🔴 How to Get Rid of Pink Eye | 3 Must Know Facts About Pink Eye and Conjunctivitis

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so how do you get rid of pink eye? well in
this video I’m gonna share with you three must know facts about pink eye and
conjunctivitis Plus stay tuned toward the end for some
extra bonus tips and ways you can prevent this nasty contagious disease
from spreading let’s take a look hey everyone and
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below in case I forget to mention anything so pink eye is actually a very
common condition that most people have at least one point in their lifetime
usually as a child but even as an adult in fact pinkeye is so contagious it
often spreads through classrooms and workplaces kind of like a brush fire now
the first thing you need to know is that pinkeye actually doesn’t exist in the
medical world we call it a conjunctivitis and that describes
inflammation of the conjunctiva which is the clear membranous tissue that covers
the white part of the eye and the inside of your eyelids during the
conjunctivitis the blood vessels will dilate and become bigger making the eye
appear red and then these blood vessels actually leak fluid which causes the
tissues to swell conjunctivitis can actually cause by many different reasons
including bacterial infections viral infections allergic reactions and many
others some of the most severe cases of conjunctivitis include causes from
gonorrhea chlamydia or the herpes simplex virus now the second thing you
need to know about pink eye are the symptoms because oftentimes just by
symptoms alone we can actually categorize and figure out what type of
pinkeye you might actually have know a bacterial conjunctivitis has some really
classic telltale signs of course the eyes can be red pink you’re gonna have
irritated and kind of that swelling of the eye but you often will have pus that
kind of green mucus coming from the eye in fact you’ll actually get that very
classic pink eye crust that ends up kind of drying out on the eyelid you know the
kind that you wake up and your eyelid is crusted shut and you kind of have to
like clean the eyelid just to even open it yeah that’s probably bacterial now
compare that to the symptoms of a viral conjunctivitis which if you didn’t know
viral conjunctivitis is by far the most common cause
all cases of pink eye and it’s actually caused by the same virus that causes the
common cold if you just learn something smash that like button
but viral conjunctivitis often presents again with that red pink eye that feels a
little swollen like something might be stuck in there but often instead of kind
of that mucous discharge you actually get just watery tearing eyes throughout
the whole day and that’s really frustrating because those tears that are
coming on all day you try to wipe those away and that’s actually one of the most
contagious forms of pinkeye that are out there hence why it’s tends to spread
through school and work so fast however allergic conjunctivitis is often
not just one eye it’s actually usually both eyes and it’s associated with more
that itching burning sensation of the eyes and oftentimes presents with more
things like you know sneezing and coughing and a running nose now vision
is usually not severely effected in cases of pink eye unless it converts to
something called a keratitis and that actually includes inflammation
and possible infection of the cornea which is the clear window surface to the
eye most cases of keratitis usually present during infections from people
who abuse contact lenses or from people who have a nasty type of virus infection
called ekc which stands for epidemic keratoconjunctivitis which is a very
nasty variant form of just a viral infection but thankfully now we actually
have a tool in the clinic that actually lets us test for those specific virulent
strains of viruses that can cause pinkeye and know it kind of looks like a
pregnancy test but really we just take a sample of the tears run it for about ten
minutes and boom there we know if you have that nasty type of virus tip number
three how do you get rid of pinkeye well the reality is that if you have a
pinkeye or maybe one of your family members does it’s actually best to take
them in to see the eye doctor because your eye doctor has both the tools and
the training to appropriately make the right diagnosis and prescribe the
appropriate treatment in cases of bacterial conjunctivitis we often do
prescribe an antibiotic because well it’s a bacterial infection and
antibiotics work great in cases of viral conjunctivitis there’s really not much
we can do prescribing antibiotics doesn’t really help because viruses
don’t respond to antibiotics so really we just treat the symptoms which means
using cold compresses artificial tears they make you more comfortable some
doctors do prescribe steroid eyedrops in these cases however that’s debated in
med because steroids although they help
relieve the symptoms of the eye they actually can prolong the infectious
period of that virus so yeah sometimes it’s not the best idea thankfully there
are some offices that offer an office space treatment or like a betadine wash
to help relieve the symptoms and maybe shorten the infectious period that’s
something that not every clinical work does but yeah you can always look into
that in cases of allergic conjunctivitis we often prescribe antihistamine
eyedrops along with maybe some oral antihistamine medication or maybe some
other type of things like cold compresses as well I have done a whole
other video on allergic conjunctivitis and eyedrops for allergies if you’d like
to check that out I’ll hook that up here in the YouTube card above as well as in
the description below again some types of pinkeye are really nasty like
gonorrhea chlamydia and the herpes simplex virus actually can cause
permanent scarring on the eye and that can lead to permanent vision loss so
please if you’re having some type of pinkeye it’s best not to chance it make
sure you see your eye doctor get the appropriate diagnosis and the best
treatment for you even if it’s just to be safe you only get two eyes so please
take care of them now a few extra bonus tips for you because he stayed toward
the end pinkeye is extremely contagious so please make sure you wash your hands
frequently along with maybe wiping things down that are commonly used
around the house with either bleach or some sorta antibacterial wipes that
means including like doorknobs children’s toys any sort of cupboard
handles I actually make sure I wash the keyboard my cell phone how often have
you cleaned your cell phone I even cleaned my pens after I see a patient
with pinkeye in the clinic also don’t share towels at home make sure you wash
your pillow cases because the seepage from your eye could end up getting on
the pillowcase and that can just spread you know to the other eye and if your
makeup wear make sure that you throw your makeup away because that could be
actually contaminating into your makeup and then you and again just give it to
yourself again and if you’re a contact lens where don’t wear your contacts if
you have any sort of suspected infection or red eye and then once everything is
resolved when you go back to contacts make sure you put in a fresh pair
contacts are known to harbor some of the nastiest bacteria and viruses that cause
high infections so eye health question today when is the last time you had a
pinkeye was a bacterial or viral go ahead and comment in the section below
I’d love to hear from you or other one thanks
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55 thoughts on “🔴 How to Get Rid of Pink Eye | 3 Must Know Facts About Pink Eye and Conjunctivitis

  1. Thank you! I had this for a week and a half, it has been quite a journey, but at least I can know this may never bother me again because of your hard work!

  2. Pink eye is the worst! Last time i had pink eye i could barely open my eye! My sister lost some of her vision after she had a really bad case of IT.

  3. 1. Never touch hands to face or head unless you've washed with soap or natural sanitary product. 2. Never touch hands to face, eyes, ears or 40 pound tumor…

  4. Stupid question but how is an eye supposed to look like? Like, is if supposed to be all white? If we have a few of those veins thingy is that alright? Most of everyone I know don't have perfect white eyes. (I've had conjunctivitis for a long time and just recently recovered from it. But the vein like thingy is there but not like how it used to be. )

  5. About seven years ago I got a sore right eye three years in a row. The first two times my doctor was treating it with steroids but the third year I explained to him it felt like dry eye with sand under the bottom eye lid. There was no inflammation and he prescribed artificial tears. When he gave me steroids it didn't really help but the artificial tears cleared it up real fast. I haven't had the sore red eyes since then though. Just an itch by my tear duct by my nose in the summer months.

    I don't think it was conjunctivitis. It was probably just dry eye or hay fever. But i at be wrong about that. I say it may be hay fever because in the summer months or high pollen days I get an itch in my eyes just by my nose and a bad headache to go with it.

  6. Thank u for ur info. It's really informative for preventing from infections. I usually bring wet tissues with me so that i can clean my handsand places any time. 😄 also I put eyedrops often in a day. I love ur comment ' only get two eyes, please take care'. Thanks for ur kind concern for ur audiences 🤗Looking forward to watching another video! 宜しく御願いします。 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

  7. Help me i got double vision from lack of sleep and its on my both upper eyes what should i do and how do i treat it

    my double vision sometimes showing sometimes its not

    plss help me thx

  8. I have a chalazion, and I’ve had it for about 3+ months now and I want it gone before I go back to school (2 weeks) do you recommend the warm compress for 2 weeks straight or get it drained by a doctor and let it recover for a week or so? Or let me know what is should do

  9. Great vids! You deserve more subs. 😄 I recommend you google smzeus. It’s a great tool to have when your trying to grow your social media or promote your videos.

  10. I had 5 or 6 doctors mistake hlab27 auto immune iritis as viral pink eye. Including 2 in the week prior to it becoming packed with blinding cells and flare and a full synechiea. They kept asking if I worked at a daycare or school, which in retrospect was really sexist and could have saved me some significant iris pigment scarring.

  11. Turmeric (+5% black pepper) given orally works well for viral and allergic conjunctivitis (4-6g/day for humans and 1g/day for cats). Turmeric has powerful antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

  12. I wear hard contact lenses because of my keratoconus on both eyes. On top of it I barely have any vision left on my right eye because of 5 retina detachments, which I've had on the same eye. I have silicon oil inside of it at the moment. So my left eye, the good eye (though I still need a contact to see well with it), is currently really red, swollen, itchy and in the morning today it was shut completely with crust and had to use my fingers to slowly open the eyelids. I went to the hospital on Friday and the doctor said it's dryness, because of the contact. But I've had abrasions on the eyes because of the contacts before, and in this case it feels like a pink eye to me. According to the doctor it's just extreme dryness, especially since I slept with the contact for 2 days or so. But the artificial tears he gave me aren't doing much. I still don't see improvement since Wednesday, when the issues began. I used warm teabags on my eye today and I feel better. Hopefully this issue goes away soon.

  13. I was diagnosed with ekc (keratoconjunctivitis) yesterday, and the doctor used a solution, a brown looking substance, which burned like hell. I think it's called silver bullet solution? I had to close my eyes and move my eyes different directions while the substance was working on my eyes and burning. Then my eyes were rinsed with water. I have been suffering from this like 2 weeks now. The first week that I saw the doctor he thought it was just dryness since I wear hard contact lenses. I also just have one good functioning eye, since my right eye has been through several retina detachments, so I can only see light and shawdow with this eye. I also need the contact on my left eye in order to see well since I have keratoconus. Now I gotta stay home until this issue clears up.

  14. Hi, I know this is an odd thing to ask, but it's been bothering me: Do you, as a medical professional, think it is safe for parents to use breast milk to treat their child's pink eye? Or even using it for blocked tear ducts? I've seen mommy blogs recommend it, even touting it as a safer alternative to antibiotics. Whenever I say this isn't fully supported by evidence, I'm countered with "it's natural and not harmful!!!!!!"

  15. Really good video. I currenty have a pink eye due to a viral infection and it is the most uncomfortable sensation ever. I do not even use contacts. Thx for this video

  16. I had the most aggressive form of EKC this past summer. It has destroyed my life from what it once was! I had excessive membranes that had to be scraped and peeled. It left me with a peripheral corneal scar that has wreaked my vision because of irregular astigmatism! All this happened despite going to the ER at the start of the infection and being monitored by ophthalmologists! It got so bad that my second ophthalmologist threw in the towel and simply referred me to Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami. I don’t understand to this day how the corneal ulcer grew despite being under the watch of my doctors! And now I don’t know how to get rid of the irregular astigmatism that makes life at night a light horror show! Wouldn’t wish this upon anyone! I hate conjunctivitis! If anyone has info on peripheral corneal scars outside the visual axis at 12 o clock with irregular ocular stray light please help!

  17. I have had it for 2 or 3 days. Will see my Eye Dr. 1hour plus away in the Morning. A few years ago it happened and the prescription he  wrote cleared up the problem in a few days.

  18. Idk why but when you showed yourself with the red eyes I was like… did he give himself pink eye for the video? Damn😂😂

  19. I had 15+ hours flight (had stopover, Rome-Copenhagen-Shanghai,China), and after i returned home, the next day i woke up with pinkeye(left eye), i wonder was it because i had many days not having enough sleep travelling in different cities so my immune system got affected? or coz i had one day stayed in Rome airport for too long, more than 12 hours(two days before last flight), i also caught bit cold before head to plane, in the weekend i used eye drop which i bought, seems not working, then until Monday went to hospital, doctor gave me 3 type eye drops to use, today is offically 3rd day using those eye drops, but seems the swell is even worse than yesterday, i wonder how long it takes to recover? It's my 5th day already(including the weekend), every morning i woke up, pray my eye gets better, i am really worried!

  20. Throw away makeup?? HAHAHA yeah you try getting Kendra to throw 690.00 worth of morphé and mecca cosmetics away, im stayin here

  21. Now that’s why I’m watching this I need help it’s been a week and my doc just gave me steroids and I have school and everyday my eye just gets worse

  22. I have a question… my eyes have been watering for over a week and when I sleep I do have crush but it doesn’t keep my eyes stuck closed. And it’s whitish-yellow. Ive been to the doctor twice and have taken a full cycle of antibiotics. I don’t know what to do…

  23. Right now, pretty sure its virul cause roomate had it first and now i got it, no health coverage so looking into helpfull homeremedies

  24. Hey, I have had pink eye for 6 days now. After watching your video, I suspect it is viral. I had a prescription filled over the phone with my doctor. It was an ofloxacin ophthalmic solution. So far it hasn’t really helped. Do you suggest that I go to an eye doctor?

  25. I think I have a little bit of bacterial, viral,and allergic pinkeye. My eyes were shut in the morning, I have a watery eye and both my eyes have pink eye. I’m out of school for 2 days. I hope I get better soon.

  26. Oh my gosh I just came down with pinkeye less than a week ago and this video is great! I've been using polysporin pinkeye drops but I don't have an eye doctor… would a walk-in be able to refer me?
    Thank you so much for this information, I definitely hit the like button after I learned a new thing! Doctor's orders of course!

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