💪 Consequences After Stopping Steroids – Positives & Negatives – by Dr Sam Robbins

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everybody it’s dr. Sam Robbins now I get a lot of questions about steroids and it’s a topic that I’ve tried not to talk about but I’ve noticed there’s so much misinformation about this so I figured that it’s about time I start helping some guys out and one of the biggest ones is the questions is what are the consequences after stopping steroid usage basically what happens short and long term right the good and the bad were the positives and negatives and to begin with you know why should even listen to me right well my doctor degrees in pharmacology and also endocrinology now pharmacology which is study of drugs and I’ve also taken a big step deeper with a study of nutraceuticals being herbs and plant extracts which incidentally over 50% of drugs have been based on natural substances found in nature and also endocrinology which is the study of hormones so this makes me a bit of an expert about this topic however more importantly I also have many years of real life just clinical experience dealing with just professional athletes and bodybuilders where I had to basically redo their entire drug protocols so they can be safer healthier and actually getting more results all right so with that said let’s just start first with the positive effects now as huh as far as the positive effects for healthy men taking steroids with us not people who are sick or ails such as people have AIDS or other wasting diseases the only real positive effects for doing a cycle of steroids is that it will actually help you surpass your natural genetics or more importantly or more accurately I should say it’ll help you get to your limit that natural limit much faster and thus after cycle you’ll actually be able to keep some of that newly grown you know quote-unquote steroid induced muscle growth for example I’m just gonna use some round numbers let’s say you gain 20 pounds of muscle on a 12-week cycle you’ll actually end up losing let’s say about 12 pounds and keep about 8 pounds of muscle or weight this is new muscle that would have taken you years to gain naturally but you fast forward the result and grid all in three months however this is assuming that you do everything correctly both during and more importantly after your cycle which is another topic for a different day this is the only real benefit in my opinion so let’s now move on to the negative side effects first I’ll discuss a lot of the short-term negative side effects that will basically come and go so it’s not really you know horrible acne is one of them basically zits now some people get them and some people won’t and it all depends on your genetics your diet your hygiene and the type of steroids you take now these will go away after cycle that the the acne however if you pick at them right they can actually leave acne scars and that’s the only real permanent negative effect in my opinion then we have liver stress your liver will be under extra stress with steroids all right even with the injectables but mainly the orals again after cycle your liver enzymes will go back to normal next one is fatigue now many steroids will initially give you more energy but over time they can decrease your energy levels make you just tired especially the orals then we have high cholesterol almost all steroids will cause negative effects on your lipid levels orals are the worse but so are most injectables that don’t convert to estrogen estrogen actually helps yes your cholesterol levels needless to say your lipid and cholesterol levels will go back to normal after the cycle and unless you’re gonna be doing steroids for many years you know ongoing your body will heal itself just make sure you eat healthy foods on your cycle and preferably take some herbs to help mitigate the negative effects of your lipid levels during your cycle next we have high blood pressure like cholesterol this will go back to normal after your cycle however if it’s elevated too much for too long you might actually get a stroke and this does happen and it can also cause renal and kidney problems the high blood pressure which can result in kidney failure and dialysis and this this happened plenty of times so keep an eye on your blood pressure you have to understand both high cholesterol and blood pressure you know make sure you also take natural and supplements during and after your cycle to control both of these problems make sure your diet is good as well and I’ll give you links for natural solutions out fix these three problems after you watch this video below in the description here alright so now let’s move on to more long-term permanent side effects which I think are the real problems the first is hair loss now this is a real problem that nobody wants alright however this is caused by genetics and also the type of sterile G tape needless to say even people with the best genetics will lose hair when you take high doses of steroids especially certain ones for long periods of time and I’ll have a link about about this in another video that I’ve done about hair loss in that you can actually watch on YouTube and I’ll have a link to that below this video in the description area as well next is testicular shrinkage and no steroids don’t make your your your penis shrink but they do make your testicles shrink in fact all steroids will cause this now there are ways around this but it’s just too complicated for me again in this video and your testicles will grow back after your cycle however for what it’s worth they will never be as big as they or previous to you ever taking steroids now we have infertility now did you know that that the male birth control a right is steroids specifically testosterone also nandrolone based steroids and this is because exogenously estas terone you know from the outside actually causes your testicles to shrink which I mentioned above because they’re no longer gonna be producing any testosterone internally and thus this also stops producing sperm now some guys can actually get a woman pregnant during a cycle but generally this is not the usual norm however the real problem is that this infertility actually continues even post cycle for many men and the longer you’re on steroids the worse the situation is and yes there are ways around this but again too much too complicated for this one video then we have loss of libido and sex drive speaking of which alright the of two situations you know the infertility in the testicular shrinkage also cause loss of libido in most guys now all steroids will decrease your sex drive except for just pure testosterone all right even with testosterone too much or too little will also decrease your libido due to conversions to other hormones more specifically estrogens and this is a major issue because this will negatively affect your relationships and this also continues post cycle for most guys and then finally we have mood now I want you to listen carefully alright I believe that the biggest problem with all of these is the changes in your mood and your mindset listen certain steroids will make you just down and gloomy and depressed alright even though you look and feel I mean you look and perform well mentally they’re not good in certain steroids will actually make you more aggressive and angry and short-tempered both of these being bad for your relationships however the real problem is that these powerful hormones are very addictive all right both physically and emotionally so it’s just very hard to get off of steroids and stay off and I believe this is the biggest problem so in closing just remember that anything that will turn off your natural hormones specifically testosterone will cause lots of negative side effects both short and especially long term genetics always plays a big part in all this as does the type of steroids alright the dosage and the duration anyway you can do whatever you like alright it’s your health I’m just here to give you some suggestions however make sure you do a lot of research and prepare accordingly and please please don’t listen to all that bullshit bro science you read on the message boards and all over the internet all right over well over 95% of it of all that information that you read about is completely wrong and just written by guys who have no idea they’re just repeating and copying and pasting some other idiots information alright now I’ve got some links below this video about certain supplements and things you can do to help you avoid many of these negative side effects I hope they’ll be of some help for you all right so that’s it for today I hope this video gave you a little bit more clarity if it was helpful please subscribe to this channel you know click that Bell icon you’ll be notified of future videos and let me know what questions you have about today what you liked what you want to hear more of just make sure you leave your comments below and as always thanks for listening and have a happy and healthy day

58 thoughts on “💪 Consequences After Stopping Steroids – Positives & Negatives – by Dr Sam Robbins

  1. Fucking SPOT ON!!! First truthful informative video about roids! THANK YOU so damn much!!!!! Finally someone had the balls to discard all the pseudo-science, though i do feel it's necessary to mention all that estrogen will turn into gyno on 33-50% of men if not controlled

  2. Healthy men don't need steroids. Train constantly over the years and you will be fine. The negative side effects are not worth it.

  3. Thanks Dr. Sam, I was this 👌🏿close to start my cycle but after watching this video fuck it I will stay natural forever.

  4. Great video. U should do a video about female steroid usage and consequences, i.e. they could grow a mustache or a beard, deformed clitoris looking like a little penis etc.

  5. He is speaking the truth as I have used steroids myself with proper pct. but about the balls shrinking and all I didn’t experience no shrinking of my balls or mood swings. My cycle was test e tren e and Decca. The thing is some people react differently to the side effects. I experienced acne on the back but they went after my cycle like in 3 months. I reached a lot more then what I normally did. I was 50kgs and I reached up to 85kgs and I’m not talking about fat I’m talking about muscle mass. Anyways guys no need for hated comments. Everyone reacts differently.

  6. This guy is a scam artist. There doesnt exist a Dr. Sam Robbins and his profile picture is stolen from some kind of model.

  7. How about prohormones? Like halodrol. Also i tried Alphaviril you promote it really works great supplement!!!!

  8. super interesting video, provided a lot of insight, I think a couple of my mates are cycling hahahaha

  9. 725 people are not going to recover their original testicle size even i didnt know this would happen

  10. 90%+ of your gains go away when you go off regardless if you recover or not. All the pro’s and pretty much anyone beyond big is either always on or bridging with trt. It’s simple. You CANNOT take something that allows you to achieve new results via strength increase, nitrogen retention, protein synthesis,etc..and keep those results when not taking the substance. That goes for anything pretty much.

    Also you can only do so many cycles before you will be permanently shut down regardless of PCT. Everyone is different as some are permanently shut down after one cycle and some after 30 cycles but eventually EVERYONE will be shut down.

    IMO either go on and stay on/bridge with hrt or don’t do a cycle at all and just stick with something much safer like moderate dose gh/igf/peptides,etc.

  11. Im now having difficulty in erection and decrease sex drive after my post cycle anabolic roids. What should i do? Help please

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