😮 What It’s Like To Be In A Coma !!! 😮 ( My Medically Induced Coma Experience )

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Today I want to share something really
personal with you I want to share what it’s like to be in a coma, a
medically induced coma because it really made a huge impact on my life and I
think I need to share the story with you and it might help you as well hi I’m Amanda van Gulik from www.CleverDoughKids.com and today I want to share my story about what it’s like to be in a medically induced coma you see three years ago I got very sick
I ended up getting pneumonia that went into both lungs a double lung pneumonia
and it started me on a journey through to dealing with being in a coma and I
want to share with you but that is like today one of the things that I learned
when going through the medicated coma was that life goes on without me it may
not sound like it’s a great thing but life goes on without us and one of them
really cool After Effects but I didn’t know until I looked months later I
actually earned money while in a coma I mean I literally earned money while I
slept I’ll touch back on that in a little bit but the reason I want to tell
you about that is because if you’re new to my channels here you don’t know
anything about clever dough kids I help entrepreneurs learn success and healthy
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next video comes out today I want to talk to you about being in a coma and
what it was like for myself my family my children everyone around us
so what happened well it was already about three and a half years ago and we
were going through a very stressful time and I was stressed about so many things
I’ve gone through a divorce I’ve moved in with a partner I was letting my
children go to school for the first time after having homes for them for over 12
years and I was dealing with a lot of stress on top of that we were also doing
a musical we were in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which was wonderful except that on
our dress rehearsal I fell through the stage and I hit my chest really hard
against the speaker and then I got sick again I was crazy busy I was crazy
stressed and I wasn’t thinking about it my daughter got sick and I was spending
all my nights helping her cope with with dealing with the cold that she was
dealing with and I was absolutely rundown we went to the hospital after
first going to my doctor and asking for some antibiotics and my doctor was kind
of shocked that I wanted antibiotics because I never won any kind of
medication I love just going all-natural whenever I can try everything but man
it’s the first and then take medicine if necessary but I was begging him
– please give me some antibiotics because I knew something was going on in
my body that I wasn’t able to handle myself
I knew it so he got hurt his stethoscope and he had a lesson and he couldn’t hear
anything and I never thought about it and and he never thought about it but I
didn’t lay down during the examinations and it was when I was laying down that
the fluid would build up when I was sitting up it would run away and so he
didn’t hear the fluid and he didn’t know I had pneumonia and I didn’t know but I
knew something was up and he said I don’t think antibiotics are gonna help
with this it’s just too cool just rest you know vitamin C and I’m like please
give me the antibiotics so he did murder the prescription but all right well try
this well a couple of days went past and I just got worse and worse and I finally
I said to my partner like I’ve got to go to ER I cannot handle this I need help
so she brought me ter and we patiently waited as it always takes a while and I
was struggling but I thought I can do this and we got in there and I was so
completely worn out and I asked if I could be put on the IV I just I felt I
needed help and the doctors looked at me and said
yeah we can do that then rolled me down to the x-rays first just to check my
lungs out standard procedure is to see if you have pneumonia
and it came back positive I had pneumonia in my in my left lung or my
right lung I don’t know my oxygen levels were so depleted then I don’t really
remember her but it was in one of the lungs and they put me on the IV Ida plen
it depleted that bag and I was like I need more they gave me one more bag and
then they sent me home and they said just finish the antibiotics that you’re
on and we’ll see how that goes but it got worse
it got to the point where I could barely move well about two days later I I just
couldn’t I couldn’t cope any longer I’d reached the limit of being able to
survive but I knew I did not have the strength to sit in ER and wait for them
to call my turn I would have just simply collapsed and so my partner called our
national health line to ask for advice and after about half an hour of talking
with her on the phone and understanding what my what I was going through what my
symptoms were how I was feeling she suggested I go to ER and she assured me
I would not have to wait and she was correct we got there they took one look
at me and they just immediately called me into one of the medication of the
examination they rolled me down to the x-ray took
another x-ray it had spread both of my lungs were completely full of pneumonia
the antibiotics had done nothing my oxygen was falling I was put on another
IV and I was rolled upstairs and checked into the hospital the next two days I
have no recollection my oxygen levels were so low that my brain cells were not
able to store memories I have no recollection at the time at all which is
probably best my oxygen plummeted below 80 which is very very scary and very
life-threatening and our local hospital didn’t have an ICU so I had to be
shipped in to the nearest hospital with an ICU when I was very lucky because it
could have been anywhere in the province and luckily they found one bed 45
minutes away but in order to do so they had to medically induce me into a coma
paralyze me and intubinate me and apparently again I don’t have any
recollection but I can totally see myself saying that
when the doctors and the nurses told me what we had to do in order to get me to
the hospital that I needed to get to so that I could survive I said yeah sleep
would be great so it’s kind of nice to know I guess
that even in my darkest moments I have a sense of humor so that was kind of cool
and they told my partner that it would just be for a couple of days just enough
time to get me down safely stabilize me and then they would take me off the
medication and I could slowly heal and that was the expectation going into it
but when I got there I didn’t stabilize I got worse and I developed what’s known
as ARDS which is acute respiratory distress syndrome and what it
really means is that my lungs decided they were no longer able to function on their
own and I had to be continuously intimidated
and oxygen pumped into my lungs to keep me alive my partner
bless her heart when she heard the word she googled ARDS and it was not a good
sight it was very grim the survival rates ranged between 20 to 40% and more
on the lower end so it was not a happy sight for her to see and I can only
imagine the panic to all of that panic all of that fear so the induced coma
ended up lasting for three weeks before I finally came back
they had a bed ready for me at the Toronto hospital that specializes in
respiratory care and the doctors were ready to send me down but they just
prone to me one last time to be prone to means that you get flipped upside down
which then opens up the lungs so that your lungs can expand greater and
potentially allow more oxygen into my body it takes a huge team of about seven
or eight people to actually turn a completely comatose person upside down
keeping all the lines in I had so many tubes and lines going through me one of
the lovely side effects is you get tons of lesions on your body because they
have to put little gel pads to kind of balance you out and your skin can’t
breathe so I had lovely welts skaars but that’s okay nothing would be
that your life that cares been a couple of scars right anyway it worked my lungs
finally started to cooperate and come back
so that’s what the medically induced coma was like from a medical perspective
of course there are a lot of emotional sides to it and there are the dreams I
had the craziest scariest nightmares of my life it was awful it was something
nobody should ever have to go through and it was just coma nightmares they call it
ICU psychosis but it’s so real it’s almost more real than reality every
experience in my life that meant something to me every fear I’d ever had
every manipulation that had ever happened to me they all got mixed
together and they became this horrible nightmare Horror Story it’s like I lived
a second one and the memories are so strong they’re stronger than normal
regular life memories that I have and they were so clear they’re still clear
they have not gone away they’ve lessened over time the impact of
them has lessened every time say goodness the memories are there as if
I’d actually experienced those they actually brought me out of the coma for
a couple of hours on Valentine and it was supposed to be this wonderful
opportunity for her to reconnect with her loved one on such a special day but
it brought me only to slightly awake and in that paranoid state and I was
absolutely beside myself and my body couldn’t handle the terror
and so they had to induce me again immediately my children luckily were
kept away from the hospital I had friends of mine who are mediums and who
don’t know each other tell me the same stories but they connected with my
spirit and then I was at the end of my bed looking at my body and that they
were like come on you got to come back and I was like no there’s there’s too
much stress of it I can’t handle the stress and they’re like no people have
to come you need you and it was that your
children need you that triggered me I had to come back for my children but the
fact that I had multiple friends tell me the same story and never met each other
and they didn’t hear each other really makes you question you know what is
reality what is out there one of the benefits of being in a coma the ICU
psychosis the crazy nightmare coma dreams was actually that I now have a really deep
understanding of what it’s like someone goes through mental health issues and
sees something that is not there because for them it is there it is absolutely
real to them and so when I was told in my psychosis oh don’t worry those things
aren’t there it made me panic more these people that I loved did not see the
dangers around them and it made me panic more it did not make me feel better time
was just for them to hold my hand to say I know you’re right and I’m here I
promise I’ll stay here we’ll get through this we can do this rather than telling
me that what I saw was not real because that confused me because
it was real and it just made me panic but they weren’t aware of the dangers
around them there are a couple of other things that were very interesting like
my it takes a while for them to figure out how many medications to give what
amounts of which what I blew up like a puffer fish I look at my hand it looks
like a baby a newborn baby’s puffed up hand and then by the end of the coma
when they finally took me out of it I dropped like 40 pounds yes you know best
diet ever accepted all came back afterwards because well when you’re
recovering from a serious illness like this you don’t move a lot and when you
don’t move a lot yet don’t keep weight off very well either so I’m still
working on that I had a battle and I won so I don’t mind
those but it got so bad that they were preparing a hospital downtown in Toronto
to receive me and to do a lung bypass now we’re going to completely pull all
of the blood out of my lungs and put fresh blood in and it’s a very scary
procedure and it comes with risks and I was this close to having that
happen but my lungs started to come back I started to breathe on the room that’s
ready to get stronger my stats started to change my oxygen levels started to
finally finally come back what a miracle I was absolutely just static for so long
no dis improvement no improvement I developed a RDS acute respiratory
distress syndrome which I believe I mentioned again one of the lovely side
effects is memory loss very handy especially if you forget to you know
claim addition it was a huge impact on my family all I know is that I’m
incredibly grateful for this experience I don’t wish it upon anybody it’s taken
an incredibly long time to overcome it I’m still 100% I struggle daily from it
but what it’s like to be an ard a survivor and what you have to cope with
on a daily basis as you can hear my lungs are starting to
get tired thank you for listening I hope you found this interesting and this
video is in support of a fabulous lady who passed away a year ago
Claire Weinland whose documentary is coming out in September and who I highly
recommend you look into this is a girl who suffered from cystic fibrosis her
whole entire life and when she was 13 years old she would ended up in a coma
just like I did when she woke up from her too late coma she had this wonderful
inspiration to create a foundation to support cystic fibrosis families with a
support emotional and financial support that they need that they weren’t able
and they weren’t getting she had the most amazing model
I’m life you were grounded so check out the links below don’t
forget to subscribe and hit that notification bells but you’ll know when
my next video comes out and take a look at my coma playlist or I’ll go through
it use the dreams the recovery and so much more
thank you

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  1. Although, it's was crazy scary, the scariest time of my life, and I would never wish it on anyone, I am incredibly grateful for this experience and all I learned through it. Watch my full "What It's Like To Be In A Coma" Playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgB6IPd5H0c&list=PLiOtkIjyaxNc6xwt0YAReyrucrrgbZvR8

    Have you or someone you know ever been a coma? Share your story below…

  2. You are a strong lady and also an inspiration for most of us. You have been through a lot of pain. May God be with you. I love your recipes. 😍😍

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