😳Allergic Reaction!

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– [Jeremy] So after eating the salad, Caleb’s face is breaking out. On your mark, get set, go! (upbeat music) (kids scream) (Jeremy laughs) (upbeat music) – We’re playing Disneyland, and we just got some
fast passes for rides. – [Jeremy] So you guys are
pretending you’re at Disney? – I want to go to this one. – Okay, we’re all taking turns choosing which ride.
– Screaming, oh yeah! – [Jeremy] Which ride are you going to? – Screamin’. – Soarin’? – No, Screamin’. – [Jeremy] Which one’s that? – California Screamin’, the big one. – [Jeremy] Oh, okay, go ahead. Is that your fast pass? – Mm hmm. Take your seats right now. Now we’ll have a wonderful ride. – [Children] Three, two, one. (kids scream) – [Jeremy] To the loop! (kids scream) Now there’s a big drop. And it’s done. – Whew! – Now let’s do Big Thunder Mountain. Buckle up. – [Jeremy] And Laura’s just
carrying around a cup of ice. – [Elise] At Disneyland. – Okay. Oh a bug touched me. – Blah! – So Kendra still has a
high temperature today. She’s not feeling well. And so I’m playing with the kids. (upbeat music) (kids scream) Laura (laughs). (Jeremy laughs) (Elise screams) Going under! He’s going under! (Jeremy laughs) Come in and trap it underneath you. Oh, lean (laughs), lean back. – This is a fun ride. – [Jeremy] Yeah, we
invented a Disneyland ride. – [Elise] Whoa! – [Isaac] Let’s do it again. – Let’s do the whole thing again. – We’re making Radiator Springs Racers. (upbeat country music) – [Caleb] Go on. – [Jeremy] That looks good. – Thanks. – I’m making handholds for Isaac’s car. Nice. – I can literally just run. – [Jeremy] What’s this? – This is an Indian with
fire and a cake and a window. – [Jeremy] Wow, I love it. What does it mean? – Um, an Indian’s living in a house with fire and cake. – [Jeremy] Very deep. – And here’s this one. (Jeremy laughs) I just wanted to be creative. – [Jeremy] I love it. – And here’s the moon, maybe. – [Jeremy] Or the sun? – Moon or the sun, and here’s the moon. – [Jeremy] Awesome. – Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom! (Elise squeals) (Elise honks) – [Jeremy] I don’t know if
you’re gonna fit through there. She emerges. – Well, I feel a little bit more human. – [Jeremy] I’m glad you’re feeling better. – I’m eating, so that’s good. – We’re going around town. – [Jeremy] Awesome. – Nowhere to ride this in. – Jinx. (gentle music) We might be the slowest drivers. (Jeremy laughs) – They want to do a race. – Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom! – [Jeremy] You guys ready? Okay, it’s two times around the track. No pushing. On your mark, get set, go! (fast country music) Oh! No pushing! Uh oh, you have one lap around. Cub’s ahead. (Jeremy laughs) Oh, Isaac has made up, and Cubby wins it! I think we’ll have to do
a photo finish review. – That was a close. – That was close! Oh, and (voice drones). Elise and I are doing a race now. I have to hop the whole way. No, no, come back! (Elise laughs) No (laughs). No, I’m gonna beat you. Oh no, my box just broke. All right, and now for the
rematch between Isaac and Caleb. Engines revving. – Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom. – Ready, set, go! Caleb rounds the first corner, but Isaac is right on his tail. Only one more lap to go. Can he hold on to the lead? Isaac trying to make it around. Can he make it? Oh! You win, Isaac (laughs)! So sometimes Kendra and I will make a big, yummy salad for us for lunch, and we’ll just make
sandwiches for the kids. But then the kids are always
eating off of our salad. So we started just
making them salads, too. – [Elise] Yummy! – Mmm. Hard-boiled eggs. – [Jeremy] Yeah. – This is like a real-life salad. – [Jeremy] It’s a real-life salad. I think Elise called it an adult salad. – I just feel like it’s kind of grown-up, ’cause they have it all the time. So I call it grown-up’s salads,
and last year, I had some, and I just love them. – [Jeremy] Let me know if
you need more, you guys. I want you to be full. So after eating the salad,
Caleb’s face is breaking out. You must be allergic to
somethin’ in there, bud. – Can I see what it looks like? – Yeah, here, you can go in the bathroom and look in the mirror, come on. So all of our kids had
seconds on the salad. Poll question for the
day, do you like salad? Let us know in the poll. – And are you allergic
to anything in the salad? (Jeremy laughs) – [Jeremy] Yeah. (kids scream) – No, he won. – [Jeremy] Okay, you guys, get in the car. We’re going somewhere. – Dad, you did great parking. – [Jeremy] Well, thank you. – [Elise] You’re the best parker I know. (Jeremy laughs) – [Jeremy] I appreciate it. Okay, well now we are
heading in to the library. Mom needed some time at
home alone to just rest. – ‘Cause she’s sick. – Yeah, and she’s sick, and
it’s hard to rest at home when you’re sick, and
there’s four little kids running around.
– Yeah! – So we went out to go away, huh? – Yeah. – [Elise] And we’re going to Ted’s. – Maybe, we’re discussing dinner options. (“Ode to Joy” (singing in a foreign language) – The witch, see the witch. The witch, see the witch. – [Jeremy] You’re just readin’ a book. – This is the witch one. – [Jeremy] Oh, sounds like a good one. I don’t know what you’re
doing, but you’re doing it. – We don’t know what we’re doing. – [Caleb] That’s what we’re doing. – [Elise] We’re doing something weird. – So Elise was invited to
a birthday party tomorrow. And she is looking to buy her friend a toy or somethin’ for the birthday.
– That’s not makeup. It’s the one you paint her. – [Jeremy] Oh cool. Like an art and craft thing? – Yeah. And you can even do that. – [Jeremy] We’re looking at
getting Isaac some new pants. Dude, those look good. – Yeah. – All of the kids helped
me with self-checkout. That was an adventure. I’m wanting to try to bring the kids to a, like, sit-down restaurant. This bathroom’s mirror has a TV in it. That’s pretty cool. Okay, let’s go sit at our table.
– That’s a cool invention. (gentle guitar music) There are no double dips. – [Jeremy] Nacho cheese. (gentle guitar music) All right, here comes dinner. – Yummy, yummy. – This is a real restaurant. – It’s a real restaurant, huh. So I decided to go with fish tacos. I don’t normally do that, but I’m excited. – What’s a fish taco? – [Jeremy] It has fish inside
of it, and it’s a taco. – Ew. – [Caleb] That sounds gross. – [Jeremy] It is, it is awesome. Somebody was up ’til
10 or 10:30 last night, just wouldn’t go to bed. You feeling tired now? Yeah. – Now it’s getting darker and darker. – [Jeremy] It’s getting darker. So for dinner they bring
out these sopapillas. And the kids douse ’em with honey. – I don’t have honey on mine. – [Jeremy] You don’t have honey on yours? – Yup, I need honey. – [Jeremy] Yeah, maybe we’ll
keep your hands not so sticky. How’s your sopapilla, Cub? – Great. – I’m really proud of the kids. They did a good job during the meal. There was an older couple
that came up and thanked them for being so respectful
while they’re here, and I’m really proud of them. Good job, you guys. Good job, team. – Yeah! (gentle music) Good night, J House out. – [Jeremy] Where we going? – Ice skating! – [Jeremy] This is your first time, right? – Yeah. (gentle music) I’m gonna try not to slip. – Oh!

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