superstition spread by some great people So in today’s video, we will discuss this issue So friends, first of all, let’s talk about the claims that cow urine is a beneficial drug for cancer. So friends, it is important to know here that this is a complete lie, a superstition. Actually the minerals found in cow’s urine like sodium, potassium, phosphorus do not have the ability to cure cancer. Instead, it can be done with soil to increase its fertility Sir Radhakrishnan, a professor of oncology in India has already written his article, in which he said that cow urine cannot cure cancer! And they even said that there is no difference between cow’s urine and human urine. And this is not only to believe them, but also the same is said by Dr. Sultan Pradhan and Dr. Sameer Kaul, Senior Oncologist of India. Now if we talk about Sadhvi Pragya Ji’s case, then she had already taken 3 treatments before taking cow urine. And hes surgery was done by Dr. SS Rajput, who is the head of Cardio Vascular Therapy at RML Hospital, Luckknow So you will say what about those YouTube videos? In which the miraculous effects of cow urine have been shown. In which a few drops of betadine in a glass of water is shown, it is shown that cow urine will cleanse your body in the same way, and will make you disease free. So this is not really a miracle friends, it is just a small chemical reaction feat. Friends, you know it is possible because of a chemical sodium thiosulfate found in urine. which changes its color. And friends, the special thing is that this sodium thiosulfate is also found in your urine, and it is found not only in your urine, but in the urine of all mammals. So this means, if you do this urine instead of cow urine, then even then the results would come. So this is not a miracle Friends, such rumors are spread by some great personalities and to some extent we ourselves are also responsible .Because without knowing whether this thing is right or not, we share it with our friends. And with this, there is a big mess with your health. There is a lot of marketing behind it, in which cow urine is being sold in bottles. At a good price, which is even more than milk’s price Friends, cow is worshiped like gomata in India, because cow gives us milk, cow dung like fuel in the villages. But it is absolutely wrong to fill cow urine in bottles, sell it in the market, and use it as health medicine, and it should be stopped. so Dear, share this information with your friends. Take care

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information with all of us making everyone know that this os just a myth created by people thanks a lot #just4gust

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