😲Dünyanın En Tehlikeli Yolu – El Caminito del Rey hakkında bilgiler!

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El Caminito del Rey is one of the most beautiful
ways for adrenaline enthusiasts … It is located in the province of Malaga in southern
Spain and is the most dangerous way in the world. The path of the King’s Little Path is home
to thousands of adrenaline enthusiasts every year. The King’s Little Path
Located in the Spanish province of Malaga, this road has a total width of 3 meters. It is also located 300 meters above the Guadalhorce
river. Made in the early 20th century for workers
in local hydroelectric power plants. Reason for Road Blocking
Over the years, the road has been eroded by weather conditions, making walking more and
more difficult. It was closed in 2001 by the Spanish government
because it was dangerous and deadly. Most parts of the concrete were poured over
time. 4 people lost their lives on this road was
cited as closure. Road Reopened! The road reopened a few years ago after extensive
renovation, costing millions of euros to local municipalities. Made more durable than before. Officials said there should be no more than
400 people on the road and more could damage the road. The safety rules required for walking on the
road opened in 2013 had to be complied with. The road visited by tourists turned into a
tourism center. Criteria for walking on the road
It is not that easy for adrenaline lovers to walk on this road. In addition to the absence of any disease,
people over 55 cannot walk on this path. Because it’s forbidden! However, you can walk on this road after helmet
and many safety precautions. Features of the King’s Little Path
This road, which has a long history, is exactly 110 years old. It is 4.8 miles long and can be completed
in a total of 4-5 hours with a normal walking pace. In some parts of the road the floor is made
of glass. This way you can look down and enjoy the view
while walking.

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