82 thoughts on “《CUTE》 OH MY GIRL BANHANA(오마이걸 반하나) – Banana allergy monkey(바나나 알러지 원숭이) @인기가요 Inkigayo 20180408

  1. This is a very cute but at the same time, a childish song. However, I am quite addicted to this song, not knowing why and I also watched each debut performances.😂

  2. I'm trying myself how long I can resist the smile watching OMG BANHANA performance – my record is 4 or 5 seconds… 😉😊 You know those funny gadgets with recorded laughter that makes you laugh as well – this comeback is exactly like this. 😄😊 Good-mood-maker! 😍

  3. Who is doing fanchant 🗣🙌🏻 (Oh My Girl Banana 2x )while watching this ?
    This song is so 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍 i’m still waiting if they will include a mascot 🍌🐒

  4. This is so cute and catchy😀
    Although it is scolded by OMG's fandom but this is really a fresh and creactive concept according to their name Banhana. I hope fans don't be too serious. I believe it will be a trend. Even I hope my love TWICE can have kinda funny concept like this some day😀 Fighting!

  5. ก่อนน้องไปงานวอลเลย์อ่ะะะ 🤟🏻💕💕💕💕

  6. not gonna lie, the first dance move makes me a bit uncomfortable for them…BUT LOVE THE OUTFITS and this concept is just <3

  7. Ahh I LOVE THIS SONG its so happy and bubbly, I cant but want to sing and bounce along~ And omg they all look so cute and amazing, our Hyojung is so cute and fresh faced and really looks so happy with this cute song lol our maknae leader.. I also love how Mimi, Seunghee, and Yooa join on the stage and dance in the back it makes it feel so fun and happy ^^ I love Oh My Girl!

  8. I like this song but what I like the most is seen the others OMG members (YooA, Mimi, Seunghee) 💕 join them at the stage with that dance break and stay until the end of the performance 🍌

  9. another one of my reasons why I love ohmygirl is because they just enjoy what they're doing on stage, especially when you have Mimi,YooA & Seunghee popping up. They all just enjoy their time on stage. I'm proud to be a miracle 💚💚💜

  10. Oh, Hyojung – my bias. Love u and OH MY GIrl. But among models, why I don't see Jiho. Where is she?

  11. Are they serious? Why are grown women acting like babies singing in a baby voice? Not cute and not fresh. I feel like they try to be unique like orange caramel, but this is just odd…

  12. im a new fan, can someone help me with names? i think i have some of them?
    0:07 left to right: binnie, arin, hyojung
    2:18 left to right: seunghee or jiho (but i think its jiho), mimi, yooa

  13. The controversy about the dance moves in the chorus (where they ‘scratch’ themselves) is just plain silly. This song is quite lighthearted and cute 😊 haters gonna hate lol

  14. When you realized that twice is having a comeback and there is a HUGE possibilities that they will FANGIRL AGAIN over OH MY GIRL and also EXID OML THE GAYEST FANS OF OH MY GIRL

  15. I made a video of Kpop groups that need more recognizance and I added Oh My Girl to the list. I am making a pt2 video, so if you know any other kpop boy or girl groups that you think needs more recognizance, leave me a comment for my pt2 video. Also, go check out pt1of my video on my youtube channel.

  16. This song is a bop tbh. The girls are beautiful, the song is great, and the choreography’s cute and actually really well done.

  17. what am I watching..lol😅 btw i keep smiling i dunno but this is kuyowo..😍

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