라데온 아드레날린 2019 Edition 업데이트 내용 정리 및 추가된 기능 설명

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hola! It is Ato. nice to meet you. A few days ago. December 13 amd adrenalin 2019 edition
Driver updates have been released. Those who have already updated
It will. For the third year in a row,
For people using graphics cards Massive patches like giving gifts
I’m doing it. This patch and the newly added
Let’s look at the function. amd will launch Catalyst Omega in 2015
Start with new Radeon software every year Showcased. Crimson Edition of 2016
Crimson Lee Live Edition and New adrenaline edition in 2018
Features have been added and renamed. In this update,
It was not. Adrenaline
It is continuing. Released at amd with this update
A year ago, Improved performance by 15% over version
I heard the sound. Using a Radeon graphics card
There’s a story that people do. Growing graphics card. Yes. amd has been a driver for the past few years
I did a lot of optimization. There was that much performance and users
We are receiving good evaluation from. Especially partnerships with
To increase the number of Optimize your graphics card
One part of the story is also highlighted. Older versions of amd graphics cards especially
Using the Catalyst driver Older gamers in the days of the
In this regard, compared to the previous amd How much has improved
Maybe you can feel it again. Think about it. Let’s take a look at the new features.
radeon advisors. First, the basic function of the advisors
NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience Similar to game optimization. But if you look at the detailed functions
adviosr setting advisor and upgrade Advisor to add more
Function. game adviosr is basically a radeon overlay
This is a feature added to. Frames and frames during game
Check time for better performance Suggested recommended options.
Setting advisor is a hardware specification We suggest the settings that are best for you.
The upgrade advisor is installed on your system. Check the game and play the game
The current system’s cpu gpu and minimum and recommended memory
Make sure you meet the requirements. If not, upgrade any parts
I suggest you do it. amd link.
The amd link is simply a smartphone or Display settings via tablet
Controllable applications is.
How to connect to pc Choose how to use the qr code
The connection method is fairly It is simple. A characteristic part of the function
If there was a lot of talk Voice control function. The voice control method is Apple’s
Similarly call hey radeon You can say the command. Among the things you can do with this function
Start and stop streaming Start recording And stop screenshots and frames
Rate and gpu temperature and clock speed To call the same performance matrix
Function is possible. Currently, only English and Chinese are supported.
More languages ​​in the future. It is supported.
System monitoring from the function of amd link The function is more core users
Seems to be quite useful. Almost all features of amd link
You can control it. wattman.
Through this update, wattman Now with auto overclocking and under-ball
Support. However, auto overclocking is only possible with gpu and memory
Select one of the It’s the way to go. You can not do two things at the same time. No information about overclocking
Welcome for non-existent users Function. UnderVolving is a long-term useful
It looks like a function. Once the basic voltage is lowered,
And reduce fan noise. You can get the effect. Expected to be complemented in the future
I will try. Now you can change the gpu memory timing
There is. officially from wattman This function is supported. Automatic and timing through memory section
Profiles of Level 1 and Timing Level 2 Can be selected. This feature, however,
Rather than encrypting As an option for lung mining
I will. radeon chill.
The radeon chill has a CPU clock Similar. In the low 3d graphics section,
Temperature and power consumption by lowering the speed Underclock to get the benefits from
Function. The pc bosses would like it.
freesync 2 hdr and vsr. Now add freesync 2 hdr related features
Has been. Improved hdr performance Vsr supports an aspect ratio of 219
I will. vsr features similar to nvidia’s dsr
Resolution supported by the display Output of the game at a higher resolution
It is a function to render the screen. in game replay has been added. From NVIDIA’s GeForce experience
Among the functions provided are instant Similar to Replay. But the difference is in the case of NVIDIA
Replay buffer up to 20 minutes But in game replay 5
You can save only about 30 seconds. Now you can make the word
There is. Expanded functionality from existing screenshots
. gif Support for saving files. 5 seconds 30 seconds can be saved as a gif file
There is. Game streaming has also been enhanced.
Installed on PC via relive game stream Play games on smartphones or tablets
Play over the network with your laptop Supports functions that can be performed. Maximum resolutions up to 4k 60hz
And to borrow the words of amd, NVIDIA 44% less than streaming
The city is short. This feature can also be used for desktop streaming
It supports. I was told to simply clean up
There are a lot of updates on the update. .
amd’s annual update is coming In the sense of preparing the sun,
On the one hand it has an important meaning . The functional parts of the software
Likewise, the new Models added in this update
It will be mainly used for functions. More choices for the user
Provides more functionality The development of technology and
Software upgrades are great I think it is a welcome element. But what I felt while watching this update
But by offering a variety of features Welcome to Core users
There are a lot of things you can do . For the average user,
I have a feeling the entry difficulty has gone up. Unfamiliar users
I also think that I can use it well. I will. This video is here. If the video was good,
Thank you for your subscription. Thank you for watching. It was Ato until now. Everyone is happy. In addition,
There is an address of. Various opinions about it or hardware
If you like to communicate with I hope I can learn together. I’ll see you again in the next video
I will. Then adios!

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