14 thoughts on “1. Training Anaphylactic Allergy Alert Dog part 1 (Pairing the scent to the alert behavior) also MCS

  1. Nice share! Thank you 😀 I had no idea how to train allergy alert dog before watching this video. Now I do! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Apparently, Youtube does not allow links unless they are to another video. If you type in the base blog address it will get you there. Then click on archives 2009 to see the list of numbered posts.

  3. I have mcs, can u help me get a trained dog? It would have to be hairless or a hypoallergenic dog, like toy poodles they are more intelligent, or maltese. Thanks, marie. :'-(

  4. You don't day where you are, but if you do a internet search for service dogs or assistance dogs, you may find what you are looking for. All programs supply their own dogs so you may not have much choice in breed. We help people train their own dogs.

  5. Thank you for this! I have a natural migraine alert dog, and found out the hard way after a SD friend visied from out of town that she had guinea pigs. I am severely allergic and ended up at urgent care. This should help now that I take so much public transportation now. It only takes me touching dander then my face to need medical care.

  6. I have a client who wants a glutton alert dog. I have yet to find anyone who knows what source to use for this as a target odor. I mean, glutton is in lots of things, but there are also lots of varieties. Suggestions?
    Would you want to make sure the dog's food/treats are glutton free so that you are not giving the chance for the dog to smell odor and be rewarded w/o alerting? And because glutton is everywhere, how do you keep dog from getting overwhelmed? I have exp. training other odors.

  7. I am quite interested in this, as my DD14 was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy last year. We are hoping to get her a dog/puppy within the next year. Can you tell me best breeds and age? or does it matter? She wants a Staffordshire Pitbull female puppy. Thank you!

  8. These videos have been super helpful in training my service dog! I was just wondering how I would teach my dog to give me an “all clear” if my food is safe to eat

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