루게릭병을 가진 아버지가 딸에게 목소리를 들려줄 수 있게 하는 놀라운 기기 (ENG SUB)

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This story is about Geekble making something useful for the first time A machine that sends father’s mind- with SKT Hello It’s manager Nam Dohyung from Sk Telecom I contacted after seeing the comment at the video I think our company can be a help Would you like to meet? There’s no useless challenge Hello Hello, I am manager Nam who contacted you guys Nice to meet you Shall we go to the conference room then? (Talking about the comment) 1. The father of our fan has a Lou Gehrig’s disease 2. His body is getting paralyzed and it’s hard for him to make conversation through voice 3. How shall we help him That’s what we are here for The patient is very sensitive so he reacts to even a very dim light So while he’s sleeping the screen gets turned off and it turns on again when it senses that his eyes has open putting such features will be good I was not thinking about that feature at all I think it’s a good idea It’s considerable Though the patient has difficulty with moving his cognitive ability is fine So he can type the text through eye tracking technology and turn those text into a sound the speaker will recognize it and if he get’s what he needs through the speaker Then he will be able to make himself feel better while lying on the bed If he uses NUGU speaker developed by our company I think it will help a lot Will he be able to send text messages too? I think it will be possible Have you made such thing Namo? Uh…not really Well… It would go well if we do it, right? Lego lego! PD Ju: I am a little nervous. Am I the only one? Yup Lol Knock knock Arrived at the client’s home Hello doggy~ Who are you? My dad cannot express when he needs something Something urgent Removing mucus on his neck pee or dung since he cannot go to bathroom or saying that he’s in pain when he is in pain Then how many kinds of alarm should there be at? What kind of things does he ask for a lot? These are what he usually ask for in daily life Things that he say often Usually he can write it with his foot or something but
you know, some really urgent things When the mucus need to be removed because he cannot breathe I thihnk this should be good enough (She told us about 6 most urgent sentences) I think we need to think about it more It would be hard to make it to the level where it will enable him with fluent conversation If he moves his eyes this way and it’s no.1 sentence or something like that will be possible We gotta make it 1st week- Setting up the development envrionment 2nd week – UI 3rd week- Actualize it and test Namo Hello~ (Controlling with his eyes) This one’s PD Ju’s cellphone It’s saved as my cell phone? I will send message to you and me Give me water If the guardian went to bathroom or went for grocery shopping Then he can call them through text message So these messages are what the father can send while laying dowm? Not just the sentences that are made if you turn on the keyboard Then he can say what he wants Sending text ‘PD Ju, I am hungry ‘ Oh I got it God-Namo So he can talk now Can he watch hour channel too? Mission, turn on Geekble YouTube channel! He can watch YouTube like this Our channel appears naturally So we can show him our channel Turn on music Turning on music through NUGU speaker IU’s Blooming Uh oh,m Kingpyright Aria! Stop! Seoul Station ->Ulsan Station It’s 9 am Where are we in 9 am? Namo has done a nice preparation So we are heading to install the equipment in client’s home I am here to help It’s not really common for us to make items for outside people We need to do the real making at the spot Also the coding Let’s go install! Hello! Nice to meet you Mom’s here too today! (The doggy welcoming us) We brought Jeongtae as a gift He’s the most popular person in Geekble vote Thank you Didn’t think you would pick me as a 1st place Are you up for election? Hello, nice to meet you sir I am a PD that makes video with them and I accompanied them today He’s the PD that your daughter likes the most Well anyways, we need to prepare our work I will install in now We need to make it match the level of father’s view Bed’s fram is too low and the frame at there is round so it’s not easy to hang it So we need an item for hanging it It’s either do we find one at home or go out and buy something from the mart A little panic behind the smile Do we bring this? No we dont need that. We only need this There’s no giving up to Geekble! PD Ju: We can do this, right Namo? Ok, we are in emergency now Tell us the arm of the monitor is a bit too short We will have to go and buy an steek pipe at the near hardware store We might even have to solder it if necessary Soldering in Kyeongnam Yangsan~! We came to purchase 32 pie iron pipe We came because we heard that there’s 32 pie steel pipe… There’s no size that perfectly fits We will put the pipe at here? The bed is about here so think of it like this Thank you sir! Jeongtae: We got good news? Very good news. We got a place that can solder
and even better is They don’t do simple soldering But they will help us for the purpose of good Let’s go! Technique of master He’s making it to enable it to be sticked This process is sticking it and not soldering? Yes, he’s grinding it How did it go?
Is it good? Yes I think so When was this? About 3 years ago he was able to drive until last year It was this April when he started to lay down on bed The fact that he drove until last year is… Because he suddenly started to have difficulty in breathing We went to the hospital and cut and open his respitory tract So it changed a lot in the past few months I guess it was when she left us a comment What kind of thoughts did you had when you were writing that comment? With the heart that I really wish they read this comment I was really happy to see the reply
and…yeah.. And here we are! Tada~ We are a bit late but we are here We will do our best until the very end He will run a test now Putting it to his eyes Will you look at here sir? (The mint color mouse is Namo& the blue ball is where the father is watching) That’s the part where you speak “I am Namo” Can you give it a try? “stupid Jeongtae” The voice is working well It may feel a bit difficult but he will need some time to study about it (We believe that he will do well) You can do it sir! If you look at here, these are the people you want to message to If you click Inseo, then the message will go to Inseo If you click ‘Inseo’s mom’
Then it will be sent to your wife Click and then write what you are thinking right now Nebulizer: A medical equipment that sprays to give medicine to the patient “Do Nebulizer on me” Inseo, you got a mesage It did? What did it say? “Do Nebulizer on me” Good Sir, you are doing it well! “Remove mucus please” You want mucus removed? He just said that he wants mucus removed, right? He’s mean it
Based on the sound, he’s serious We tried everything that we can that can be done in PC , right? Yes, all the things that I have worked on are all working Btw…can it do…that? What? Go-stop(Korean poker) (It’s something that her father enjoys playing) Shall we try? Dad! Go-stop! I tried but it’s quite hard You must go back and forth with eye tracker like this It’s dad’s best christmas gift Internet poker’s speed is really fast But his speed of learning is a lot faster I think it’s his perfect practice tool to get used to it He’s better than me I really couldn’t do it at all His skill of using the equipment is…lol Didn’t your skill just improved too fast? Dad, you know what it is, right? It’s fun btw Teach your dad 3 hours a day Can you do the audio book? NUGU: First book among total 5 hours of audio book “I will read the 1st episode of” Auido book running You can even read now A man who enjoys reading! With BGM! Father calling the AI speaker by himself “Aria, read the news for me” NUGU: I will read KBS main news of today Clapping How was today? It was super I was surprised by how fast his eyes move when playing go-stop “Thank you” The father spoke to us For 1 month With your daughter learn a lot with this device and then send us 1 sentence after 1 month Inseo will record it and she will do that as her mission It will be taken as our reward Will that be ok? Ok sir, thank you! You two need to work harder starting today Thank you~ Say bye one last time We wish our best for all the people who have Lou Gehrig’s disease There’s no useless challenge A device that sends the heart of father
SK Telelcome

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