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Your blood sugar actually is whackadoo. What is it? 44? Yeah. Maybe we should try to go to the ER. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning! Good morning, guys. Sorry for the shaky blurry camera, but we are on our way to get blood work for Mary. Your blood sugar actually is whackadoo. What is it? 44? Yeah. Maybe we should try to go the ER to get that blood work. Are we going in the right direction? Yeah. Could we go to… That’s the closest one. Well, let’s try and if we don’t… I should have… We have to get other blood work anyways. Shoot, I should have brought an empty syringe to draw it off my line. Oh, well. Cuz we’re 15 minutes from the place, like I could do that. I wonder if an empty syringe would work? I mean, I wonder. I think we’d have to get… I can’t think straight. The Dexcom, I literally have, like, three hours left on the Dexcom. It gave me an alert, like, change the sensor soon. Here, I’ll try to hold the camera. I can’t guarantee it won’t be shaky, but. We were gonna go get my normal blood work to check on my… To check on my liver since I’m on IV antibiotics but then the Dexcom told me I was low, so, we were like oh, maybe we should do that blood work as well. I’ve got those orders right here. Okay well, we’ll see what happens and I’ll show you if we make it in time, or we’ll just get blood work or whatever. Good morning! It is a beautiful fall morning. Let’s see if you can see any pretty leaves. We are sitting in traffic on the way to the ER. It says 11 minutes, and I’m trying to decide, my blood sugar is at 46 so it’s starting to come up. The Dexcom says I’m still… I’m 53, that’s what the Dexcom says and still dropping but The decision whether to go to the ER or just go get blood work, which we just passed the place… We just keep going until… until… your blood… I don’t even know what. It’s like I’m… Are you low? Maybe. Should I check you? No. (Peter) I mean, we’ll keep going until your blood sugar is out of the range where it would work. If this is your first video with us, welcome! I’m Mary. This is Peter. This is Oliver and my doctor prescribed some labs that when my blood sugar is in the 50s or below right now my blood sugar is 46, so if we get to the hospital to get the blood work before my liver kicks in and gives me glycogen that would be ideal, but the last two times we’ve tried my liver has kicked in. Good job, liver. What was I gonna say? There was another thing. Oh, and I can’t go to a lab because the blood work has to be processed within 15 minutes. We looked into it. We’d like to go to a lab, but we have to go to the ER. So, we’ll see what happens and hey, if we don’t make it there in time, at least we got to see some really pretty fall foliage. Back down to 42. We just might make it in time. We are literally… Two minutes from the hospital. 60 (Peter) We tried! Hey, you can’t say we didn’t try. (Mary) That’s true. (Peter) And there was shaking and there was Mary who wasn’t quite quote coherent and we almost made it. (Mary) I can now treat my low! What a better way to start your morning? Go back to the actual lab to get just plain old “How’s your liver doing” blood work. Let’s do this. Mmm. Sugar never tasted so good. (Peter chuckling) (Peter) Nothing like fruit snacks for breakfast. That was pretty exhausting, I have to say. (Peter) Yeah. Holy moly. All right, now we’re actually here. (nebulizer running in background) (Peter) All right, few hours later. Mary’s been doing her treatments. Time for some more sugar again. Says 66 and dropping. So, I’m going to have some sugar and then deactivate the sensor because I need to take it off. It’s Friday And finish these, do these, do these. Do it all. (Peter) Good job, hon. Well thanks, and you can take the camera. (Peter) Okay! My mom, and I are gonna run to the grocery store and get some stuff. I’m gonna work on my sermon while she shops. Pretty easy. I’m gonna go ahead and take this off. So it’s “stop sensor” I’m assuming. Okay (Peter) So, this is the end of her trial so we just take it off, and we take it back to the hospital in a few days. Oh, do I take the, um… Do I take the, I think I peel the whole thing off. Yeah. Ow, oh! (Peter) That hurts? Oh, your port. I am so annoyed with the port thing. (Peter) Aww. I can’t even move my… So… (Peter) There’s the transponder. (Mary) Oh man, that feels good on the hair! (Peter) Ugh. (Mary) Okay, hold on. (Peter) Ooh! (Mary) What? (Peter) It looks like, oh, it’s sticky stuff. (Mary) It’s it’s from my shirt. (Peter) Yeah, I thought it was like, bruised. (Mary) Alright, this is (Peter) Painful? (Mary) Yeah! (Peter) So, does it just pull off? How’s it come off? (Mary) Yeah, they say that the wire inside, ok this side feels a lot better, the wire inside is like a fishing line. (Peter) Huh! (Peter) And it just pulls right out? (Mary) Alright, this is like…difficult (Peter) Do you want me to do it? (Mary) Oh, there it is. (Peter) Look at that, that’s so simple. (Peter) Ouch. (Mary) Okay, there we go. (Peter) Alright! (Mary) Look at that. Oh, interesting. It’s like… (Mary) That is interesting. (Peter) So let me see if I can show the little wire that goes in. See that little tiny, it looks like a hair. (Peter) That goes in and checks the blood sugar. (Mary) That’s interesting. I wonder if it’s not supposed to be bent like that? I wonder if that’s why I was feeling pain. (Peter) Well, I imagine… (Mary) And it’s bloody. (Peter) I imagine. It’s gotta go I wonder if that’s normal? (Peter) I’m guessing so, cuz it goes in. Alright, done. (Peter) Alright, we’re gonna go now. Alright guys, my mom came in to Aldi and I’ve been sitting in the cart working on my sermon and Mary and I don’t usually come to Aldi but my mom is a big fan of Aldi, which we are too, it’s just not super close to our house but uh, my mom gave us an excuse to come here, and so let’s see where she is. (Peter) It was all cloudy, and now it’s sunny? (Mary) You guys have to see this sky! (Peter) Okay, my mom and I just got home. Mary’s saying, oh look at Mary and Ollie! They’re in the window. Okay, let’s look at it. Aww, that’s purty. ♬ soft electronic music ♬ Alright guys, we’re home. My mom got us a bunch of groceries. Thanks for being our mom, mom! I love being your mom. And she is making some good food. She’s making some salmon for dinner, and she’s gonna make some chili, and you know the chili’s gonna be good when it starts with that. Just saying. We’re actually having a chili cook-off at church tomorrow, so the big joke the last few weeks at church is that my mom is flying up here to enter the chili cook-off. So it’ll be fun, so. We’re gonna eat some dinner and welcome back home. Oh, hey guys. I haven’t seen you for a while. I don’t know if you I’m wondering if they took you to the store. I don’t know, but I’ve just been here doing some laundry and um, we just ate some dinner. and trying to think of anything relevant. I’m excited for Christmas! (laughing) And Peter just yelled from the other room “You want to tell them what we’re thinking about?” so we’re thinking about turning this room into our bedroom. because we’ve got the bay window here, so that would be nice and upstairs in our real bedroom the ceilings are slanted because it’s a Cape Cod-style house so um we’re thinking about bringing our bed down here and leaving, like, my medical shelf up there. So, just having like a really simple bedroom down here, so we’ll see. I figure we could try it, um… Obviously, it’s just the amount of like, you know, bringing everything down and taking his desk up which is probably gonna be kind of difficult, but so if we moved the bedroom down here we can move the working room into the bedroom which is a bigger room, which would be really nice, and then his office could be the working room, but we’ll see what happens. (vest machine vibrating in background) (Peter) Oh, honey! (Mary) What? (Mary laughing) (Peter) You got a bloody nose? I do. (Peter) Oh, I’m sorry. It doesn’t hurt. (Peter) I didn’t expect a massacre in here. I didn’t either (Peter) Did we hear back about your blood counts? Not yet. They were checking. They were, my people called the lab and the results weren’t in yet, so I’m guessing tomorrow I’ll hear. (Peter) Sorry, Ollie just stole the shot (Mary) I’m totally fine with that. (Peter) You like stealing the shot, buddy? Are you the cutest poodle ever? (Mary) Oh, I took some footage today because I gave him a dental chew, which is like one of his favorite things in life. (Peter) Mmm hmm. (Mary) He was chewing on it, he like bites off a little piece, and then he chews on it, and it looks like he’s talking (Peter) Did it look like you were talking? (Mary) This kind of makes me feel like I wonder how my blood counts are. (Peter) Yeah, that’s why I was asking. (Mary) This isn’t normal. (Peter) Yeah. (Mary) Maybe we should do, like, “Warning.” (Peter) Blood. Warning, massacre! (Mary laughing) Nostril massacre! Sitting here, and I was trying to figure out why I’m so exhausted tonight, it’s not that late, and I realized… Well, I’m still on IVs which takes a toll on your body, but I’m used to it. It’s been over three weeks now so, I’m used to that so why am I so tired? Well, I think it takes it out of me when my blood sugar drops multiple times in a day and trying to rush to the ER and get that blood work done, which didn’t work and just like… Oh, I did laundry, so that’s… I don’t know, I guess it all just adds up. I’ll let you guys know when I hear back about my blood work. (vest machine stops) Ahh. That moment when you finish your vest. (relieved sigh) (Mary) I’m trying to prank you guys and say there’s a mouse! (laughter) (Mary) I couldn’t figure out how to do it. (Peter) Good one! (laughter) (Peter) Hi, my Standard Poodle. How you doing, buddy? (Peter) Hey, baby. (Peter) Tired puppy. Done. (Peter) Good job. Peace out. (Peter) We are gonna get some sleep because we’re all exhausted around here, we’re gonna say, (Both) As always, We will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬♬ (Peter) After-party with the Ollie boy. You wanna say anything? Any final words for the vlog today? Do you have any final words for the vlog? Good night guys. See you tomorrow. ♬♬


  1. It was a crazy day yesterday. oy. And today is proving to be even more challenging… but one day at a time, and on the hard days, one hour at a time…or even one minute at a time. I'm gonna tell you guys what I need to hear right now, so we can all encourage one another… just keep on going!

  2. I don't think you could pull blood into a syringe because it would clot. But I wonder if your doctor could get you the appropriate vials and you could just take your own blood while your blood sugar is low and then get the blood to the hospital lab ASAP

  3. Poor Mary ! It would be so much easier if you were in hospital then they could do the bloods right away. Its difficult because you live so far. Happy birthday month to the cutest poodle ever we love you Ollie !!

  4. Oh, sweet Mary, ANY blood sugar "crash" is like running a marathon, and multiple crashes in a single day? Been there! But you get through it, and you keep on going, because it's just what we do, right? Right!
    Hope today (the 4th) is a better day… 🙂

  5. For a few years I have seen Mary's blood, mucus rarely, port and feeding tube change. … and it is the dex com that made me weak in the knees hahahaha? Wah? Heart you three.

  6. Mary you really are incredible! To be chatting and cheerful when you are pale and clearly not feeling good…….incredible!!! God bless you sweet girl!!

  7. Anyone remember where Mary got her muslin double layer blanket? Tried twitter but no response. Pretty sure it was an etsy shop but can't find it.

  8. That sudden close up of Mr Poodle made the whole vlog. Just sayin. Sorry about your bloody nose, Mary, I know I get them from time to time and they scare me & I don't have any major illness like cf or liver disease. Praying for you! 🙏

  9. They make stuff that will help you be able to get the dexcom off if you get one. It'll help dissolve the adhesive. Best of luck to you mary you guys are awesome

  10. As I watch this, my chihuahua keeps pawing my hand and staring at me as if to say 'why are you doing the glowing box?? Pay attention to ME MOM I need you more than the tiny box does'

  11. Just keep going, just keep going, whatcha gonna do? Just keep going!!! Stay tough, you'll snag the bloodwork.

    Hmm, being that the hospital is so far away and theirs traffic and you don't know if the sugar levels will bounce back up ((seems like a dance of up, down, up, stable, frustration)). Maybe staying in a hotel for a week or so closer to the hospital may be an option to snag the bloodwork that's needed. ((check with insurance as they may pick up a percentage of the cost if you explain what is going on OR check with local organizations in your area to see if they have programs or the state that you live in as they may have state run programs) Another option, is a visting nurse that's close to your area that could come out to drawl the blood when it drops. Another option is to look at your insurance card and on the back theirs a 1-800 number that you could call and explain what's going on and they may be able to give some sort of direction to or link you into a program. Last resort (would talk to the team) is staying in the hospital so when the levels do drop, you're there. As stressful as this is to snag the bloodwork, their has to be an equal amount of frustration & grrr moments. Those results will get snagged. You'll see!! Stay strong, stay positive.

    Hi Mama Frey!! That's so good that your there with Mary, Peter and Ollie. Nothing beats mom's cooking!! It's a welcomed relief. (((spoiling is optional))) ☺

    🌼have a great night🌼❤sending love, hugs and positive vibes your way❤nope, no tears❤your gonna get through this❤

  12. When you take off a Dexcom just take off the entire thing and than just pop off the transmitter. Also just an FYI you can keep them on till 1-3 weeks. This is just an FYI Mary!

  13. I know it is so useless but i cant help to think about how much i wish Mary was a typically healthy person. Nobody should have to work so hard to thrive and she is just so lovely.

  14. The room with the bay window, would make a beautiful dining room, complete with a window seat, very cape cod!! Complete with original cape cod drapes. It could also be a gorgeous setting area, with a daybed, or over stuffed chairs, I, at one time thought the room with the bay window (have one!) would be great as a bed room, the amount of light coming in, and it never seems to get very dark at all, makes it not a great idea, it didn't work for us. I'm just giving a honest opinion of someone who's been there, done that.

  15. Does your liver issues make you itchy? While pregnant I had liver problems and the itching was unbearable sometimes.

  16. if you get another bloody nose, review the care for that. you should have had your head down and pinching your nose — my younger (now grown) daughter has vonWillibrand's…now there's a nosebleed for ya.

  17. My first thought when you mentioned moving your bedroom downstairs was that it would be easier on Mary to not have to go up the stairs, not to mention reducing the fall risk.

  18. Mary, you inspire me daily. With what you go through daily, makes my daily struggle so trivial. I know you don’t compare but you inspire me to keep going and stay strong

  19. Mary, I keep you in my prayers. I worry your liver isn't working right. I had liver disease and the bloody noses became more and more frequent. But, I absolutely laughed when Ollie stole the shot! Have a great Sabbath!

  20. I heart Aldi too, and no on moving your bed room downstairs. I think it would be tacky especially when you have people come over anf your room is by the living room area. I don't know if thar makes sense.

  21. Maybe, You should really go get the blood work anyway because of the discrepancy between the meter and the other thing.

  22. Hi Mary and Peter!!
    I just want to say I am so proud of the two of you. You are both kind, sweet and loving people. May God continue to bless you and your marriage. God has a plan for your lives. I think it is amazing that you went to bible college and are being used to spread the good news about our Lord Jesus Christ. Life is a gift from God. Every breath, every minute. Our circumstances do not define us. God can do anything through those who want to be used. And I'm so happy that you both love the Lord and are using your channel to spread God's love, mercy and awareness about CF and life's challenges. What a gift God has given you in Oliver as well!! He is too cute!
    I know there are good days and hard days but it is amazing to watch the two of you grow together and love one another with an unselfish love. God bless you and I pray God give you wisdom and knowledge as to what to do next with your medications. I pray for many more days filled with love and laughter. May the spirit of the Lord give you peace and understanding and I pray you continue to walk in love for one another and continue to support each other and encourage each other in the word of God.

    Have a wonderful day!!


  23. Mary going back to your last video regarding documenting your sugar. Since the little machine was not that accurate it's a good thing you documented while you were using it. It's going to let them see that you are actually lower then the machine registered.

  24. Having M.E/CFS I really relate when Mary gets exhausted. All the little things do add up and sometimes you have to have rest days of not doing something (which makes me feel rather guilty) to let your body recover. Hang in there Mary!

  25. When the senor says to change it, just restart it as if it's a new senor, you will go through the 2 hour warm up period, but it gives you another week. Saves you sensors:)

  26. Why can't Peter just draw the blood out from Mary's port when the blood sugar is low and then he can take the sample to the ER?

  27. Have you ever tried drinking fresh vegetables juices, Mary? It can help with keeping your sugar levels balanced and it’s great for your liver enzymes too. It’s best if you can find organically grown vegetables but I have had vegetables from the grocery store and it still works. I really hope that you are feeling better soon and that your body will be more balanced. I love 💕 the idea of moving your bedroom downstairs.

  28. Mary i feel you with a bunch of tissues in your nose for a bloody nose! Literally everyday i get one and sometimes they happen when I’m sleeping, and when i wake up there’s blood all over my pillow lol.

  29. Oh Mary. I'm so sorry that on top of everything else you are having to deal with hypoglycemia as well. I understand more than I would like to. Almost 5 years ago I had to stop teaching music because mine would drop just from standing up or walking a few feet. I've had to lead a very sedentary life since then. My prayers are with you. Hugs from NC

  30. I'm thinking of starting to do videos on my channel becuase I have cf too and it's interesting to see how it effects other people, but I don't know if I should or not?
    I love watching you guys❤❤

  31. Oh, my! The fright and concern in Peter’s expression at 1:01 is so obvious. Please take care! We care and pray for this lovely couple.

  32. Hey Mary, you should do some training videos with Ollie!! I'm sure service dog handlers (including myself!) would LOVE to see them! 🙂

  33. Hey Mary, my mom use to have to us to ER Everytime a nosebleed, would last 4-6 hours and we'd get cauterized.. Now I'm growed they average 2 hours, and no more cauterizing. First time my husband observed I almost lost him. Woozy. I thought it was funny, he thought I cut an artery, welcome to my normal. Great ful happens only a few times/year.

  34. Blood sugar meters are often a few points off. Just because your meter said 44 one minute and 46 the next, it doesn't mean that your blood sugar is going up. If you checked again immediately, the number may often differ.

  35. I would just like to say that I found your channel around 4-5 years ago and came across it because I had pretty bad anxiety that was apparently so bad that it was affecting my breathing and making me feel short of breath all the time. After watching videos and going through life while watching these vlogs my anxiety got really better because it comforted me that there were also people experiencing similar situations i.e breathingwise. I was able to slowly heal myself like this. Thank you so much for these videos. You are doing such a wonderful thing.

  36. Put your Dexcom on the muscle side of your forearm. Shave the hair first. It gets good reading there and doesn’t hurt as badly coming off. You can restart it and use for 2 weeks. We use tagaderm around it to keep it on longer. My 12 year old is Type 1 diabetic and wears the Dexcom.

  37. Hey Mary, my 5 year old son is Type 1 and wears a Dexcom. We're able to get about 3 weeks out of one sensor. We use Skin Tac before we put on a new sensor and it really helps the longevity. Also, to take off the sensor we use Uni-Solve and it works like a dream! We get both products off of Amazon.

  38. Love you both so much! I was too anxious to clean earlier but I remembered "Do watcha think you cant do" and I vacuumed two rooms and scrubbed our powder room downstairs. Yay! I have general anxiety disorder and IBS which when combined make a messy icky day. Thank you for being an inspiration!!!

  39. I don´t understand you because i am from Germany and my English is very bad, but you , Oliver and Peter are so positive and happy, i have a good day if i see your videos 🙂

  40. You definitely still need to be finger poking while on the dexcom. It can be off by like 40 points either way. And only calibrate it when your arrow is straight.

  41. Ooo! A downstairs bedroom would be lovely. It is really good for rest days where you're stuck in bed. I have the same and I can see out to the garden and stuff and it's less like being a prisoner. I love it.

  42. I hope you are feeling better! I just freaked out cause I have that same Micky shirt. It is the most comfortable thing ever. So soft!

  43. I love watching your channel, and I just noticed… ollie looks like Peter ahahaha it's true though ♥

  44. Hello mary!! May I ask do you like afflovest?? I received mined back march 2018. I love it. Mary, keep up great job!! May god bless both!!

  45. You are both truly amazing people. The line from A Tale of Two Cities springs to mind: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,…"  Here is hoping for relief from those wretched side effects.  Looking forward to when Mary feels well enough to revisit the dollar aisle in Target.

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