100 thoughts on “😷 Allergic Reaction to MRSA Meds & New Gastroparesis Plans ✔ (11/14/17)

  1. For those of y'all who were asking, I did not forget the outro music. I am using my new computer and have not transferred over all the music yet. So there is going to awkwardly be no outro for this vlog. 😛

  2. Hi Jaquie I have a question do u have any tips on how u get your pain in your stomach from the gastroparesis to subside I have tried a heating pad and a ice pack and it doesn't work I have gastroparesis and most of the time I can handle the pain in my stomach but sometimes it is so bad it even hurts to breath so I was wondering if u had any tips if not that's ok

  3. I love the time lapse at the beginning!
    I'm also happy that you got the reaction under control, and that your mom lives so close now.
    As much as it may not seem like it, I feel like things are starting to fall in place for you! Praying that these difficult times will fall into place with everything else. Love your videos, keep being you! ❤


  5. I hate that you have to go through this. Just know that were all praying for you every day and luv you to pieces. You may have already tried this but maybe get a spray bottle and put cold water in it so when you do have those skin reactions on our neck and arms you can cool them down with the water and help the itching a bit. ( Wasn't that the best run-on sentence ever!) ;- )


  7. I was feeling panic when you were having your allergic reaction. Glad the Benedryl helped and you didn't have to use the Epie pen. Hope all goes well with you. Keep Moving Forward. God Be with you.

  8. I felt so bad to see you have that reaction, just a testament to the ups and downs with this illness. Praying God will help you on your journey to keep moving forward, even when that's two steps forward one step back. Feel better!

  9. I've had a lot of set backs as well with mine. Unfortunately the new doctor doesn't understand that and isn't wanting to listen….i find that's the worst part of chronic illness. Doctors not always understanding.

  10. Thank you so much for you're amazing, inspiring content. It really helps me to deal with my EDS, metabolic disease and gastroparesis. So thank you so much! I was wondering if you got any tips and suggestions for me because I probably get a NJ tube soon. What can I expect and what are good tricks? Ps. Keep doing what you're doing because you're really special!♡

  11. Oh, Jacquie! So sorry Sweetie , that you're having such a rough time. There has been one thing after another for you lately. ( Chronic illness does suck!) Rest up sweetie. So glad your Mum could come around.
    We love you. Don't rush.You are doing just fine! Love from Australia XXX

  12. Please send our love to your mom! I think lots of us appreciate that she is so close! I worry about you sometimes and it's nice to know she is right there.

  13. I’m so sorry u hav been so overwhelmed recently!! Pls know that u always help me so much when I go thru hard times (THANK U!!) and we’re here for u when u need it. Sending hugs!! ❤️

  14. Hi Jaquie! Have been watching you for a while now and let me tell you – you are amazing! Real soldier! I really admire you for your spirit! Well done and keep it up! I have no chronic illnesses or anything like that but i have a very hectic job when i need to travel for work twice a week every week all over Europe (i live in the UK), catching silly o'clock flights at 7am, getting up at 3am and doing 12 hour long days and 14-15 hour long ones on the travel day. And let me tell you… on the weekend i just turn into a potato and watch youtube all day… And when i see you doing all those things and pushing through all the struggles you have – i realise how much i pity myself and how much time spend being a lazy ass frankly. So you are such and inspiration – thanks so much for that! Stay strong! And Harlow omg! Such a sweet dog! I wish i could have a dog – but i can't with all that travel for now. Give her a little boop on the cute nose from me! Cheers! PS: I seem to never see your videos on my feed – i need to specifically go to your channel page – is that right? Or is it not working just for me? Take care, Jaquie x And hope your allergies stop and you find a good replacement for the antibiotic.

  15. I'm allergic to Vancomycin, and there are times when it is the best option, so I end up having to have IV benadryl before and after. It's very scary.

  16. I'm so thankful you were able to handle the reaction so quickly, Jacquie. I know it's really frustrating with all the issues with your allergic reactions and MRSA, but you're making huge leaps too—your customized wheelchair, your day feeds, your IV treatment for your immunodeficiency. I'm really proud of you for that, and I'm praying for the issues you are having right now. Feel better ❤️

  17. Love you girlie 😘 (and of course Harlow) I love how you always shown your positive attitude about everything based on your vlogs 🙂 I really do looked up to you so much and I enjoyed your videos 🙂

  18. It really scared me to see you like that. So glad you were able to abort it. Praying for you sweetie. Better things are yet to come.

  19. I'm surprised that your doctors will let you take any new medicine without doing a dose in their office first to make sure you don't have a reaction

  20. J., I'm so sorry.  I know how difficult it all is :one thing is for sure, you deal much better than I do.  Hang in and we're here for ya.  Hold tight to your angel pup.

  21. That allergic reaction looked incredibly scary! So glad Benadryl halted it and you didn't need an EpiPen. Hopefully, your doctor can find one for you that will not cause an allergic reaction to occur again.

  22. So sorry about the reaction. Hopefully the dr’s and yourself can come up with a plan so you can continue taking it. And congrats on reaching you goal rate for day feeds!!

  23. Hi i was just wondering if you had a reaction to the mrsa med because of the other antibiotic you are taking to help you eat? It's just that it happened to me once and the doctor said that the both antibiotics reacted together and caused me to have a allergic reaction like you i was wondering if that's what happened to you? Please take care i love your channel and family. Sending hugs to you!

  24. I hope you feel better Jaquie! You , just like Janice, are true warriors! I have faith that you will get over this bump in the road! Sending you prayers and get well wishes! PS- I'm so glad you found the Frey life! They are awesome, like you!

  25. To my fellow spoonies, have you listened to Sia – Unstoppable? Would insert some reason here but my brainfog will not cooperate right now.

  26. Keep fighting Jaquie! You’ll get through this. Good job getting through your reaction. I have SVT, so I totally get what it feels like, how scary it is to suddenly have your heart going so fast. It’s scary. But you’re doing great getting through it! Sending love and prayers your way!

  27. This might be a silly question, but if your dog is in training, but is training/is trained to do a specific task for your disability, does your dog have public access rights?

  28. bless your sweet heart, always staying so positive in such difficult situations. which I might add, in turn reminds me to be a little more positive about life. I pray for you often! but you're such an encouragement. big hugs dear 🙂

  29. thanks for sharing everything that you did. It's understandable why you are frustrated at times and need to just let it go for a while. Hope you feel better soon sending you strength to keep moving forward to keep moving to keep moving forward.

  30. That’s exciting news that you can have Day feeds I’m happy your feeling better I get allergies reactions too they are not fun stay positive tomorrow is a new day don’t let your issues get to you

  31. I’m surprised you are able to do those exercises! I have chronic pain and am unable to do any form of exercise. I used to be a certified yoga therapist but now I can’t do a single thing! I have always loved working out, yoga, walking etc.

  32. Youre so strong Jaquie!!! Im so proud of you! You are not out of options and God is the Great Comforter and healer. He is using you to educate, encourage, and empower so many people that are in His Kingdom and not. People who havent learned His love and Goodness are seeing that Light through you and it is incredibly beautiful. The world of sin and darkness may have given you your chronic illnesses, but Jesus is using them to make paths in the darkness and streams in the wasteland. Dont be discouraged! Your light is brighter than you know. And the more cracks there are in a person, the more God's light can shine through ♡ Love ya sister!!!

  33. not trying to be rude, at all, just worried. isn't that huge syringe you put the water and MRSA antibiotic in holding MUCH MUCH MORE than 30-35mL? like just because it says "35" doesn't mean it's actually mL, it could just be units which can be a certain number of mL per unit… like for example I used to use half CC (aka mL) syringes, so when it says 10 on the syringe it's not 10mL, it's half which would be 5mL. idk I just wanted to ask because it seemed like a LOT more than 30mL to me.

  34. Hi Jaquie, i was going to ask this in the new mattress video but i must’ve forget or my comment didn’t post. With sleeping at an incline, and i assume on your back ( i think i heard you saying something about sleeping on your back, don’t quite remember ) do you ever experience sleep paralysis? i’ve heard sleeping on your back could be a factor in that. Love you and your videos!💓

  35. I don’t know who’s more excited that you reached your goal rate, me or you. Every time I go to Disney World I always hope I see you there, it hasn’t happened yet but I’m staying on the lookout!

  36. Oh Jacquie, that was so scary. I’m so sorry you had that allergic reaction. Phew. I’m glad you were able to act fast and give yourself the Benedryl. Gentle hugs and sleep well.

  37. The strength you have always feels like it transfers to me when I watch you vlogs! I hope you feel better we love you <3

  38. I had a tooth go bad and the dentist gave me a prescription for the pain. I am allergic to all opiates. I told the dentist that, I told the pharmacist that, they both said it would be fine and I could have it. Turns out it was opiate and I took it after being in so much pain I could not stand it anymore. My mom came home to find me passed out on the floor covered in my own vomit. I wish I had written down what it was but I was so upset after coming to and finding out it was an opiate after I told them I can't have it that I just threw it out. Was not thinking straight at that point.

  39. Don't worry so much about the Negative things, focus on the positive. You've achieved your feeding goal! You're going to get more restful sleep! You're improving your health every day! Stay positive! You're strong enough to overcome anything life throws at you.

  40. 0:50 That was funny. I did not expect that to happen.
    6:09 Yay!
    10:18 Yes, and Harlow appears to be watching you very intently.
    11:09 I'll take your word for it, but you do not look the part.

  41. Just curious how come you want day feeds and not night feeds? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to carry it around all day? Not worry about taking it in public (I hated going out with my pic….. too many stares) and having to carry it on your back? I imagining it is quite heavy to carry!!!!

  42. I am SO SO sorry for your bad reaction to the MRSA meds.  I hope the Doctor is able to find a med that works for you and gets rid of the MRSA.  My son had MRSA all over his body….he  got the MRSA from the locker room showers and/or equipment when he was playing college football.  The good news, it eventually went away, and he is now MRSA free.  It took several years, and unfortunately I can't remember enough about it to tell you the process he went through and what meds he was given.  I am praying for you Jaquie.  <3 <3 <3

  43. I was put on erythromycin a few months ago to help with my gp.. did nothing for me :/ now I’m looking at needing the gastric pacemaker

  44. So glad you made it to day feeds. Enjoy the puppy snuggles! Oh man on the allergic reaction. Very thankful and happy your mom is so close.

  45. Hi Jaquie, one friendly​ suggestion, as soon as you draw up your meds, put the lid back on the bottle. Something I learned the hard way ( I hate to say TWICE!) after knocking over some very expensive meds AND permanently dying the carpet pink.

  46. Dearest Jaquie…you are such a trooper !! I know what it feels like to be doing everything right and still have things go wrong….it is so frustrating and overwhelming….but what choices do we have…?? Do we give up?? Absolutely not. We just have to keep on going and concentrate on happy things….such as Disney movies…lol !!! Know that you are loved and have many people praying for you. Vicki

  47. Thank you so much for sharing your health ups and downs with us! You show us how to be positive in spite of the issues you deal with. I makes it seem more possible for me to handle my chronic illness issues.

  48. This may sound stupid but I am a super genuinely curious person and I was wondering a few things. Can you feel the formula going into you? If it in going straight into your small intestine does that mean if your hungry and you do it you won't feel full? Or do you just not really feel hungry ever because you have a steady stream of formula? Sorry if that is invasive. Just wondering XD love you!!

  49. Yeast infections commonly follow a course of antibiotics. It's typical for me to get 'imbalanced' because of stress and I always get the itch after antibiotics. I wonder, how does Jaquie handle these issues.

  50. Disney movies always helps.  My Favourite is Mulan, but if I feel crappy I usually go to all six episodes of the original Pride and Prejudice. (The one with Colin Firth diving in a pond.) Feel better!

  51. Omg Jaquie!! You scared me!! I could tell you were scared crapless as well. Wow, yeah, no more of that med!! I can't tolerate it either, but I only vomit, not react like you did. Thank goodness you were with it enough you could stop it!! And also it's awesome your mom is so close now. I really hope you and your Dr can figure out what's going on. I'm catching up on your vlogs and every one seems to have something go wrong health wise(more than your "normal" day to day you usually share). Sending you lots of hugs and I'm thinking about you!! Keep on keeping on girl.

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