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– Welcome back today friends and yes, it is Jamerrill. And it is Jamerrill’s big pile of dishes because this is how
Jamerrill’s kitchen works and I’m sure your kitchen too, we wash the dishes, clean the dishes, dry the dishes, put them away. And then guess what later they grow again. It’s the magical growing dishes. I’d like to thank molekule.com for sponsoring today’s super
duper clean with me video. We are gonna clean all the things. Molekule’s technology has
been personally effective and verified by science. But most importantly, it’s tested by real people. Molekule has given allergy and asthma sufferers around the country, an all new experience. Be sure to watch for a special offer
later on from Molekule. This day is a Monday and we did not get our
nice four hour big chunk of cleaning time done on Saturday, like how I would have liked to. If you’re new here, I like to do a top to bottom once a week house cleaning. It takes us about four hours or so. It’s usually done on a Saturday, during the day at some point. Maybe a Sunday evening and when I don’t get to that, it happens on a Monday, if it lines up with the sun, moon and stars and our family schedule. (chuckles) So we also share taking
turns doing the dishes at our house and here, I was just taking my mama
turn doing the dishes. Now look at what I’m doing here. If you keep noticing, maybe you’ll see it here in a second. I keep having trouble with the racks in my dishwasher. That is because this cheapo
dishwasher is on its way out although it is still
trucking along a little bit. This is gonna be it. Mark your calendars. 2019 is the summer when
Jamerrill gets her super duper, just gonna work hard for me dishwasher. it is happening. There will be videos, there will be Instagram post, there will be fireworks
possibly (chuckles). So the top rack keeps falling out. We have to kinda rig it to get it to stay in there. What I’ve been waiting for is to have our water filtration system up and running again. I was so embarrassed when the plumbers came out to fix our water filter. Guess what it was, it was just a breaker that was flipped (laughing). And it hasn’t worked for like a year. So now I have the orange iron
water mess in my dishwasher. But that’s okay. Now that I know the reason and now I have learned so many more water filter tricks, I am ready to get a better
dishwasher, yes and amen. So here, I’m just washing these metal pots and such by hands. Now my kiddos during this time cause people say, what are your kids doing? What are your kids doing? Do they help you? And yes they definitely do. During this time, they were deep top to bottom, cleaning their bedrooms. We have all the boys in one room and all the girls in the other room. And it just ends up to be a whole lot. And so they need to do a deep cleaning on their room once a week along with daily maintenance of you know, quick pickups and doing their beds. They just need top to
bottom scrub it in there. So that’s why I am doing these dishes. I also have Zion. He’s my almost 16 year old. He is running around deep
cleaning the bathrooms because we were having a
special family member visitor, Grandma, Travis’s mom. She was coming to visit us for the week. So I was having Zion get
the bathrooms Grandma-ready. You see I have my second good and holy cup of coffee there. I don’t actually finish it, I think. But I sure love sipping on it and telling myself I’ll be able to. (gentle music) And now I’ve been using my
pressure cookers a lot as always. So I’m getting those out of the way. Cleaning the counters. Liam is playing with a pillow
in the background there. And I need to get a fresh Bible verse on my letter board there. Bunch of letters had fallen off. And so I’m just kinda getting
the letters out of the way. Scrambled up Bible (laughs) verse there. Don’t take note of it at this time. We are missing letters. Alert! Alert! Scrubbing down my stove. Now I’m working on, I use this shelf, probably more than it’s
rated weight wise to use. I end up putting my pressure cookers and my big pots and such. It’s just convenient because I use these all the time. Other than dragging these
heavy items out of cabinets. I probably do have the cabinet space because I like all the cabinets
I have in this kitchen. But these things, I just use like, I use them multiple times. Multiple times a day or a week and I just like to keep them out nearby. Giving that instant pot a scrubbing. And then I’m gonna start stacking
things back on the shelf. But it was just time to get, dust the shelves
off over here as well. Cause that area, especially
with the door there and the trash can there and pet food there, it can just get dust and grubby all around. Time to wipe them out on the, wipe them off on the outside. (gentle music) Now I’m gonna unload these
small little shelves here. Wipe those down. The utensils that were
in that little red pot, we’ve moved to an empty drawer. And now, yes yes I’m showing you. Super! That was a super grumpy shelf. cause see I’m only 5’4. So (chuckles) things that
I can’t see on top of, don’t always get clean. And sometimes Travis just laughs because he’s like, I don’t think you can
see on top of the shelf. So I’m like clean it yourself buddy right? So I wiped down that air fryer which Travis actually gets a lot of use out of that air fryer. Especially whenever I travel or if I’m not home for a bit, he does things for the kids in an often so, hey Travis, do us
some air fryer videos. Now I’m scrubbing down. I am not taking everything
out of the refrigerator. I was so tempted to. I wanted to down in the depths of my soul but I thought no, I
shall resist this urge. Has just, I knew all the
things I wanted to get done on this big super mega four
hour deep cleaning time and I wasn’t gonna be able to get to that. (gentle music) Oh yeah, get in the mirror. Good job mama. Don’t break your neck. I don’t know when the last
time is I’ve wiped down that mirror. So it was definitely needed. Now I’m getting under the couch. All the little mysterious things that get under it and around it and behind it. (gentle music) Several of you on one
of my last videos asked or a video, I don’t even know why but I started getting lots of comments on why we didn’t get a sectional sofa for this part. And it’s because, if you look the door behind me, that was the only door that opens and that door there with the butterfly, it’s not actually a door. It’s just a window. So we could not put a sectional sofa there and still get in and out of our deck. And nine months out of the year, we live most of our days outside and in and out of that door a lot. So thank you for that suggestion but it just not what would, it just not. Would not. (chuckles) Would not work in that situation. But anyway it goes, I’m getting
the crumbs off my floor. And then all these big cleaning days, I like to have my handy-dandy
almost 16 year old helper steam mop the floors for me at night once all
the little kids go to bed. And now, I am going to open
this box from Molekule. Now you, you are gonna
be excited about this. I know that many of you
suffer from allergies and watery eyes and sneezing and all the seasonal stuff. I know we are dealing
with it here in Virginia. And we have had the runny noses and the watery eyes and the sneezes and pollen. I mean, my front porch is yellow. My siding is yellow. Our cars are yellow. Molekule has reinvented the air purifier to destroy airborne pollutants including; viruses, bacteria, chemicals and mold. And if you watch my videos, you also know I feel like my family and I have been sicker this past winter. We had more sickness. I think we’re sick four times or so. More than we’ve had any other year. And I know that that is because we had even
more outside activities. Basketball and dance and Taekwondo. And we were just in and out with the public, with the masses. And so I’m sure that is why we had some more sickness, than we usually deal with in past years. So that’s why I am so excited to now own one of these
Molekule air filters. And as you see here, look, I am just, it takes me all of seven cups of coffee and scratching my nose and twitching my mouth there a few times. I read through the whole Molekule book. I learn about the science
behind the air purifier. And let me tell you, I’m excited. Even though it was sped up, it took me no time at all to get that beautiful
stainless steel air filter out of the box, plug in the cord and then, what I’m reading
in the book is that, all I have to do is go over and hook it up into the wall. I also love it has an app that you can download with it. And that will tell you the condition and the quality of the air filters. For when and if they need replaced. Since Molekule has launched, they’ve heard hundreds of
stories from parents, pet lovers and severe allergy and asthma sufferers, how this molecule unit has
transformed their lives. And since we have installed
this molecule unit, I was to the point where I was giving kiddos Benadryl. And we were dealing with
those seasonal allergies. And now, as of this time that I’m recording this voice over, we’ve had the unit running in our home for well over a week. And I have seen no more
seasonal allergy signs or symptoms from any of my kids. So I am definitely sold. So don’t forget, for 75 dollars off your first order, visit molekule.com. That’s M-O-L-E-K-U-L-E.com and at checkout, enter special promo code, large family table. And now here I am, deep
dive cleaning Travis and I’s bedroom. You know I haven’t dusted that top of that headboard I don’t know, in a year or so. Little things like that. Why allergies? You don’t dust for a year? What are you saying woman? But yeah, I forget to dust
places like that sometimes. So I am doing some deep dive dusting of the bed frame there. (gentle music) Hey, hey! Making my bed at 4 p.m now. That’s always a nice idea. Usually Travis makes it
for us in the morning. But I am making it today. At this point he is outside, doing several outside projects with various kids while
I’m working inside. And guess what else I realized? People are starting to come in (chuckles) and act hungry. And act hangry. And oh wow, I had to stop working on my bedroom to feed these people and Gabriel’s taken the parts of the cool Molekule box outside and playing with those. So we just used that Molekule shipment for all kinds of fun. And look, my dishes have grown. The sink was empty, you saw it. Now it is filling back up and I am here washing off the veggies. I was going to chop a
bunch of fresh broccoli, chop a bunch of cauliflower. I sliced some apples. I’m just getting everything out and washed and ready for, ready for the Jamerrill chopping block. (gentle music) And we had some baked potatoes that were left over so I’m warming those up again. We didn’t have any sour cream. Didn’t have anything fancy going on but I thought the kids
could have fresh veggies and some baked potatoes with butter. And we had just a little
bit of meatloaf left from, I believe it was from the night before, I forget now. Might have been from two nights before but I figured I was gonna heat up and serve out the last little bit of the leftover meatloaf on this evening. I wasn’t doing fresh cooking, besides fresh vegetable chopping cause I knew grandma was a coming and we needed to get her
house top to bottom clean. And so I figured I would serve
up the last little meatloaf to whoever would like it. And whoever did not, the meatloaf would would meet its end. It would be done. I only reuse leftovers for, let him hang out for a few days and then gotta call it quits. I’m getting all the
broccoli sliced up now. And I was serving that just
with some ranch dressing. Now whenever I do meals like this, I lay out the samplings of everything and then it doesn’t bother me. Kids can just pick and choose what they want. They do have to pick some vegetables and some fruit. So it would be you know, if they wouldn’t want broccoli and cauliflower, well then they need to have some apples or some carrots. That way, they are getting those and oh look, my mouth is a flappin. So this is the best
part of watching me chop and food prep. You get to watch me speed chew. I’m speed chewing apples now but don’t worry the cauliflower and broccoli, they’re coming. (chuckles) Here I’m working on fixing
up Daniel’s little plate. He was the one who was really saying he was hungry and that, that’s what cued me in. (gentle music) Now I’m fixing Ms Amelia’s plate and getting everything she wants on there. They like to give me their special orders when I do this. Yes, yes of course butter. Gave her her meatloaf. A little ketchup, apple slices. What else she want girlfriend, I’m listening. There’s Gabriel’s face. Hey Gabriel. Got her some broccoli and a carrot. And now, I am chopping up and doing Liam’s special order. And see that my little trick here is, everything is good. (laughs) It’s all great. Pick what you want. Have all you want of what I have out. So he got some cottage cheese, carrot broccoli, baked potato and yeah, he wanted just
a few bites of meatloaf. And he’s making fun faces at us. And here I am loading up my plate. I had whole bunch of broccoli, a whole bunch of cauliflower, a little bit of ranch and that was my mom dinner. (gentle music) Now back to my bedroom. So, okay. This is it. My big, now you know if you watched and I’ll put a link down
in the description below, I did our seasonal clothing shopping for our family of 10. I eyeballed everything and I knew what was
needed before I shopped. But I hadn’t taken the time to go through and physically remove the clothing that I saw, that I knew I was purging. So I was taking, I already did this with all the kids. So it’s taking, you know, Mama’s last. So (chuckles) that big pile I just had was all hanging on my bathroom door. It had just slowly grown. And then I had more clothes. If you remember way back when, several years ago, I turned our walk-in closet into my office because I somehow need an
office I can close the door on. And so you’ve asked where I hang my clothes now. And I have a hanger on the back of our bedroom door. And then we have some shelves
behind our bedroom door that Travis and I share
for folding things. and that is that. So that’s my ha ha, yeah right, minimalist mom wardrobe. But what I’m doing here is, I’m going through, I’m making a big pile of clothes that I need to save for next winter. And I’m hanging, what I just walked away with
was a bunch of clothes now for spring/summer, that I’m gonna hang on my
small hangar behind my door. And then I’m making piles of things that need to go. I need to just donate to the thrift store. Things that I’m like, I just don’t wanna see you anymore. Or I don’t have good
feelings about you shirt so go away. So, that’s what I’m doing kind of up by my headboard. I’m throwing my things I just
don’t wanna see any more. And I’ve gotten my use out of it. I’m just gonna pass on, knowing that pile up there and then items I’m going to save for next winter. A lot of like thick sweaters and sweatshirts and such. They take up a lot of room cause there’s more material. And they are going in
a big black trash bag that will be stored in a closet until next fall, when you probably watch me
get them out in another video. So here I’m hanging, oh I love that tan jacket. I found that at the thrift store, a few months ago. I’ve gotten lots of good use out of that. And yes my favorite curtain shirt that I wish I would have got
three different colors of. I’m just hanging them all and pitching things. And the pile is a growing. And I’m like no, I think
that blue jean shirt needs to be pitched yeah. So I leave it. And I’m thinking, I’m looking, yeap, it goes. (giggles) I’m getting more sweaters that I’ll fold shortly. And the more things that can be hung now. There you go! There’s my small little behind the door hanger. But it’s filling up. I mean it was massive, it’s weighted down the whole door so it’s definitely time to do this seasonal clothing change. I’m also going through and taking the tags off and hanging up my clothes
from my new Cato Hall. And adding those in with my spring and summer clothes. Those are my new pretty shirts and I have good feelings about those. And now, I’m gonna go through, yeah, I found a few more things I need to hang up with my spring/summer. And my jean jacket, I got that at Costco a few months ago. I like that. You never know when you’ll need
a jean jacket in the spring or sometimes even the summer. And then hanging up some dresses that I had. Now at this point I’m
just kind of rolling them. No fancy folding. We’re just gonna roll them together. (gentle music) I also want to thank our
special sponsor today, molekule.com. Remember for 75 dollars
off your first order of this life-changing, anytime it helps you, anytime you can breathe better, your life has changed. This life-changing air purifier system, enter special promo code, large family table at check out to take 75 dollars off that first order. But look, now I have my clothes hanging up for spring and summer. I even found my swimsuit. I have three different swimsuit wraps that I found. And yes, thank you so much for watching friends. I’ll see you next time with another brand new video. (gentle music)

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