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President Gyeongju! Pansuru ~~ standard!!! Align left and right Souvenir picture Tour starts from practice Are you here? I’m from Ulsan. Park Gwan-yeol of Ulsan It’s a different player Doo-Hyuk Choi, President of Gyeongju KTM Pansur ~~ Older Kim Jun-hyun Andong Motorsports Andong Watergate Motocross Player No. 1 in front Pioneering Downhill Segment Wow!! Ah ~ I’m up Wow !!! CD Are you wearing it for the first time today? Are you comfortable? 275 Andong lectern Gyeongju Oh no ~ I’m still up President Gyeongju Ou ~ ` It’s hard now It’s a lie Only flowers are left Now it’s salty Event course to here Single course from now on A bad seller Pansur ~~ Ulsan Man Park Kwanyeol Pansur II Boo Good luck It’s fun if you can’t ride Video International Pansru A judge who needs a substitute 2020 Sixth Day 2T300 Excuse tire Everyone’s favorite cheer Seungguk Baek Now get burned What kind of event will you gather? Kyongju KTM Chairman Cool look I changed 3 Start Depart Illusionary Back Flip Departed President who came up well unlike expectation Athletes coming out of Watergate last course ## %% & Ankle Harpoon Enduro Challenge and Mingie Laugh ~~ Tozan is easy again Check and challenge ~~~ Enduro spirit “challenge” Bo-ri dog uphill Kim Jun-hyun Park Kwan-yeol of Ulsan.

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