10 Most Bizarre Allergies

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[Background Music Starts] From exercise to underwear, we count down
the 10 Most Bizarre Allergies #10: Shoes: Believe it or not, some people
are allergic to leather. Referred to as contact dermatitis, this condition is a reaction to
the chemicals used to tan the leather. Signs for this allergy range from a burning sensation
to itchy rashes. It’s also possible for someone to be allergic to shoes with rubber
material or metal clasps that contain nickel. What’s the solution for something like this?
A number of sufferers wear thick socks or avoid certain shoes altogether. #9: Water: In 2008, an article was published
about a 19-year-old Australian named Ashleigh Morris. Morris said that even sweat could
cause pain. This condition is called aquagenic urticaria, and it’s very rare. So rare,
in fact, that only 50 cases have been documented worldwide. Someone suffering from this allergy
will get hives within minutes of skin contact. It doesn’t matter if the water is hot or
cold, pure or filled with chlorine – the results can be the same. There is no known
cure. #8: Sunlight: Many people avoid the beach
if they don’t want a nasty sunburn, but someone with a sun allergy has a different
reason for staying away. Known as solar urticaria, this condition causes hives to appear on the
skin when the subject makes contact with “ultraviolet or UV radiation.” Even visible light can
cause problems. Discovered in 1904 by P. Merklen, it received its official name in 1923. Antihistamines
can be used to treat it. #7: Modern Life: In 2013, Julia Taylor claimed
she suffered from headaches and blackouts because of an allergy to “man-made radiation.”
In other words, cell phones, computers, and microwaves were making her sick, the very
things that make up modern life. Called electromagnetic hypersensitivity (or EHS), this condition
is controversial. The United Kingdom’s Health Protection Agency says EHS doesn’t exist,
but Sweden calls it a “functional impairment.” #6: Money: The coins sitting at the bottom
of your purse may be harmless to you, but they can wreak havoc on the skin of someone
with contact dermatitis. That’s because nickel is one of the metals used to create
coins, and this metal can cause allergic reactions. Experts recommend avoiding coins and using
antihistamines to treat the affected spot after exposure. #5: Cold Temperatures: A chilly day can be
uncomfortable for anyone, but people with cold urticaria get more than goose bumps when
they step outside. Itchy skin, rashes, and hives are just a few symptoms of this allergy.
An innocent activity like going for a swim in a cold pool or lake could lead to anaphylactic
shock and a trip to the hospital. The cause of this condition is unknown, but it may be
connected to genetics or an illness. #4: Exercise: Exercise-induced anaphylaxis
(EIA) occurs when someone eats a food or ingests a medication they’re allergic to and works
out afterward. It’s a very serious reaction that can lead to nausea, vomiting, itching,
hives, difficulty breathing, and even unconsciousness. According to experts, a person dealing with
EIA should wear a medic-alert bracelet and have an exercise buddy nearby in case of an
emergency. It’s also important to avoid eating or taking anything that would trigger
the allergic reaction “the day before and day of” the exercise. #3: Beef: Meat lovers might find this one
hard to accept. According to a report released in 2001 by the Internet Symposium on Food
Allergens, up to 6.5% of children suffer from a beef allergy. Most of them outgrow it, but
there are adults with a permanent problem. Reactions range from hives to difficulty breathing.
This allergy is believed to be connected to a carbohydrate known as alpha-gal, a staple
ingredient in beef. #2: Deodorant: If you feel dizzy, find a rash
in your armpit, or experience abdominal pain after you use a deodorant, you may be allergic.
The acidic ingredients in deodorant are supposed to fight against bacteria, but they can cause
problems for some unlucky victims. If a reaction is mild, it’s easy enough to try a different
brand. If that doesn’t work, you may have to use a hypoallergenic or fragrance-free
deodorant. #1: Underwear: This is another kind of contact
dermatitis, and it’s a doozy. The dyes, chemicals, preservatives, and fabrics used
in underwear can cause an uncomfortable rash. Even elastic bands spell trouble. Allergist
Tim Mainardi recommends buying underwear made of organic materials. Hey guys fresh here and thanks for watching
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24 thoughts on “10 Most Bizarre Allergies

  1. I have a beef intolerance. Has not stopped me yet, as it only causes stomach pains and I can treat it with align.

  2. Im allergic to stupid people. It causes my face to get red, and my voice to get slightly louder, and it also causes my typing to become slightly faster and harder. And this sometimes lead to involuntarily walking away, to hinder further damage.

  3. I'm allergic to stuff used on furniture to make it resistant to fungi when in transport. It makes shopping for furniture difficult and expensive. Nickle is an allergy of mine, Im slightly allergic to the sun, some deodorants, brown rice is a rare one when you don't live in Asia and a host of other ones that aren't weird. My brother is allergic to the cold.

    And the only way an "Allergy" to emfs is a fuctional ailment is it being absolutely a mental illness.

    Organic materials is a weird suggestion. I am allergic to latex. So I have to use latex free everything. So we tried latex free condoms and they ended up being made from pure natural rubber. Still I blew up like a balloons and itchy for days. Even if its organic materials, I'm still allergic. Those with severe allergies I wouldn't risk it. Anaphylaxis is scary as shit.

  4. I'm allergic to lots of things, including painkillers and other medicines. Also allergic to prednison and other corticosteroids so if I would ever suffer from anaphilactic shock, they couldn't treat it…….

  5. I'm allergic to deodorant the only one I can use it a hypoallergenic one called just dry same for soap I got to use dove sensitive skin which is also hypoallergenic phisoderm works better but it's like 4 times the price so I got to settle for the dove sensitive skin soap

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