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Have you heard of any 79 year-old man with normal diabetes, normal blood sugar level, normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol level. Very rare, right? (Yes) My name is Kanita. I am from Seremban but I live and work in PJ. My father is the 79 year-old man I talked about just now. In 1997, he had a heart attack. So he is a heart patient. As a civil servant, his medical expenses is paid by the government. and he could go for regular checkup. After that, in 2005, he felt that his eyes were blur. When he went for checkup, he found that he had early stage cataract and glaucoma. Over time, it became worse. At that time, he was not taking any supplement. He didn’t believe in taking supplements. If possible he would not want to take medicine. But he trusted doctors more than in taking supplements. When we let him try any supplement, he is the sort who doesn’t consume regularly. We introduced Super Lutein to him 3 months ago. At first, he took one capsule a day, then stopped taking the following 2-3 days. After that he would take one more. When I call him from PJ, asking whether he had taken his Super Lutein, he would say “Later, I take.” He is like that. Furthermore I didn’t give him high dosage, because my father had a weak stomach. He couldn’t take too spicy or oily food. Otherwise he would have diarrhoea. And he is very old, so he wears dentures and cannot munch. My mother had to overcook his food until very soft, before he can take them. Even with Super Lutein, we only gave him one at first. After that we increased to 2 capsules, when there is no adverse reactions. In about one week, he could feel the difference, He has to drive for marketing, etc. His left eye was worse than his right eye. He could see the cars that pass by him on the left, and avoided them. I was not sure whether it was real. Then he said that the football match on the tv, it was clearer than before. And his face appeared more radiant. His skin looked better. He did not even take Izumio, only Super Lutein. His face looked younger, smoother and rosier. Because usually a 79- year old man will look weak. He looked better. He walked more uprightly. All these changes happened in 2 weeks. In the middle of July, he went for his regular check up for blood test, sugar, cholestrol. Everything was normal! Previously he had mild diabetes, he had high blood pressure, and cholesterol. So when he consumed Super Lutein, in 2 weeks, everything went down to normal! That is one testimonial. In July, he went for eye checkup. The doctor had given up on his left eye. His eye had become worse over time. He had to accept that he was blind in one eye, even though he could see blur vision. he was considered blind. That day when he went for his check up, after taking Super Lutein for about a month, the attendant who checked his eyes usually check the right eye only. No point checking the other eye. But that day, my father asked for left eye check. He could read! Even though previously he couldn’t read, now he can. The big prints. Not a miracle, but there are some changes in a man who is 79 years old. He was very happy. The attendant couldn’t believe. He referred him to the specialist. Because usually he doesn’t see the specialist, just a regular checkup. The specialist asked what he took. Even the specialist was impressed. The specialist at Seremban GH The most amazing thing is that as an old and weak man, his dosage until now is only 3 capsules a day. He has never taken 6 -7 capsules. And he doesn’t even take izumio. One product, Super Lutein is already powerful enough!

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