10 Things Not To Say To Allergy Sufferers || Allergy Awareness Week [CC]

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Today’s video is 10 things not to say to allergy
sufferers! [Upbeat intro music] Hello! And welcome to video number 3 of Allergy Awareness
Week. This week we are focusing on the plight of allergy sufferers. I know everyone will
relate to this one in some way. So today’s video is 10 things not to say to allergy sufferers.
If you are here for cold urticaria videos, if you click in the description there is a
link to an article 10 things not to say to someone with cold urticaria. So without further
ado… Are you sure? Yes. It’s the GI equivalent of running over a ketchup packet, pretty sure.
How allergic are you? Quite. It depends on the type of allergy, rice is a big one, I
can tell if there’s rice in something anything within about 10 minutes. What happens if you
eat it? Why do you care? If you’re asking so you can feed it to me, bugger off. If you’re
asking because you think you might be allergic to it, I’m more than happy to help. But maybe
give me some context first. Can I test you? No the f- you can’t. I guarantee that you
would refuse to clean up the mess, if you did feed it to me, so… No. You can’t. It’s
also illegal. Definitely in the UK, it’s illegal anyway. Uh, it counts as poisoning, and if
you kill the person, you can get charged with murder. Yeah… Don’t. What about organic?
I can see where you’re coming from, but organic rice is still rice. Do you know my friend?
They’re allergic too! No. We don’t hold conventions where we all just get to know everybody and
their allergies. Millions of people suffer with allergies in some form or another, I
am not gonna know all of those people. Stop. I get this all the time with wheelchairs,
as well, like “do you know so and so? They’re in a wheelchair too!” No. Oh but that’s such
a faff! you’re SO inconvenient! I know! I know it’s annoying having to go to a restaurant
and I know it’s SO annoying watching me go through the menu just to see if they have
chips. I can promise you it’s not an inconvenience to anyone elise more than it is to me. Stop being
a dickhead. It’s a part of life that I personally dread, when people say “hey, do you wanna
go for food?” No. I don’t. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t. But you can only be allergic to a
protein. I’m gonna preface this with bodies are weird, OK? They are just weird. There’s
a group of allergies called the physical urticarias, so that’s things like sunlight, heat, cold,
uh, dermographia. It’s untrue! You can literally be allergic to anything. Anything that stresses
out your mast cells and causes them to release histamine and all the other inflammatory stuff
that they do, including sunlight and cold. As we know. People are allergic to drugs and
no-one bats an eyelid, like Ibuprofen! Lots and lots of people are allergic to ibuprofen
and that’s not a protein. Can’t you just take an antihistamine? No. I can’t, I’m allergic
to some of them! Why? Why? Why? No. It doesn’t quite work like that. They are not magic.
They’re not gonna help with severe allergies, they’re- they don’t really help so much with
food allergies, they do with like, certain types of reactions- of course the sun’s coming
out. They do help, but they’re not, they’re not gonna help that much, and they don’t tend
to work for GI stuff, it’s more like facial stuff and urticarial stuff. Histamine isn’t
the only problem during an allergic reaction, so. Aaaaa. It’s not gonna work for the other
things because it only deals with the histamine side of things. Can you just do that thing,
where you eat a little bit of your allergen, and then you increase that, and then eventually
your body just gets used to it?! No! No. No I can’t. Not only is that a waste of doctors’
time, because you don’t wanna do that without medical supervision. It’s a waste of my time.
Like I have so many allergies, if I was doing that for every little thing… I would- I’d
be doing it for the rest of my life, and I don’t really feel like doing that. It can
be very risky and it’s not proven to work all the time. Like, I’ve been exposing myself
to cold for about 10 years, and I’m still allergic to it! So… No. I think I’ll just
live with it. Thanks. If you could just stop saying these 10 things to allergy sufferers
that would make our lives a little bit easier. Instead, why don’t you ask “what can you eat?”
“How can I help you?” “Is there a particular restaurant where you know the food isn’t gonna
kill you?” Don’t forget to like this video, drop a comment, and subscribe. Once subscribed
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Stay tuned! Bye!

2 thoughts on “10 Things Not To Say To Allergy Sufferers || Allergy Awareness Week [CC]

  1. This was so sassy and informative I really enjoyed it! I don’t have any allergies but my husband tried a Brazil nut for the first time and we ended up taking him to hospital he was allergic and had no idea! Videos like this help people to understand there is a lot we don’t yet know about how bodies work xx

  2. Loved this video – it was very informative and funny. 🙂
    I'm allergic to stress, which is weird, but when I am in particularly stressful situations, I get hives, terribly bad. But stress also triggers my CVS. Just best to be avoided. I have some sort of alcohol allergy, and people rarely believe me. I remember crying at the hospital a few years ago because I had been in a vomiting episode for several days and couldn't eat, but was also depleted of energy and on my chart, it stated I was lactose intolerant – they came in with: milk, cream soup, pudding, and another dairy product for lunch. I started bawling because I knew I couldn't eat any of it, but I was hungry. My spouse, a miracle, always made sure to get me what I felt I could have whether they did or not.

    Sorry, unnecessary story, just prompted my brain of such memory haha

    Hope you're well today.

    Oh, I don't remember having asked, have you travelled to other parts of the world where atmosphere and pressures are different to see how you cope? Also, have you tried any weird interventions that you've come across? (just curious, not making annoying suggestions lol)

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