🔴 The doctor who created Advanced Structured Silver. Smash over 1000 pathogens

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– Hello, I’m Dr. Gordon Pedersen, and I’d like to talk to you
about why I became a doctor, why I have a passion for wellness. It started out when I went
to school about 35 years ago. And at that time, my brother had a diseased
called Crohn’s Disease. The doctors couldn’t get him well. And they said, well you’ve gotta go find some kind of an alternative or he’s going to die well
before he’s 40 years of age. That set our whole family
looking for a cure, looking for a benefit, looking for anything
that could help with this unknown disease called Crohn’s Disease. So I started studying biochemistry and physiology and all
the different worlds that would help me find a
solution for my brother. It took me to a place where
I got a PhD in Immunology. Immunology was studying the body so I could see if I could find a way to turn off my brother’s
overactive immune system that was attacking himself. You see, we were starting
to see other family members have problems as well. So this is my dissertation. This is for my PhD in
Immunology, a study of the immune effects of orally
ingested herbal supplements with moderate/high intensity exercise in mouse and human subjects. I even took it so far as to study what the benefits would be
against viral infections, thinking that my brother’s
infection was a virus. Well, what we found out
from that led me to discover health and wellness principles. So I took my first job and I wrote a book, Seeds of Life, where the
word seeds is a pneumonic. S stands for sleep. E, eat. E, exercise. D, drink sufficient water. S, supplement where you have deficiencies. I thought this principle was essential to life, to wellness. It was like planting a seed. Every single day you did these principles and you would harvest a wellness of life, a benefit to your life. So the Seeds of Life went out, and it helped a lot of people. And I decided to take
that general principle and write another book,
Blueprints for Healthy Living. They’re just blueprints
but now they’re specific to weight loss, to specific
types of work out, to exercise. I also took a job at this time where I was the Vice President of Weider Nutrition
Research and Development. So I got to work with all the Mr. Olympias and I wrote articles in science
form for muscle and fitness. I got to a point where
wellness was being a theme for everybody that was sick, regardless of what medicine they were on. And I put together Wellness 101. Now just to give you an idea
of how long ago I did that, I can show you it’s a cassette tape series so this will tell you how old this is. This is 20 years old. And with this I had the
ability to help educate people on the cardiovascular system,
on the urinary system, on reproductive systems,
and all the benefits that came to people
because they were eating and sleeping and drinking and
planting seed of wellness. My father then got high cholesterol. So I learned everything I could and published it in a book, The Natural Way to Lower Cholesterol. You see, my father didn’t
wanna take the medication that was prescribed for him. So we helped him with his cholesterol by doing research and delivering him some specific abilities. I got married, I had three
children, and wrote a book, 12 Ways Parents Ruin Their Kids’ Health. Well, why did I write that? Because my son got an ear infection and the doctor gave him an antibiotic. Six weeks later, another ear infection, another antibiotic. This kept going on and on and on and it totally ruined
his life and his behavior at the time, until we learned
to bring it under control and plant healthy seeds
of living for children. So that’s what this was about. Then I had the opportunity and misfortune to go to the hospital
where they dropped me off the table and broke my back. I had to recover, I had to rehabilitate, and I learned the principles
of being young again. So I wrote this book, and
I put a protocol together. This program was called Regeneration X. Now Regeneration X was awarded an International Bestseller in 1998. Look at this, not a gold record, but a gold cassette. Once again, aging me. But recognize this is a good thing. I’ve been studying the human body. I’ve been studying my brother’s condition, my father’s condition,
my children’s condition, rehabilitating myself so that I could take the principles of every type of medicine and apply them to you, for you, in educational ways. In fact, Mark Richter Hansen and I were awarded that and he wrote the book Chicken Soup for the Soul and I got to be a coauthor. See I’m on the back here of the book. And this is stories of
health and wellness. You see, I’ve seen so
many miracles in my life. So many people who weren’t
totally getting well with medicine that were getting well with the Seeds of Life that I wanted to publish those stories. In addition to that,
antioxidants became very popular about 12 years ago. And I got to help lead that cause by writing the book Live
Young with Chocolate. Healthy chocolate, that
sounds like an irony but it’s in my life. I have family members with
a lot of inflammation, and instead of eating sugar, we’re now giving them an
option, healthy chocolate. Well it just so happened that many of the women
in my life became ill, sick, they couldn’t get over an illness that may have been a yeast related. And I put together the Silver
Solution for Women’s Health. You see, silver comes from God and it’s an all-natural product. And when utilized for women
in their specific areas it destroys bacteria
and viruses and yeast. No drug can do that. So women that were having
problems in that area for years, we learned that silver
could help benefit them. Then the most precious metal, silver. Now this book talks
about some of the times I went to Africa. And I got to help many,
many people in Africa. And I got to document
the benefits of silver. And, when I went to Africa, found that more than half of the children under five years of age
were dying from malaria. They didn’t even live past age five, more than half of them. So I focused on that and
I focused directly on that until I got enough information and solved the solution in this way. I published it here in
this medical journal, The Indian Practitioner. Silver completely
removes malaria parasites from the blood of human subjects infected with malaria in
an average of five days. So this is my study, this is my passion. Again, from my brother’s problems
to my children’s problems to my problems to my father’s problems to children in Africa, I’ve been focused on helping people use The Seeds of Wellness,
the essence of wellness, all of my life. I’ve even written books that
have now become bestsellers. This book is its fifth edition. Here’s the fourth edition. These books are very valuable
because now we’ve got over 400 different ways to utilize silver. As a gel, as a liquid, as a lozenge, inhaling it coming out of your humidifier. This has been my cause and
this is my teaching practice. And I try to put it in scientific terms. So here’s a compendium,
I don’t know, 500 pages of scientific studies
where, in these studies, we’re finding out the
medical benefits of silver. You see, the medical benefits of silver are starting to become universal. It’s not just an odd thing,
it’s safe, it’s beneficial, and I leave you with this statement. Silver, if you learn about
it, will destroy bacteria, viruses, and yeast in your body, the cause of most diseases. Now with that statement, the key is yours. This is one doctor’s opinion, but I hope that it will change your life as much as it has mine. (upbeat music)

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