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all right what’s up everybody Phillip
Bridges here and I’m doing the review on the Tsarina vacuum system
I’ve had this vacuum system for a few weeks now and I’ve actually grown quite
liked it there are some you know Goods and Bad’s with it let’s start off with
how this system works this is a filter lift system it uses water instead of a
filter to filter out your your dirt particles and your toxins in your air of
your house and sits up and whatnot but what this also does too is not also
a vac system it also is like an air purifier and it can also humidify your
air in your house in actually if your house is actually has too much humidity
it can take out some of the humidity and help balance out that committee humidity
in your house so all this works is the two clips on each side and the top comes
off and now this is your water where you push your water and there is a minimum
and a max line upward put the water it just lets you know you know don’t
overfill it I like doing this because when you’re done it’s easy to clean out
you just you just take it out don’t you can dump this outside or down the toilet
don’t dump it down your sink because you’re gonna get hair and everything
linked and stuff so you don’t want to clog your sink but you can dump this
down your toilet if you want to and then you just rinse it out and then fill it
back up to the the line and then reinstall it in your back or you don’t
have to refill it up if you’re not going to use
it right away but you don’t want to not use this without water in it so one of
the bad things that I’ll I don’t care for is the plastic on this it just it
feels like the fact if I drop this I feel like you can just do it crack
there’s there is a little given the plastic but not a lot not as much as I
thought there would be but you know we’ll see how much overtime this holds
up and Sarina does a pretty good job with their warranty its 10-year warranty
anything goes wrong with it you can send it back to Serena and they all fix it
they guarantee that they’ll all once you ship it to them they will within 48
hours of receiving it they will take a look at your vacuum and see what’s wrong
with it and you don’t have to pay shipping there or shipping back to you
Serena will take care of that with that goes along with the warranty which I
thought that was really cool and it was kind of wondering how well their
customer service was and if you watched my boxing if you haven’t check it out up
here but I mentioned that I didn’t get some fragrances that were supposed to
come with the kit and I didn’t get a brush unit a rotary brush unit thing for
like doing upholstery and stuff that was supposed to come with the kit it was
like their special going on for the month or whatnot so I sent them an email
saying hey I didn’t receive it and within like less than five minutes I had
a customer representative representative guy from Sarina called me and asked me
hey you know what’s going on did you you know reminded me uh if you were calling
an IT guy well did you make sure your computer’s on he’s like well did you
check your box and make sure everything was your box I’m like yeah I did and I
went over at all with them of like yeah I don’t see it it was like okay well
we’ll we’ll get that right out well I’ll take care of you in there so I thought
that was cool how quickly they got back to me now
we filled this up and we put this back on now you don’t have to use this caster
unit if you don’t want to I really like using that’s created because I have tile
throughout my whole house so it glides a really nice one along the tile and it
has a really lot of decent size cord I like my there cord is a little bit
thicker than most vacuums my Dyson whenever I have it running the court
just seems really thin and after a couple minutes of there running the cord
gets kind of kind of warm this cord doesn’t it stays pretty cool
like I said before if you want to run this as a air purifier all you have to
do is depending on the size of room that you have in your house I mainly use this
out in the living room area so I got kind of a decent sized living room area
so you can turn this unit on and without the hose attachment or anything there is
a little cover that clips into here so you know kids can’t really mess with it
too much so you can turn this on and you can let it run for like 10 to 15 minutes
on full blast there are two modes to this there is the high setting for
vacuuming and then if you want to run the air purifier on high for like 10 to
15 minutes and you know within 10 to 15 min till clean the air and deodorize the
air in the room there is underneath there is a like phantom button that you
can hit you know get on a low speed and you can just have that going you know I
don’t for pretty much all day and it’ll just run the fan and I’ll suck in your
ear and kind of get all the dust particles out in the house and
everything like that which is really nice one thing you cannot do is when you
if you just want to run it on the low setting you can’t hit the low setting
you have to turn down I let it be on high for about 45 seconds let it get the
full speed and then hit the low button and we don’t go down below I don’t know
why they had to do that but they rekt highly recommend doing that one of the
other cons to this that I kind of had a deal with is you pull this off now where
do you put it there’s no way it has room for attachments on this whole cart but
there’s no room for this this cap and so I set this off to the side the other day
and I was like oh that cup wall I kind of forgot where I put it so I was kind
of looking around the house where I put it I ended up putting it on top of the
refrigerator so I’m like all find it there but yeah it took me 10 minutes to
figure it out so that would be one nice thing to have on here is a place that
just kind of stuff this off to the side when you’re not using it when you’re
actually have the hose attachment on because most of the time you’re gonna be
having the hose attachment on now this drinks really well I used it on my
drapes I cleaned it and it got a lot of dust and dirt off my drapes it was
really nice and I didn’t have to take my drapes down and I didn’t have to put
them in the wash machine and stuff like that you know I do that once a year but
I don’t like to do it all the time because it’s it’s it’s a long process to
take the drapes down and put them in the wash machine clean them put her back up
and stuff it’s really nice with this vacuum you
and clean it and you can really tell that the dick all the dirts getting off
of it with the system is that it tracks once it goes into the water in the unit
will track the dirt and so the dirt can’t get out and it’ll the exhaust
comes out of the back and they have a HEPA filter in the back you know just
for the motor but you know you’re not getting all those air dust particles and
dust mites and everything like that it’s not blowing it back out into the house
regular filter vacuums the vacuum can only hold so much dust in that filter
and then it’ll start bogging down and you won’t get your max air flow out of
your vacuum either and then so you’re not picking up as much dirt as you
should be with this unit it basically you’re not
gonna never losing suction basically and you don’t want to lose suction because
then you’re not picking up as much dirt it comes with it it comes with these
pull the hose you know it also comes with a brush beater okay I didn’t like
how at first how short of hoses they give you they give you about six foot
hose I would have liked to see at least a 10 foot hose they’re really nice but I
totally get it they’re trying to keep it a little bit more compact and you you
don’t want all this stuff you know being wrapped up and stuff and up and actually
the unit is not that bad to carve around behind you I did test the rainbow units
that they have the rainbow system units and this the Tsarina unit did roll a lot
easier on my floor like a centaury of tile floor so it just it seems likely
gliding around a lot easier and I I didn’t feel like I was I had something
that I was constantly pulling on and you know that was a really downsize excited
for me when I tested out the rainbow rainbow system the wide attachments
really nice because with the wand attachment you can use this nice brush
in the airport airbrush it they use horse hair you can use this use the
brush attachment get up in the do your cold air returns you can do you know get
get the ledges around your windows that you can use use it for your trim on your
your floor trim or your baseboard trim and it really gives the desktop and gets
into little nooks and crannies and especially with the suction with this
thing it has a lot suction and now with a lot of suction comes a lot of noise
now it did test with this unit it reads at the about I want to say
almost when it’s I’m high about 96 to a hundred decibels that’s really loud at
first I was what turned it on and I thought I had my shot bag on hit my
house but after a while I get it because the suction with this thing is
ridiculous and as you can see I’m doing a floor I do my floor test with the
beater attachment in my son’s room and I grab I just put a whole new tank of
water in and then hook up my screening system and then I just start back to me
for about a minute on his play rug in his bedroom now the rug doesn’t look that doesn’t look
dirty and to me it didn’t look that dirty either because I use my regular
vacuum to clean it like less than a week ago so after I get done using this for
about a minute I take it I take off the top of the Tsarina back and empty out
the the water in it just to see how much water is it in it or if you know dirt or
even you know how much dirt is in it and to my surprise it was pretty
disgusting for just vacuuming for like about a minute with it on the rug
because I would I always thought that rug of was pretty clean because I would
always vacuum it but I’ve just tried real quick with this sarita vacuum on it
just to see you know how much dirt I could get out of it and it got a lot of
there it was pretty disgusting since it has so much suction you can clean your
mattresses with it pretty well no I take my son’s mattress which he’s uh he’s
about two years old and this is this is perfect a perfect unit to have when you
have newborns and stuff because you don’t realize that you need to clean the
mattresses to not just their sheets all the time but just the mattress and just
by cleaning his mattress with the upholstery attachment that I had you can
you can really see in the unit after I get done how much dirt hair and the even
those white particles in there that’s all that’s all dead skin and dust mite
sets that’s rooks you don’t think that you have that stuff on your mattress and
he had a mattress cover on too and so I took all that often cleaned it and it
was just you know just the finding that I I got out of this vacuum was insane
the vacuum alone can not just pick up dry stuff too
pick up what stuff and so like if you spill some wine at wine or if you know
he spilled up or anything like that you can just look you just hook up the
vacuum like normal and you just use you just use the dry hose you don’t want to
use the beater attachment but you’ll use the other hose
with the flow your floor attachment and wide and you just suck it up and after
you if you don’t suck up just water if you suck up like wine or anything like
that all you have to do is just suck up a little bit suck up a little bit of
water through the hose and then you’ll want to take off the back part of the
unit where the exhaust is and what you do is you just clip on the hose and you
just stick this nozzle into the intake of the unit and then you turn it on and
then when you do that it’s blowing air through the hose and it’s drying out
your hose for you so when that gets done all you do shut off the unit all right
you know I’m gonna plug it in and I will show you how loud this is now this comes
with the 21 foot cord and the motor size I think the motor size is about 1,200
watts so you know it really ramps up this is really nice to have running at
night because when you’re running at night when you’re sleeping you get that
water running effect and it’s really relaxing and you can also put essential
oils in this unit you can just add a couple drops of essential oils into this
the water when you’re running it in it’ll air it’ll freshen your house which
is really nice this is the one downside to this vacuum the price the rainbow
vacuum that I was looking at before I came across the Sirena vacuum and they
are pretty much identical they do the exact same thing the rainbow vacuum was
like $2,300 it was insane I would I couldn’t believe when the guy
came to our house to do the demonstration
they do this like hour and a half demonstration and I kept asking what the
price was and he just wouldn’t tell me the price so first of all when they
asked you ask them what the price is and they just kind of brushed it off and
they tried to change the subject that’s when it’s over you’re gonna pretty much
crack yourself when you hear the price so yeah that price was insane but the
price of the sarena vacuum is pretty reasonable it’s expensive but if you
think about you know what it does and what it will do for your family it’s not
that bad it’s about runs up between $800 around that 850 somewhere around that
depending on where are you where you get it you can get it from Sarina comm you
can get off at Amazon they pretty much have the same package the
all in all I wouldn’t I wouldn’t go back to a regular vacuum after having this I
love it that my dust is because we have three dogs in our house the dust and
hair issue that’s gone down tremendously because the Tsarina vacuum I’ll run this
for about 10 to 15 minutes a day on high yeah when I don’t have it on low and
it’ll really circulate the air in the house and get all the dust particles and
everything out and pretty much every couple days I’ll empty this in the water
will be great and you can totally see the hair and dust particles in it that’s
really cool for me to have in it it cuts my cleaning down so not like every week
– at least every other week so oh it really helps out a pen when you’re not
cleaning you can spend a lot more time with your family or you know you can do
other stuff but you want to but that’s a big win for me so I would highly suggest
looking into the unit like I said you can go to Serena comm or check it out on
Amazon put links in the description below and everything like that and so
these are my thoughts and reviews on and pros and cons I hope you liked the video
if you have any questions or comments comment down below it the like button if
you thought this video was good and I’m Phil approaches and I will see you on
you do

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