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(The hospital) It’s under construction now Many supplies arrive here every day At 7:00 p.m. last night (January 30th ) We arrived at the Dabieshan Medical Center We received and cured some critical patients Transferred from other hospitals in Huanggang right away We were under great pressure After we gave them basic medical treatment It was already 1:30 a.m. I am a member of the first medical team from Hunan to Hubei My name is Fu Yanping And I’m from the second department of PCCM at Zhuzhou Central Hospital Now I am in the contaminated area of our ward This is the corridor I’m wearing protective clothing I have been working for 4 hours I can’t see now (because the goggles have fogged up) My glasses have fogged up Usually the nurse station is connected to the outside area You see that Now there is a pane of glass as separation To ensure the safety of our medical personnel Inside it’s the sterile area In our daily work We can’t hear each other even face to face We communicate like this Only through such PHS mobile phones We also write in case of emergency We remind our colleagues of reading it And then give medical advice at the nurse station in the sterile area Besides finishing our own work We also need to get supplies The house hasn’t been built yet The light is still on I’m in an ICU in the quarantine area This is Wang Jiaming from Intensive Care Department He is treating a patient The patient is in critical condition And his trachea has been cut open The risk of nursing a patient with an open trachea is very high Because during the observation of the patient’s airway And suctioning Sputum might splash onto the body So nurses are at great risk of direct exposure Now we are giving the patient intestinal nutrition Because this is a critically ill patient Who can’t eat And relies on stomach tube In our nursing procedure Taking a sample of throat swab is really dangerous So third-level protection is needed He wears a face shield Because the patient keeps coughing And his saliva easily spatters On the body and face of the medical personnel After taking a sample of throat swab for the patient We check again There’re the specimens collected only after one morning Now I’m out of the quarantine area Look at my face And my forehead My hair is complete wet It’s totally wet inside I have suffocated Let me take a breath We are off duty now On the way back to hotel ‘I’m off duty’ ‘But I’ll be on the night shift later’ Ms. Zhu She is too tired to talk There are few people and cars on the road This is Chen Na from the second department of respiration She is compounding the nebulization medicine for patients She is going to do nebulization for a patient soon Among our nursing procedures It’s also one which put us under high risk of exposure They do it dozens of or even over a hundred times a day ‘Sit up a little please’ Chen Na is short So the protection clothing looks much bigger on her than others And it’s more difficult to move for her But she would never do less Due to such limitation We don’t just finish the basic treatment of the patients And we also take care of them physically and psychologically It’s noon We serve food for the patients Take care of their life, diet and living Some patients want to eat fruits, but they can’t get them So Mr. Guo Xi saves his fruits of each meal And gives them to patients ‘Fruits help cure your disease’ An old man who we’re responsible for Can’t fall asleep due to anxiety Because it’s a quarantined area They can’t see their family And communicate with outside, so they’re really anxious My colleague Wang Jiaming Applies for some sleeping pills for the old man ‘I slept well last night after taking the pills’ ‘After finishing the injection’ ‘You should move around the room’ ‘Exercise contributes to your recovery’ ‘Come on’ In order to avoid cross-infection The patients put the thermos bottles in front of the doors When we see them, we fill them with hot water And put them back to the original place And the patients would get them later Now we can’t find health workers and cleaners So the medical personnel of our Infectious Disease Department Spontaneously take the work of cleaning We make fun of it Saying ‘such high-level cleaners as them’ ‘Will surely guarantee zero infection of our medical personnel’ Every day they clean off the waste in the ward And move them out Mr. Guo Xi is cleaning Although we’re really busy and the work is tiring There are lots of good news lately Many patients have been discharged from hospitals across the country Here we also have a lot of patients who are getting better and ready to leave the hospital I believe the outbreak will soon be over We will succeed in the end! Come on!

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