1 Simple Test to Cure Your Dog’s Allergies! No More Itching, Scratching, Puking!

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hey guys welcome back to my channel
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to talk to you about lemon louie and how he came to us with so many issues and
how we figured out he had allergies and cured them and how you can too very
easily we wish we had known everything I know today then I’m gonna share with you
for the first seven months of his life we wouldn’t have spent thousands of
dollars trying to figure it out so let’s take it back
Louie came to us from a rescue and the minute he came into our apartment he
shat on the floor come to find out he had Giardia which is a parasite that
basically lives inside and gives you diarrhea real fun living on a
third-story apartment building lots of fun but anyways so we take him to the
vet he gets cleared up whatever I am now on a work trip and my husband calls me
and he has this rash on his belly that looks like he’s bleeding we take him to
the vet they give us this duoxo wipes and
shampoo and we’re like great heals and some pills heals them up his rash is now
gone but this didn’t get to the root of the problem
he still sopping his paws he’s scratching up a storm his paws a literally like
purple red he’s like losing his hair and we’re like these wipes are helping but
they’re not getting to the root of the problem we take him back to the vet come
to find out he has allergies she says do the elimination diet elimination diet
basically what that is is feeding your dog the same single food for two months
and if they flare up with anything you know something’s in it that they don’t
like if they don’t hallelujah great you found something
that works for them so we try this elimination diet problem is little lemon
Louie only likes the food for three days and then he doesn’t want to eat it
anymore so now he’s not eating so now he’s not only scratching sopping his
paws now he’s puking cause he’s got bile
built up in his belly because he’s on an empty stomach all the time I literally
had to hand feed him the food and I made up a little chant, you want some yummy yummy chicken to feed him the food and still it just wouldn’t work and so now we take him back to the vet
because he’s puking all the time and they pet they prescribe us pepcid and I was a
little nervous at first i’m like Pepcid? but we gave it to him night we had desperate
anything so we give it to him nightly and at first it seemed like it was
working well then after a while this pepcid i think was like eating his
stomach and now he’s not only puking daily he’s puking multiple times a day
basically any time we go out on a walk and it’s heartbreaking so we decide to
go to the specialist and we get an allergy test done with a literally just
like a human prick you like 50 times with all these different stimulants and
if you flare up that means you’re sensitive to it what they don’t tell us
the $577 is that it doesn’t test for food it tests for like grasses so we
found these three grasses and trees he’s allergic to that we don’t even know if
we ever come into contact with so now we’re back to square one so while all
this is happening we’ve giving him the elimination diet and I realize little
only smart super smart girl over here that this whole time we’re
doing the elimination diet I am feeding him those little rawhide treat sticks
that are made of beef those sticks are made of beef I had no idea I feel like
an idiot no idea never crossed my mind you know I just thought they were so fun it looked like he were smoking a little cigarette you play around with
that let me tell you cigarettes would have been better for him than these beef rawhide sticks so I got rid of those and in the meantime my husband talks to a
buddy of his who told us about this godly test that is amazing and cured my
dog from Glacier Peak holistics its a pet wellness stress test also called an
alternative sensitivity test and you buy it it’s $108 I will give you a discount
you call in use my name and you’ll get 20% off for a referral I am not getting
anything from this company this is me just telling you what worked for me and
trying to help you out you can buy it online for 108 but if you pull in and
you say my name Brianne Hancy they’ll give you 20% off but anyways it comes in
the mail and you basically swab two swabs in the pets mouth dogs cats
whatever and you take some of their hair sample and you send it in and what you
come back with is this comprehensive test that shows you everything in red
that your dog or pet is sensitive to so everything in red here and it tests over
200 foods herbs grasses all of these things that you come in contact with and
tells you if your pet is sensitive to it so anything in red is bad anything in
white is just okay it’s fine for the dog or pet and then anything in green is
good it’s like a probiotic so this test made us realize that Louie has very
exotic and rare tastes he is only can eat elk yak salmon deer
I mean are you kidding me I don’t live in the country I’m not out there shooting
my dog’s food like what am I gonna do now so we look into some things and we
find that hydrolyzed protein food is basically air it’s basically like air
it’s like nothing but it has protein in it so it has nutrients for the dog it’s
basically like dried down so much that the dog isn’t sensitive to head to BrieOCD.com and you can find all this information and I’ll put all the links
to this food in the description below but we found that this hydrolyzed
protein I got the Purina HA I also found the Royal Canin HP and I
mix them together and guys he eats it he eats the food which means he’s happy
happy he was healthy he’s not sopping his paws because he’s not irritated by
food he’s eating so he’s not puking I mean I am in heaven so I mixed these two
together wet them then drain out the water to make them a little softer and
then I put this royal canin HP can on and it’s like a little bit
wetter food and he loves it and I am happy and he’s like healthy-looking and
then if you know of course dogs need treats so I found these hills hypo
treats they’re looking at me right now because I said there are treats these
hills hypo treats that Louie is obsessed with so this Glacier peak
test has been a lifesaver and you might find like my friend did that your dog or
cat or pet is only allergic to corn so then you eliminate just corn from their diet problem is he’s allergic to so much that any treat or food has
something in it whether it’s apples sweet potato chicken he can’t have any
of those things so we found that this works for us but you might have a much
simpler solution i buy all my food on chewy.com they are fatest shipping the
best prices that I have found around I’ll put all the links in the
description below but I’m telling you this Glacier Peak holistic test has been
a lifesaver and if you just get this for your dog I recommended this to a
multitude of people and it has cured their dogs pets because they know what
not to feed them and what they are allergic to I mean imagine if you were
lactose intolerant and your mother keeps feeding you breast milk and you can’t
talk and tell her this takes all the guessing out of it and saves
you time and money so again I get nothing out of this but the joy of
helping you so if you like my channel subscribe give me a thumbs up I hope
this was super helpful for you again all the links will be in the description
below head to BrieOCD.com for the full story pictures and more hope you’re
having a great day peace

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