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– [Officiant] I now pronounce
you husband and wife. Congratulations, you
may now kiss your bride. (cheering) (mellow upbeat music) – We’re on our adventure. – Oh you’ve got freezing cold hands. (laughing) – Good Monday morning everyone. It is June 12th, 2017 and today I am getting married
to the love of my life. Judd and I have been
together six years today and we have just been
through so much together, so many adventures. I mean, high school sweethearts, college, basic training, a deployment, several chronic illnesses,
hospitalizations, I mean medical devices being implanted all over my body, a service
dog that we trained, just so many wonderful adventures. We have matured together
in love, through love, as people, you know just
maturing from high schoolers into the adults we are now, and as a couple together
we have grown strong and I’m just gonna be rambling about stuff like this all day. I’m just so excited. Judd did work the 3:00 p.m.
to 3:00 a.m. shift last night so he’s asleep. Janiece and I are awake, we’re waiting for my mom to get here ’cause she’s gonna take
us out to do our nails and our hair for today, and it’s just such a happy day! I’m really thankful because
yesterday I was having a lot of issues with intestinal pain, just not tolerating the rate
for my feeding tube well and I was having issues
with vomiting and nausea. And vomiting when you have
a new feeding tube put in hurts a lot, at least for me. And today I seem to be doing
really well with symptoms. I mean there’s some fatigue,
my joints are hurting a lot, but like, symptoms I
can easily work through. So I’m really thankful for that and it’s just a happy day. I’m gonna say that a lot too. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re doing a very small ceremony. We’re just going to the
courthouse to do the quick thing and then we’re all going out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. We’re keeping it very simple because my health is honestly
in a very poor place right now and I can’t, I’m just not healthy enough to enjoy the more extravagant
ceremony that we want, and so in about a year or so, we’re hoping with the treatments, as I progress with the
feeding tube I just got, as I progress on IVIG,
which is another treatment I’m pursuing and things like that, I’ll get healthier and stronger and I’ll be able to
enjoy a bigger ceremony with more friends and family
and things like that, so, just telling the people
how today is a great day, explaining some stuff. So Janiece and I are ready,
we’re just waiting for my mom. Okay, we’ve got my mom here finally. She’s an hour late, but that’s okay. – There was a lot, a lot
of traffic in Orlando. – I just think it’s funny ’cause last night I was
talking to her on the phone and I was like Mom, you’ll be late. She was like I’m not gonna be late! I will not be late! And she’s late, but that’s okay. – We’re Hispanics all around. – Yeah that’s what Hispanics do. (laughing) – Especially Venezuelans. – Yeah seriously. So anyways, now we’re off to do our nails and get our hair done and we are super excited for
our girls day plus Orion. Okay, so we had to get
something at Target. We picked it up and then
when we were backing out, my mom was driving and she hit somebody. Not someone, like another
car, not a person. – There you go, elaborate. – It was just a bump but she left a dent in the other car, my car is fine. So my mom has to stay there. The other person is like, wants the police to come to make a report ’cause they’re visiting from out of state. So they wanna make sure
everything’s taken care of, so my mom’s gonna be there awhile. We walked, ’cause next to Target there is a hair cuttery,
a hair styling place, so we just walked over here ’cause we had to get my hair done. So they can take us right now. They’re just gonna curl my hair for me. So little bump, literally
my mom hitting somebody. – Wedding day drama. – Seriously, but should be fine and we can still get my
hair done, and then– – It’s not a wedding day
unless there’s drama like this, something always happens. – I can’t believe she hit somebody. I mean, nobody got hurt, it
was just a little tiny bump– – Dent. – And a dent in the other car, but my mom’s gotta take care of it now and so we’re just gonna
get my hair done here and then we’re gonna
have her husband call, pick us up to come take
us to get our nails done. Hopefully my mom will be finished by then but we’ll see. – [Janiece] Half beauty, half beast. That was a good one. Her curls are coming along. – [Stylist] Alright, is that okay? – [Janiece] It’s gorgeous. – [Jack] Do you have a mirror
so I can look at the back? – [Stylist] Yep. – [Jack] Oh yeah, I love it. (chattering) – [Stylist] So it should be good. So when you are ready to tousle it, um– – [Janiece] Asthma pump? – [Stylist] Are you okay? – [Janiece] She’s alive,
she’s alive, we’re good. The spray got to her. Breathe. But her hair still looks good. – Alright, we all looked behind us and there were no cars. My mom is free! I was worried you were gonna
be stuck there all day. – Oh, me too. – But the sheriff came and
just had them swap info and that’s it, so we’re all good. And Paul came and helped facilitate that, which was really nice of him. He went back home, but– – [Janiece] He’s good at facilitating. – Yeah he is. – Yeah he is! – [Janiece] That’s why he’s my filter. – He did a good job. – [Mom] Where to I go
to the left or right? – Go straight, turn right here. Anyways, now we’re going to get
some Menchie’s frozen yogurt ’cause we deserve some
after that little bump with the car ordeal. But my hair’s done and
yeah, it triggered my asthma a little bit. That’s because I have asthma. I mean I took extra medications and did extra breathing
treatments this morning ’cause I knew that the smell
in the nail salon for one and then all of the
products I was gonna use on my hair today would not be good for me, but it happens, it’s chronic illness. But my hair looks great, so it worked out. (chattering) What good dogs. Harlow, head down. Good girl. We might be a little
obsessed with Menchie’s. We got the cookies and cream. Obviously I got way too much in mine. We got some Menchie’s, we are de-stressed. Things are back on track, and now we are off to get our nails done, super excited for that. You feeling pampered? – [Janiece] Ew, her feet. – [Jack] Shut up. I squished the dogs in between our chairs, but they’re being really good. Almost done, our toenails. We have to do our fingers next. Next is our fingernails. Having fun. Good girl, Harlow. Stay there, stay away from
my feet which are drying. We’re gonna do my nails next. I’m done, they convinced me to get gel and that was interesting,
never done that before. But it dried right away, which was cool. Harlow, you ready? Let’s go. – [Mom] Oh beautiful, look at your nails. Very pretty, yay. So another step– – Hey it matches my phone. – [Mom] Another step achieved. – We got our nails done. Now my mom’s getting the car and we’re gonna head home to do our makeup and get changed and then
it’s time for the wedding. – What time is the wedding? What time do we have to leave the house? – We gotta be there around 3:30, 4:00ish and I think it’s around 2:30 now. So we’ve got plenty of time. Time to do makeup. I never, ever wear makeup, ever. But wedding day, gonna wear makeup. That also means I’m
not gonna wear my mask. Not wearing my vogmask today, that I use for my
immunodeficiency and allergens because it’s gonna mess up my makeup and it’s my wedding day. So I’m gonna take a risk, but that’s what you do
sometimes with chronic illness. Makeup time. – I’ll beat her if she
doesn’t wear makeup. We’re not doing a makeup
tutorial everybody. – Yeah don’t take tips from me especially, I never wear makeup. – Yah! This is how you contour. – Woman. – You blend and you keep on blending. You blend, blend, blend, blend, blend. She has a blending brush. Are you using, nope, never mind she’s not
having that sponge thing. You blend. – I am dabbing, dab. – Oh my god, I was about to say dab. Oh my god. – You gotta do my eyes still. – Yeah, I’m gonna do them right now ’cause I’m on my eyes now. What’s your brush? I mean, for eyeshadow. (chuckling) – I guess this isn’t an eyeshadow brush. – No it’s not. (mellow uptempo music) – Makeup is complete. Even on my wedding day I gotta worry about medical stuff of course. I gotta flush my feeding tube right now, then I’m gonna put some new nutrition– – [Janiece] How delicious. – Into the feeding bag to make sure I don’t have any interruptions with the whole ceremony and reception. Some water, flush the tube. And nutrition. So I can stay healthy through my ceremony. Alright, one more to go. We got the best man doing his duties, ironing John’s shirts. It’s time to put on the wedding dress. Janiece looks beautiful. Alright, okay let’s show them my dress. – [Janiece] Here she is, the bride to be. – Tah dah! This is the best dress, and look okay, one of the best parts, there’s this hole for my
feeding tube, which is perfect. – [Janiece] There’s the
bride of the mother. – [Jack] Mother of the bride. – [Janiece] Oh there you go, sorry guys. – [Jack] Mom, that looks like a witch hat. – I knew you were gonna
say something like that. – [Janiece] She’s gorgeous. – Alright, tah dah! – [Janiece] There she
is, it’s all about her. – We gotta go to the
courthouse now, let’s go. We’re on the way to the courthouse. I’m getting so excited! But getting out of the door
was a little bit of a hassle, of course it is, it always is. But we’re on the way, not
late, things are going okay. Also, Judd hasn’t seen me in my dress yet with all my hair and makeup done, so– – [Mom] Really? – [Jack] No he hasn’t seen me yet. – That will be a nice surprise. – Yeah, it’s like tradition. He has to wait ’til
we’re there or something. I don’t know. I’m excited! – [Janiece] This is Judd’s
first time looking at Jaquie in her wedding dress. Judd’s first time. – Aw, you brought your best backpack. – [Janiece] Her best backpack. – Ready to get married? – I am. (mellow music) – Hi.
– Hi. – You look great. (laughing) (chattering) – [Paul] Judd, you ready? – Mmm. – [Paul] We can leave right now. (chuckling) (mellow music) The whole family is here. Even behind the camera, taking photos. (chattering) She needs to sign it, now I get to sign. – [Woman] And then he’s gotta sign. – [Janiece] Switch. Now it’s Paul’s turn. Uh-uh. (chattering) – [Janiece] Yes. – [Officiant] Lets go
ahead and get married. – Alright. – [Officiant] We are gathered
here today to witness and celebrate the joining of
Judd and Jack in matrimony. The special day– (chattering) This special day is the
beginning of their lives together as husband and wife. Marriage is a bond between
two people who are committed to share all that life brings their way. Judd and Jack have expressed
their desires to be united as husband and wife and pledge
themselves to each other. Judd, do you take Jack
to be your wedded wife? – I do. – To live together in matrimony? – I do. – Will you love her, comfort
her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health,
in sorrow and in joy and keep faithful to her so
long as you both shall live? – That’s too much. (laughter) I do. – And Jack, do you take Judd
to be your wedded husband? – I do. – To live together in matrimony? – I do. – Will you love him, comfort
him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health,
in sorrow and in joy and keep faithful to him so
long as you both shall live? – Always. – Alrighty and Judd, can
I have you place the ring on Jack’s left finger? And then repeat after me. Jack, – Jack, – [Officiant] Today I take you – Today I take you – [Officiant] To be my wife. – To be my wife. – [Officiant] I promise to love – I promise to love – [Officiant] And honor you – And honor you – [Officiant] All my life – All my life – [Officiant] In token – In token – [Officiant] And pledge – And pledge – [Officiant] Of the vows – Of the vows – [Officiant] Between us made – Between us made – [Officiant] With this ring – With this ring – [Officiant] I thee wed. – I thee wed. – [Officiant] And Jack, can
I have you place the ring on Judd’s left finger. And then repeat after me. Judd, – Judd, – [Officiant] Today I take you – Today I take you – [Officiant] To be my husband. – To be my husband. – [Officiant] I promise to love – I promise to love – [Officiant] And honor you – And honor you – [Officiant] All my life. – All my life. – [Officiant] In token – In token – [Officiant] And pledge – And pledge – [Officiant] Of the vows – Of the vows – [Officiant] Between us made – Between us made – [Officiant] With this ring – With this ring – [Officiant] I thee wed. – I thee wed. – [Officiant] Inasmuch as Judd and Jack have this day consented
together in wedlock and in giving and pledge their faith to each other in the
presence of this company, by the virtue of the
authority vested in me under laws of state of Florida, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Congratulations, you
may now kiss your bride. (whooping)
(clapping) – We did it. – [Officiant] It’s official, folks. You are married. – You’re stuck with me. (laughing) (soft music) – [Janiece] Real quick,
Meredith has to go back to work. Just hold the phone with Meredith. That’s all she wants. – Hold it with Meredith? What are we doin’, takin’ a photo? – [Paul] Yeah, that’s it. (chuckling) – Meredith, we love you. (chattering) (soft music) Alright, we are gonna
chill here a little bit um, and then Lauren and Anne
are going to decorate the restaurant a little
bit and then we’re goin’ over there to eat for our mini-reception. – Aw. – [Jack] No, read the engraving. – Yours always, 6/12/17. – [Jack] Do you like that? – It’s so I’ll never
forget our anniversary. – Well, I hope not. This is beautiful. Lauren, you did such a good job! Look at the decorations. And then we’ve got Just Married. Like the rings. We’ve got our own special seats. They didn’t put glitter
on yours to spare you. – [Janiece] They should have put glitter. You have to be glitter-fied. – [Jack] So, we’ve got Judd, Paul, Noble, which is Judd’s cousin,
Chip, Judd’s dad, obviously. My mom, my tia, Marie,
cousin Daniel and Judd’s mom, my dad, Lauren, Judd’s
sister and my sister. Hello? – Yay. – Janiece, my maid of honor, obviously, I’ll know this and me! And Judd. – [Paul] No, no, no, no, it looks weird. Yeah, that’s how it goes. – Oh, look at these balloons. (chattering) – [Paul] Oh, yeah, yeah,
yeah, the Js are, yeah. Cool. – [Jack] So, it started pouring rain, we made it here just in time, took photos just in time and they say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day, so, that’s pretty good. That’s what I’ve heard. – May there be many more years. – [Jack] Thank you. – [All] Here here! Cheers! (mellow uptempo music) – So, I’m feeling kind
of nauseous, but I want to be able to enjoy my wedding dinner, so I’m gonna pre-medicate with a little bit of IV Zofran through my port. (chattering) Hopefully that will let me eat a good amount of my dinner instead of not being able to eat too much. We’ve got some delicious good here. Rosemary tortellini. – Well, Judd thinks this is all about trial and error, it’s not. Jack is purely– – [Judd] It’s about the citizenship. (chuckles) – Well, it’s not about citizenship. – [Judd] USA! USA! – [Jack] Can you shut up and let her talk? – [Judd] Yes. (chuckling) – I met Jackie through high school and I loved her at first sight. – [Jack] Woman, please. She hated me. (laughing) – I hated Judd at first sight, too, and I finally got to know him, and liked him maybe a year ago. (mumbling) – [Judd] Now, that’s almost pretty true. – [Jack] Sounds about right. – [Judd] She hated the
fact I was at her wedding. – Well, Jackie was my maid of honor and now I’m her maid of
honor and I love you. – [Jack] I love you, too. – I made you look fabulous
in your wedding dress. – [Jack] She did my eye
makeup, so, that’s good. – [Paul] Beautiful! – And I think you look
gorgeous and fabulous and I love you and I’m
happy you’re married and I have to say this. You said I was crazy at
getting married at 23, and Paul was crazy at
getting married at 23. How old are you now? How old are you now? – [Jack] 21. – How old are you, Judd? – [Judd] 22. – 22? Thought you were 23, oh, anyway, you’re still young, you’re still young, so I’m happy you guys are married. – [Judd] That’s what combat
deployment does to you. Come back more than three years older. – I’m happy you guys are married and hope it lasts forever
and ever which it will. – [Jack] Paul, keep it PG-13. – [Jack’s Mom] Keep it clean. – PG-13, what’s the fun in that? – [Judd] R, keep it R. – Okay. Well, as most of you
know, Judd was best man at my wedding and I’m– – [Woman] Aw! – Wouldn’t have had it any other way and I’m honored to be
his best man as well. – [Woman] Aw! – Best friends growing
up for many, many years. Love him for the last few. (chuckling) But I wish you guys the
best and we’re always here. Love you. – [Judd] Love you, too, buddy. (clapping) – Judd, you’re the most
selfless and the most giving person and the
most society conscious person I’ve met in years. – [Judd] I try. – And look at the bonus we get. Jacquelyn gets a husband,
gets a mother-in-law and a super sister-in-law, and the boy at the end of the table, too. (chuckling) Judd, you got a mother-in-law. – [Judd] I know, don’t remind me. – Don’t let her drive your truck. (laughing) Don’t let her drive your truck. (chattering) – I’ve married Judd off to several of my Barbie dolls. You, by far, are the most personable. (laughing) And the best sister I could
ever wish for, and I’m glad that you have survived
six years with my brother. He barely survived six years with me. (laughing) – [Judd] That’s true. There’s a lot of confessions. – I’m laughing, but it’s very true, and I’m very happy to have a wonderful new family now, with
Jeffrey and new humans. – [Jack’s Mom] Yeah, we’re
all gonna come to visit you. – [Jack] You get, you get all of us, so… – [Jack’s Mom] Let’s go
pick out a house, see… – [Judd] All loud Hispanics
come to your house. – That’s fine, same goes for everybody. (laughing) But, congratulations on choosing this day and may (mumbles) this day and I hope that you have
a long lasting marriage. – [Judd] There you go. – [Jack] Thank you. (cheering) – I’ve known Jaquie since (mumbling). – [Jack] Since I was born, duh. – I wasn’t there, though, and I know, I know her pretty well. I know that Judd is a perfect match and I’m happy that she was lucky enough to find such a great (mumbles). And I’m happy for you, Jaquie. I’m also happy that I could be here– – [Jack] And not dead? – And not dead. – [Jack] After your
car accident yesterday? – Yes, (mumbling). – [Jack] True. – So, yeah. – [Judd] Or that’s the way it rides, or– – Yeah. – [Judd] Just take your pick. (laughing) – So, first I wanna thank you all for giving me this (mumbling). For your health. – [Jack] What health? It’s all good. (chuckling)
(cheering) Thank you, Danny. – Alright, I owe you a hundred bucks. You got married before I did. (chuckling) I don’t know what happened. Just wanna say congratulations to you both and uh, I really love you both very much and always remember that and uh, I wish you guys the best and (mumbling) cheers. – [Janiece] Cheers! – [Jack] Thank you. (chattering) – [Janiece] Kiss. (chuckling) Cut the cake. Looks really good. – I do not trust you with a knife, so let me put the hands to that one. (chuckling) – That’s pretty good. – [Paul] (mumbles) sorta my big one. – Hey, Judd, hey Judd. (chuckling) No, I have makeup on! – Alright, alright. – [Paul] Warpaint. – Oh my God. Ah! – There we go. (chuckling) – Get some silverware (mumbling). (chattering) (smooches) – [Jack] Okay, and it was so nice. I love you. – Bye, Jaquie, I love you. – [Jack] Thank you for coming, drive safe. – Okay. – [Jack] Bye, Danny, love you. – Bye. – Alright, bye everyone. That was a lot of fun. Did you enjoy that, babe? – It was a lot of fun. – It was nice to have our
friends and family there. Janiece, did you survive? I’m feeling pretty worn out and dead, so I can’t imagine– – Having a lot of digestion issues. – So, yeah, time to go home. We’ve got a lot of people following us back to our place so, the party continues. – [Janiece] Party at your house. – ‘Cept I’m changing into
PJ’s as soon as we get home. Love you. Thank you so much for coming. – Okay, baby, I love you too. I’ll call you tomorrow, okay? – Okay. – [Janiece] Bye, Mom. – Bye (chuckles) bye. – [Janiece] She said I was her daughter so now I’m calling her Mom. – PJ’s on, makeup’s about to come off. I am exhausted and my feeding tube’s hurting me a lot, so– – [Janiece] We’re takin’
off her second face. – Our second face? – [Janiece] I got my PJ’s on, too. Yes, it’s gotten real. – Hair thing’s going on. That means it’s getting
serious, wait for it. – [Janiece] Oh, snatch. – Shh. – [Janiece] Oh my gosh. (chuckling) – [Judd] Pooches. Pooches. – [Jack] We’re all in comfy clothes, now, the way to do it. I love y’all. Goodnight. Thank you for making this day amazing. – We had too many red popsicles. – Goodnight. – Yes, Janiece and I
had too many popsicles. Those things are amazing. (mumbling) Yeah, right. Alright, love y’all, goodnight. – [Both] Goodnight. – Come on, Harlow, let’s go to bed. We’re newlyweds. (smooches) – And we’re tired. – Yeah. We had a busy day. This is my kind of wedding, though. Quick ceremony, but
meaningful with our closest friends and family, a nice
dinner and home by 8:30. Perfect, and we chilled with some
more friends and family and now we’re going to bed
at our usual time of 9:30. (chuckles) So, we were just really
thankful we were able to share this day with y’all. Thank you for joining us on one of, like, the biggest adventures of our life and not only are the
vlogs great for sharing our journey with chronic illness and just our life in
general but, this video is gonna be something we can cherish and look back on for years to come, so– – Mmm hmmm. – I love you so much. – I love you, too. – This is great. – I love sleep more. – Yes, we’re both exhausted but, again, thanks for joining us on
this grand adventure of ours. We’re so happy to be married. I love you. Goodnight. (mellow upbeat music)

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