100 thoughts on “10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For YOURSELF! *must-haves*

  1. As I'm on a no buy, could you do a video on free gifts for valentine's day? Presents that don't cost anything? Thanks 💋💋

  2. Hi Shea love the video. I have a question on eye liner. From your recommendation I have been using ardency inn eyeliner. But it’s seems sold out every where. What are you using now? Please let me know I loved that eyeliner so much. And thanks for the awesome recommendation

  3. I loved this video! You are always so creative and lively I love watching you. I love hearing feedback before I try products especially more expensive products. So thank you ❤️

  4. Hi Shea. I've been going through tough times and sometimes caught myself not talking for days and days. I often watch your movie and admires your energy and vibe. It's so uplifting. I'd love to be able to know you

  5. I have my silk pillowcase and eye mask in the exact same colors as yours! I love this coincidence & color combination!

  6. The best blanket to get is from sew sweet Minky designs. Best blanket I’ve ever had- good for anxiety, depression, stress etc….

  7. Silk pillowcases my mother and her friends had this type of silk pillowcase it is a waste of money your head slips off of the pillow case when you are trying to sleep my daughter just bought one she threw it in the trash can I told her about my mother and her friends don't waste your money

  8. I understand you have to make money and YouTube is your job now, but I'd rather know who is sponsoring the video in the title. And it is so annoying to see that every video is sponsored, there's no more spontaneity whatsoever.
    ps: I know itt's written in the infobox, but I'd rather know I'm going to watch an advertisement when I click on a video.

  9. Sooo I didn’t even focus on the Tiger rings because my attention was drawn to your Cartier Juste Un Glou ring. Looks beautiful 😍😍😍.

  10. I watched one of your videos about your bag collection today for the first time. After I went to your channel and here I am 3 hours later still watching. Love your content, great job! I subscribed and will continue watching! ☺️

  11. I love an oval diamond too. You can get the look of a bigger diamond for less money by the way it's cut. And it has almost as great sparkle as a round cut.

  12. Great idea’s! Just thinking you mentioned a silk/satin pillow case. Not only are they good for your skin etc., if you have wavy or curly hair, you must use one for sleeping! They’re the best! 🥰 Also if I may… not a great idea to put your cell or ipad on the bathtub caddy. The hot steam could damage them. 🤦‍♀️ Happy Valentines Day!

  13. I love Tiger Gems! I used to get white sapphire or white topaz jewelry for the look without the price and then I discovered their site and fell in love!!

  14. Pink pink pink 🙌🏼👌🏼💖💖💖💖
    Your top is super cute 💖💖💖💖
    Happy Valentines Day Beautiful Shea💝

  15. Shea and I have nothing in common style-wise but i love her so much that I watch every video! Thanks for the inspiration and positivity! You always make my ok day fantastic:)

    P.S. I got an affordable luxury bag! Thanks for the push!

  16. Love this concept of Self Love! And gifting Yourself something, because why not! 👏👏Love should always start from within!

  17. I have been forever searching for a realistic looking faux flowers. So agree with you Shea. I have some that look awful. Hoping the one you suggested will look life like. Love all your suggestions! Thanks so much for sharing!💞❤️

  18. We received a towel warmer for Christmas. It works great but the cord isn’t long enough to be convenient in our bathroom. So we put it in our living-room. We actually store 2 throw blankets in it and turn it on as we are getting ready to watch a movie, etc. it’s been so nice. We love it.

    This is the one we have.


  19. Geez I wish I had time for actual baths. The trade off tho is if I get one, it takes away from my schedule plus my husband will turn the kitchen into a train wreck on the inside of that 20 minutes..plus the last time I put my ipad anywhere near water it did not work out well…so its isolated showers for me… :/

  20. I love Fashionphile. I've sold things there and purchased things. I would also shout out TheRealReal. But, TRR won't let you return most really pricey handbags. But, Fashionphile gives you something like 14 days to sent it. And, they will BUY it back (for a lesser amount but still….) within 6 months. I am currently "trying out" an LV Lockme backpack. If I don't like it I can ultimately sell it back and it's as if I just rented it for a few months. xoxo

  21. I celebrate myself 365 days per year!! Lol I love love love me!!! Just chked out Tigergems…oh no another gift or two for me!!

  22. No! Don’t get oval. Eww. 😉

    Ok…my wedding stone is oval because I’ve loved that shape forever. AND I love that it was different from everyone else’s. I’m starting to see them everywhere now 🙁 Stop buying oval! Hehe…

  23. Sorry but 5000$ for a used itsy bag even if it’s Chanel is just crazy + all these items with the huge logo Dior , Gucci that scream : Hey everybody I have money is just plain tacky . You should follow school of affluence. She’s on YouTube .

  24. I loved those flowers!! If you like that flower arrangement too, there is a smaller version at Target that is affordable. It's a taller, thinner glass with two flower stems (sorry not familiar with flower names lol), but it's gorgeous!!

  25. Yes I got the blanket thank you for the suggestion. Especially today it’s snowing in NY and I am watching this video with the blanket on me.

  26. Shea did you once say you did videos with amazon like available on amazon? Or were you just referring to your amazon store front?


  28. Thanks for listing all the links!! I ventured to "your" Amazon store!!. Pretty cool that you can shop all the products mentioned that you purchased from Amazon. Thanks for sharing I really the make up.lay and go bag and well as some sheets you mentioned in other videos!!! So I found them all their. I enjoy your channel from time to time. PS I'm a Pittsburgh subscriber

  29. I love this video so much! I thought it would be stupid because ahem Valentines day is stupid for us single people, but you gave really great stuff!

  30. I don't know if people want to know but I want to be really interested in some of your other non-toxic stuff like creams or maybe makeup or cleaning products, toothpadte,… you have once mentioned are Deodorant and about it and am happy with it

  31. I just got my first Fashionphile purchase. I love the concept. The only thing that I found somewhat misleading: you can resell the bags within x amount of time if their tag stays on. The bags that I ordered the tags are on the exterior and you couldn't wear them in public without looking odd. If you cut them off they're yours, which is ok with me. The luxury quality for the price is amazing because I wasn't interested in the latest trends. Thanks for sharing your tips! I love watching your channel.

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