💨 Spirometry Test for Asthma: Surprising Results! 😮 (8/22/18)

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– All of it, all of it, all
of it, all of it, all of it. Good job. – [Man] Her lips turned blue. – Okay, so it was a little harder than I thought it would be. Whoa, those results are
just like shocking to me and even my doctor, but. (upbeat music) Hey y’all, good morning. Harlow’s just decided to sit here. Okay, now she’s standing. Lay down. Very good. Okay, so this morning I’m off to my allergist, immunologist for a PFT, pulmonary function test. We’re gonna check out my lungs with some breathing
exercises and we’re gonna see how my asthma is doing
because since I’ve been on Xolair injections for my mast cell it’s actually been helping my asthma. Since my last shot, my third one, I actually haven’t needed
my maintenance inhaler, which is an inhaler I would take everyday to keep a control on my asthma. I have something called
cough variant asthma and you can learn more about it here. I actually don’t really wheeze. I cough more and have like
really horrible coughing fits from asthma attacks. But anyways, things have been improving and we’re excited to see on the spirometry just how much improvement there has been. Right Hippo? So let’s go do that. – Blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow. Suck it all in. All of it, all of it, all
of it, all of it, all of it. Good job. – [Man] Her lips turned blue. – I’m fine. Okay, this is already going a lot better than my last one.
– Oh good. – [Judd] What (mumbles). – I’m good. – Now, we’re just gonna
sit here for a minute. There’s no (mumbles). We can take it slow. You’re gonna feel sort of like running the Boston Marathon.
– You’re gonna look like it. – The equivalent of my married life. – [Judd] Your lips
turned blue on that one. – Bust it, hit it hard,
push, push, push, push, push. Keep going, keep going,
keep going, keep going, keep going, keep goin,
keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. Blow, blow, blow, blow, suck it all in. All of it, all of it. We missed it. You try this one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Breathe normal. – Okay, so this is a little harder than I thought it would be. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a pulmonary function test for my asthma. The very first time I did it, prediagnosis I couldn’t even finish the test. They had to give me a nebulizer. So it’s already going
much better than that and we’re really testing, you know, we wanna see how I’m doing post Xolair. I’m doing better. Since my last shot, the third one, I haven’t needed my daily
maintenance inhaler, which is awesome. But it’s still kind of a challenge. Judd’s laughing, cheering me on. So I do the first part with no assistance. She won’t make me do
more than eight tries. I think I used all eight,
but we needed three matches according to the machine. And then I did four puffs of
the Ventolin Rescue Inhaler, we wait 15 minutes and then we repeat to see if there’s improvement. And Hippo’s being a very good girl. – Blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going,
keep going, keep going, keep going, you’re almost there, almost there, almost there. Suck it all in. All of it, all of it,
all of it, all of it. Okay. – Y’all, I hold in my hand the results of a normal spirometry test. This is the best I’ve ever done. Oh my goodness. I mean, it was exhausting and my chest does feel a little bit
tight and I’m worn out, but I’m thankful. That’s the Xolair. It’s crazy. We stared it for my mast cell
but we’re seeing benefits in other areas. I don’t have to take my
maintenance inhaler anymore and obviously I’m keeping
my rescue just in case for like over exertion
or if cigarette smoke happens to get me, but I’m
not even that sensitive to my trigger anymore. It’s awesome, right babe? – What? – Oh my gosh, he’s hungry. We’re going to breakfast. But so happy. And then next week I go
back for my Xolair shot and we’ll get even more info. We’ve got more stuff to talk about allergy, immunology wise. Oh, is his shoulder better? – What? It’s higher up so she
doesn’t have to strain her neck as much. – I guess it’s a better height for her. – [Judd] And there’s
better pets over here. – Okay, whatever. – [Judd] She knows those pets. – It’s a good day. I’m thankful. Come here, come back. Come back to me. – [Judd] She just like
strained her neck so far. – No, she loves it. Her tail’s wagging.
– Hippo. – Whoa y’all that was a great appointment. I did honestly expect improvement, but whoa, those results are
just like shocking to me and even my doctor, but
we’re happy about it. I’m so thankful. I was just saying the other day that while I may still be struggling and not doing as well as I would like in some areas of my health, I have made obvious
improvements in other areas. It’s not all going to be
how I’d like it to be, but I’m focusing on the positives and I’m so thankful my
asthma has improved. Now, just because I
have a normal spirometry doesn’t mean my asthma is gone. I still have it, it’s just
improved to that extent and it’s really because of the Xolair, ’cause like I said we’re using it mainly for my mast cell but it has been known to, like one of the main treatments
that Xolair is used for is really severe persistent asthma and my asthma wasn’t considered
severe and persistent to begin with, so it makes sense that it’s aiding with my asthma and I don’t have to use
my maintenance inhaler. Now, I’m gonna hold on to it in case I get like a respiratory infection, I may need it for a short period of time, but it’s really just my rescue that I need for just in case moments. But my triggers I haven’t
been as sensitive to like cigar and cigarette smoke, humidity. I can go up the stairs and I’m not winded as often as I was and I’m
really, really thankful. It’s really funny though because I thought I was doing horribly with the test because the first round
before the inhaler, I was coughing and hacking. I couldn’t breathe out as
long as she wanted me to. I had to do all eight of the trials because I think I mentioned that the max she would make me try and do is eight, but I guess, you know, I did well. I asked the nurse should
I stand up to do this, would it make it better? And she said that honestly
I could sit or stand and I was like, you know,
if I stand for too long I’m gonna get dizzy and then I could fall, so sitting is safer. I’m just gonna stay seated
and I gave it my best and the results turned out well. Now my immune system, my immunodeficiency it’s another story and we’re
gonna talk more in depth about that next week. I know she has some
testing she wants me to do, but that’s for next week. I know my immune system
isn’t doing as well as we would like it to and we
may need to intervene more, but that’s for next week. Today was a win for my asthma and that is what I’m focusing on. You know, when it comes
to chronic illness, you can do everything right
and things can still go wrong because a lot of things
about living in a body that doesn’t function the
way it should are unfair. Everyday you face battles. You’re gonna win some,
you’re gonna lose some. But that is why I think it is so important to focus on the successes, on the wins. You know, little victories
are worth celebrating no matter how small they may seem. Now to me personally,
today with my asthma, this is a big victory to me and I’m elated about it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t focus on the small stuff as well. So if y’all have any
successes or victories you’d like to share, please
put ’em in the comments. I would love to lift each other up and help each other
celebrate our successes. Again, no matter how small. Maybe it was just getting out of bed or if you’re still stuck in bed, maybe it’s just connecting with the world by coming onto YouTube. Whatever it may be. You know, the victories
aren’t always huge, but even the little ones are worth while. So, I’m just so smiley
today because of that. So grateful. And with that I’ll say goodbye and thanks for joining
us on our adventure. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “💨 Spirometry Test for Asthma: Surprising Results! 😮 (8/22/18)

  1. I think your going find many more good reports of good health since starting the CBD oil….it has many healing components….

  2. Jaquie I’m so happy that things are looking up for you with your asthma. I also have asthma. It was very severe when I was a small child, but my symptoms have been almost non existent in my 20s. I still have my inhaler to use when I get sick or my allergies are severe (my asthma is allergy induced), and have used it occasionally over the years.

    I have always used a spacer with my inhaler, and I was curious if there was a reason why you don’t use one. I’ve always been told to use one because it ensures that I get the full dosage of medication, and it helps prevent thrush. If you doctor hasn’t mentioned it, you may want to ask them about it. Of course you and your doctor know what’s best for you, so please don’t take this as me telling you what you should be doing.

    Also, great job with those PFTs! Those things are the worst! It’s so great when your numbers look good, and you definitely deserve this good news!

  3. I am so happy for you.You are such a positive and sweet person.Having chronic illness myself,it is so comforting to watch your channel.

  4. Yeyyy! So happy for you. Today I was able to go to work for 1.5 hours a huge success after struggling to even get out of bed for months!

  5. your videos always help me go through a bad day and give me a shot of positivity and cheer me up <3 thank you for being you and doing what you do cause just as much as your community support you, you do the same for us, i'm sure a lot of your subs agree 🙂 keep moving forward <3

  6. I’m going back to school and I’m also celebrating the fact that I got a guide dog named Willis he’s the best and he’s have been helping me going back to school animals of 40 years old going back to school so as a big too big victories definitely win-win for you as well I’m so happy that you don’t have any asthma well I guess you’re still struggling? But I’m so happy for you jaquie u

  7. I was able to go out today and did a 2 hour walk around my town! Normally this kills my legs and spine after 10-20 minutes, but for some reason, today was just not like that, even if I regret it tomorrow, I’m proud of this! I also said yes to a job interview and it’s on Monday, normally doing interviews would make me anxious to the point I wouldn’t leave my house, and although of course I’m still extremely anxious, I’m still proud I said yes!

  8. Hi, Jaquie! I’m a long time lurker on your channel, and I loved the idea of lifting each other up so, here’s mine… I have gone back to school! I started online biology 101 yesterday, and I feel like I can really take it on. It’s been actually enjoyable to read through and take pretests. I’m not even using DSS this time, I don’t think I’ll need it for online courses. Wish me luck, and keep being awesome, all of you!

  9. Praise the LORD! YAY!!! I'm so happy for you, Jaquie! That was incredible! I pray that other successes will follow, and I'm looking forward to celebrating those with you as well 🙂

  10. I do my PFTS at a childrens clinic ,so there's a monitor in front of the PFT thing ( I don't know what it is called 🙈) that shows candles . The stronger you blow the more candles blow out 😀 . Even though I am 18 I still think it's so cool !

  11. My overall health is really improving at the moment . I am currently working a physical summer job AND I am going there by bike . I am exhausted afterwards ,but I am so proud that I am able to do it 💪

  12. My success today was that the special needs student im working with sat at circle and had snack with the rest of the class!

  13. Big victory for me today, my blood sugar when I woke up this morning was 6.4 (115mg/dl). Recently I've been waking up with levels around 9.5 (171), but I think having an early dinner really helped! I'm a type 1 diabetic, and I loved your video with how you store all your medical supplies. I've bought a container that stores my spare infusion sites and insulin reservoirs, and can easily take that with me while travelling. Keep aiming for the little and big victories!

  14. Dear Chronically Jaquie
    Hello my name is Nikki and I’m Chronically sick myself I was diagnosed with asthma Gastropersis and Fibromyalgia after almost 20 years and I was wondering what or how can I maintain an appetite there are many weeks I can go without food I struggle everyday with no energy poor appetite and just feeling sick 24/7 any advice

  15. Hey! How do you get your inhalers to not mess with your heart? Mine make me SUPER shaky and super high heart rate. How does it effect you?

  16. Hey Jaquie congrats 🎉🎊🎈 on your success with the PFT🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  17. My brother used have ama relley bad but now he doesn't have his inhayler he cat be around animals I can throw 👧

  18. This is the first week in 4 years without my daughter having home therapies. It is so relaxing and mind blowing! She had 14 sessions each week so it's really so much time that has been freed up.

  19. Hi Jaquie, that's great results! So happy for you. I have cEDS POTS and Mast Cell too so I love your videos, they've been so helpful and encouraging.
    Do you know if xolair would help chronic hives from MCAS? Is it good for reducing IgE mediated allergies with food?

  20. I won the 5 month battle to get set to an infusion center for IV saline. Then I’ve been dealing with stomach bug or MCAS flare that’s kinda undoing any benefit from the saline. But I’ve survived long enough for doctor week which kicks off tomorrow with a new doctor visit. Then a follow up with my specialist, a new allergy doctor and a cardiologist follow up next week. I’m also a bit surprised by how easy it was to schedule an appointment with the geneticist (could’ve seen him next Thursday).

  21. Jaquie I am so happy for your great day and victory!! Stay blessed your such a sweet soul❤️❤️❤️ rooting for you!!

  22. Phew….. Stars, stars, stars,. Haha.
    Surelt I am not the only one who followed the nurses instructions!??
    Blow, blow, blow, suck, suck

  23. Yay I’m so happy your Asthma is getting so much better that’s such a big excitement 🤩!!! Today I managed to go outside for a bit with my reverse walker ; certainly was a beautiful day 🌷🦓💜!!!

  24. Today was the first day in a VERY long time that I didnt have really bad pain at work. It was only and little bit and I was able to complete my shift withought being in pain to the point of feeling like crying. I'm trying new methods to help with pain and I found one that works. 🙂

  25. I literally just got out of bed. I was supposed to go to school but when I woke up, my body just told me to sleep more. I don’t have a favor but my colds suck and it’ll trigger my asthma 🙁

  26. I'm so glad you're doing well!!!

    I am happy because my physical therapist thinks that my pelvic pain that is somewhat random could be connected to some issues with my upper abdominal muscles, which we just found out about this problem 2wks ago. Apparently the muscles around my stomach don't move or at least not the way they are supposed to. I was thrilled to find a way to treat this & the treatment seems to be working some.

  27. I’m so happy that you are having such good results.
    I love Xolair! This summer I have been able to get back to my normal active life style again well until our Az monsoon storms caught me outside and caused a flare up 2 weeks ago.

    I am going through a flare up right now, but it is nothing compared to the way it was last year.
    I have been off work for the past 2weeks because of it, but I feel like I’m getting stronger and hope to be back to work again soon.
    Right now talking carrying an ongoing conversation and laughing as I normally do wears me out and I end up taking a nap after. It happened today. My home nurse came to give me my Xolair shot and we talked and laughed and by time our visit was done I was wore out. I just let my body have what it needed and rested.
    I woke up and tried to do some house keeping, but like you have been, I’m limited right now due to the flair up. I vacuumed my office, hallway and our living room. It took me quite a while to do and several breaks and another nap, but I got it done!
    Last year that would have been a no go. One room would have been all day and the breaks.

    Keep on keeping on!

  28. I have cough variant asthma as well but my spirometry tests are always normal and always have been. I heard that can be common with CVA? But it makes everything pretty frustrating for trying to treat it and try to figure out what's working. My asthma has been awful lately because the west coast of America is on fire, though.

  29. Oh my word these tests are the death of me XD I have such a hard time with them :'D I'm glad you had such a good result in these tests though, that's AMAZING!!!

  30. I have exercise, laugher, and environmental irritants (cleaning products, cigarettes, fragrances, deodorants! Even food allergies…..or pollen allergies) induced asthma. I cough….it’s a hacking cough that if if goes on long enough I get this weird metallic taste in my mouth. They just had to give me a spacer because my rescue inhaler started to make me cough and choke violently…..I guess from the powder hitting my throat.

  31. this one is my friends. She has severe non epileptic seizures. They are still looking for the cause and trying to control them and can have multiple a day. Since they started getting bad she has had one day without them and that day is a victory and celebration. Even more so since it was the day she could desperately do without them.

  32. My victory is a diagnosis finally figuring out why I am exhausted all the time and so out of it. It's hard dealing with new things that keep happening because of one diagnosis of a hormone disorder and finding out more and more things that it's doing to my body. But now that we know about this one we can take steps to get me back to how I was when I was working the nursing floor. Fingers crossed I get to go back to work after three years!!

  33. Hi Jaquie, Happy Friday! For me, I find PFT's a challenge. I'm glad your PFT's were normal. You are always inspirational. 🙂

  34. I can tell in your clips by how much you move your lips, as to how you are going. I can see that you are excited and doing better

  35. My last labs show my liver counts almost normal after them staying stable at high numbers since 2015 when I spent 18 days in Oct that year due to going septic. Out of three test well over all my normal test really all were normal but one but it was only7 points from normal!!! I've even went longer then normal with out any infections or needing my inhaler. I found out last year the coughing fits I'd been having that keep leading to bronchitis was actually couch varent asthma. I began being more proactive in finding the causes of all my symptoms then just treating them as they came. I'm doing better then I was now that we have my migraines and triggers sorted out. My meds sorted out where I'm taking less of the meds that were not effective and more effective meds because the doctors that I now see changed most of what my PCP had proscribed to ones that would better treat my health problems.

  36. I'm also on xolair it is the bomb I've been on them for three years I hardly use my breathing machine or inhaler I wished you the best with it

  37. 😲 Jaquie I think I spotted you and Harlow in a video on The Pet Collectives Facebook page. It was entitled, appropriately, “Lil Heroes”. I would love to know for sure if that was you. As always wishing you the best and sending much ♥️

  38. Here where I live in Roanoke Rapids they all ask for paperwork we tell them there's no such thing but they don't believe us so we had to lie to get a place to live.

  39. I don't think I could pass that test as I watch you and others do it and see how long you have to breathe out or breathe in I say No way, and I don't even have any breathing problems.

  40. Good job Jaquie! It's wonderful to see you so happy. Learning to celebrate little victories seems to be the theme today. I've been learning that and the Frey Life talked about it too. Let's do it ✌

  41. I get lung function testing done once a month to keep an eye on my lung function numbers sense one of my 9 chronic illnesses is emphysema the lung function test is hard to do you are right about that

  42. Yay! This is great that your PFT results are improving. This is one of the tests that I dread because it takes me awhile to feel like I can catch my breath afterwards. Thank God for your improvement, I’m so happy for you! Keep showing the world that you are a warrior and survivor. GREAT JOB JAQUIE!!! 🤗

  43. You’re amazing Jaquie! You’re right…it’s important to focus on the victories as well. I would say my victory has been with my gastroparesis. I had a pyloroplasty a year ago and am doing so much better. I still have flareups and still have a G tube for venting, and every 3 months my doc does Botox in the area of my stomach where the food is always found to be retained during my endoscopies, but I’m at the point where I’m going back to work per Diem and I’m excited about life again. Most of my other conditions, minus my endometriosis, are under decent control too, but we’re working on the endo. Onwards and upwards!!

  44. I auditioned to sing in a Karaoke contest at the New Mexico State fair. I haven't preformed in all least six year, since my health started going down hill. The audition was almost three hours away EDS and long car rides not friends and everything that could go wrong getting there did but I had the entire crowd clapping and singing along. I made it through the audition and will be singing at the 80th Annual New Mexico State fair in the third largest Karaoke contest in the US.

  45. Congrats on your victory with your test!

    I'm trying to get back on the Migraine Miracle diet because it's helped in the past. I'm struggling but am trying to cut things out slowly and have had some small successes with days I've not given in and drank a soda. Like you say 'Keep moving forward'.

  46. CBD oil basically cured my depression and anxiety and because of that I started excercising more, which improved both my overall mental and physical health. The difference between when I take the oil and when I don't is like night and day, without I'm always tired, unmotivated and anxious and when I take it I can live life to the fullest. I'm so angry that I waited this long to try it because of all the negative connotations cannabis has. It's the only effective treatment I've experienced so far.

  47. hey i don’t know if you can do anything about this but i wanted to let you that before the video i got an ad for United Service Dog which claims to register your dog as a service/emotional support dog. shame that services like that exist and just cause more trouble for people like you. :/

  48. I finally went to see an Endodontic to get started on some oral surgery procedures I really need done. I am terrified of dentists and I walk all over my pain tolerance (as I like to say it, aka I have zero pain tolerance).

  49. Last year I had to take the test, found out I did have asthma now I wonder how long I've had this because I was 23 when I found out… My parents keep telling me I don't have asthma even with my test results

  50. I remember during hurricane Harvey we had flooded pretty bad (5ft of water) and one of my mom,s friends said, “when life gives u lemons, make lemonade!” This was my mom’s response: “If you say that 1 more time I will grab those damn lemons and throw them at you!” He eventually called and apologized for what he said.

    I had never laughed so hard about stupid hurricane comments!! 😂

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