10 Weirdest Things People Are Allergic To

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• From baby batter to ¬¬¬¬¬¬modern
technology, we count ten of the weirdest things people are allergic to!
10 – Semen, • It sounds like something you’d say to
get out of having sex, but semen allergies are a legitimate medical condition! They’re
known in the medical world as ‘human seminal plasma hypersensitivity’ and cause burning
and itching in the underpants region, and even nasty vaginal swelling.
• This allergy isn’t just for women; some unlucky men are actually allergic to their
own semen! Researchers have found that these poor guys develop flu-like symptoms after
sex or masturbation. Coming into contact with their own jizz irritates their eyes and skin
and causes mucus to build up in their nostrils. Gross!
• If you’re allergic to semen, there are a few treatment options. You could abstain
from sex and orgasms for the rest of your life … Or you could inject yourself with
small amounts of semen, upping the dose over time to build a tolerance. Or you could try
what one patient did: have sex every 48 hours to desensitise yourself. I know what I’d
choose. 9 – Sunlight,
• The sun may seem like a friendly dude, but for people with sun allergies he’s basically
Satan. Instead of enjoying basking in those warm yellow rays, people with photodermatosis
or solar urticaria have to spend their days darting from cover to cover, hiding in the
shadows. • If they don’t, they’ll develop an
uncomfortable rash all over their body. It may not be life-threatening, but it’s painful
and not pretty to look at. • For people with this allergy it’s basically
like being a vampire. Or a redhead. Best stick to wet gloomy places,
and don’t even bother going to California. 8 – Deodorant,
• An allergy to deodorant sounds like something a stinky asshole would make up to justify
his face-melting body odour, but it’s actually a real condition. People with this allergy
basically react badly to the ingredients in most deodorants and perfumes. The condition
triggers horrifying symptoms, like hives, pimples, peeling skin and even oozing lesions.
• It’s pretty serious, but it doesn’t mean you have to go around smelling like the
inside of a dirty gym shoe. Sufferers can try specially made prescription deodorants or
gentle alternatives like talcum or baby powder. See, there’s hope for a brighter-smelling
tomorrow. • Look, I’m sorry if you have this. I
meant no offence. It must be tough to make friends. I’ll be your friend… Actually,
how about we be pen pals? 7 – Wood,
• Can you imagine a reality where touching pencils or paper literally burned the skin
off your hands? That’s what life is like for people with wood allergies. It’s terrible.
Forget drawing nice pictures or living the dream and becoming a lumberjack. Those things
are out. • Whether its dust or solid, wood allergies
affect people in different ways. They can cause skin irritation, nasty coughing fits,
explosive blasts of mucus from your nose and hives, this kind of reminds me of those nut
allergies and noo… the edible kind, well… Actually both are edible but im not thinking
about THAT OTHER ONE. • A thirty-two-year-old banker in the UK
quit his job to become a carpenter, only to find out he’d developed a wood allergy.
He now works exclusively with the only wood that doesn’t set off his allergies: Welsh
Oak. Welsh Oak’s got your back, guy… 6 – Modern Technology,
• These days technology makes the world go round, but for thirty-nine-year-old Debbie
Bird modern technology causes painful reactions, like rashes on her skin and eyelids! Like
thousands of others, Debbie is sensitive to the electromagnetic field given off by most
computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and even some cars.
• Electro-sensitivity is not considered a real medical condition, but it’s believed
to affect up to five percent of the population. Sceptical researchers believe the symptoms
people are experiencing are most likely caused by flues, viruses, or are completely in the
person’s head. • Maybe we should ask Siri. Siri, is technology
trying to kill us? 5 – Sweat,
• While some people are ‘allergic’ to hard work, sweat allergies actually exist.
The condition is called cholinergic urticarial and it’s surprisingly common. For sufferers,
sweating can cause painful welts, rashes and even hives. Man, is there anything that won’t
give you hives? • The problem with treating and diagnosing
a sweat allergy is that it’s easy to mistake it for an ordinary heat rash. Its symptoms
also overlap with other skin and thyroid disorders, so if you want to deal with a sweat allergy
you’ve first got to jump through fifty flaming hoops and rule out all other conditions.
• Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can treat it with antihistamines, antidepressants
and anabolic steroids. It’s also an idea to lose excess weight and avoid eating spicy
food. Oh, and try to keep your anxiety levels down. I know, I know… Easier said that done,
but anxiety causes you to sweat, which will bring on more anxiety and before you know
it you’re stuck in an infinite sweaty anxious loop.
4 – Clothing, • While many fashionistas are allergic to
bad style, some people are actually allergic to the clothes on their own back! This is
called textile dermatitis and it’s caused by different things for different people.
I mean, the world would be pretty boring if we were all allergic to the same stuff. Hey,
don’t be so fucking smug, nudists! You’ll get yours! I hope a turtle bites your wang!
• Clothing allergies can be triggered by wool or cotton, or by synthetic materials
like rubber, resins, dyes, glues, or tanning agents. It causes rashes, itching and even
blisters. • But, hey, it gets worse. Some people are
even allergic to their own underwear! I think some celebrities have this. It causes the
sufferer a lot of discomfort and will probably get them arrested for touching their junk.
‘No officer! I wasn’t touching myself in front of that playground! I have an underwear
allergy!’ If you have this allergy consult a dermatologist before this becomes your reality.
3 – Beanbags, • In 1996, a little boy suffered respiratory
failure because he was playing on one of the school’s beanbags.
• No, it wasn’t some haunted beanbag that came to life and tried to eat him, although
that would be cool. I should patent that shit before Goosebumps gets onto it. No, the boy
had an allergic to reaction to the dusty soybeans that were used to fill the bag.
• Soybean allergies are quite common. The boy probably knew not to eat them, but would’ve
had no idea they were being used to fill his school beanbags. And this was in the Nineties,
too, when beanbags were everywhere. He wouldn’t have been able to enter a room without seeing
one of those super comfy death traps. 2 – Water,
• Nothing beats taking a dip on a hot day, but did you know one in twenty-three million
people are allergic to our planet’s most abundant resource water? This extremely rare
condition is called aquagenic urticaria and confines most people who suffer from it to
their homes. • People with this condition are hypersensitive
to the ions found in non-distilled water. They’re fine to drink it, but they’ll
get itchy hives if they’re submerged in water – doesn’t matter if it’s a pool,
shower, or lake.  One teenage sufferer can’t go swimming,
enjoy a hot bath or even shower after a stressful day’s work. If she gets wet her body explodes
in sore red lumps that take two hours to fade. Obviously she has to wash, but showering causes
her so much pain that she can only do it for a minute at a time.
1 – Every Food and Drink Except Water,  Australian boy Kaleb Bussenschutt has
a severe medical condition that makes him allergic to everything but water. He’s so
hypersensitive to the world around him that ingesting anything else triggers agonising
stomach pain.  The poor kid literally lives on a diet
of water, ice cubes and one specific brand of lemonade. Since he can’t eat proper food,
he has to get the nutrients he needs to live from a backpack feeding tube that pumps directly
into his stomach.  Unfortunately Kaleb’s allergies are
so rare that no cure has been developed yet.

100 thoughts on “10 Weirdest Things People Are Allergic To

  1. A large part of our bodies are made of water. How can someone live whilst being allergic to what's in their body?

  2. I'm allergic to some soaps and some deodorant. So yeah, I'm also allergic to good luck and summer cuz I live in Arizona lol

  3. I have the oh so fun allergy to latex. Which means if I want to have protected sex, I have to go on a wild goose chase to find non-latex (and non-lambskin, those don't go over well either) condoms, so I just don't have sex. When I do find condoms I can use, they're way overpriced for getting very little product. I also have to avoid really cool cosplay (costume) accessories and props (WHY IS THERE NO LIQUID LATEX SUBSTITUTE), and I have to hold my break and cover my face with my shirt or something to go down some dog toy aisles (and I can't give my dog latex dog toys evern though she's found some she just loved), and finally, I have to wear a medical mask every single time I go into a doctors office or hospital in case I'm put in a room with powdered latex gloves. Finding decent bandaids is a pain in the ass too.

  4. I was sent home on the first day of primary school because I was allergic to the fabric school trousers were made with. Needless to say I was forced to wear skirts with shorts underneath for 12 years. No, they still couldn't compromise the uniform code.

  5. i have so many allegies. they. wont test my body anymore just my blood.i reacted to 47 out of 48 the last time. one of worst is dustmites put me in shock
    im allerget to the tiny little cap on an iv needle they put the needle in so far then back it out wrap it in gause

  6. allergies penn asperin darvon demerol talwin xomax entex la plazma all greens all but 2 antibotics most meds. toothpaste mouthwash but colgate cepocal

  7. what i do is use benedryl first esp if its new meds and that is not all i carry a paper at all times with info and so does everyone else

  8. I have the sweat allergy. Before i found out that antihistamin worked, it was so weird for me to walk over to the teacher like "Hey, im allergic to workout, can i skip?" Sounds like the worst excuse.

  9. Im allergic to nonexistense cuz allergies dont exist in my body i was Born without any allergies And developed a Chance to never even have a allergy

  10. I only have a very mild water allergy but when u tell people ur allergic to water they tend to just laugh even family don't believe me at first

  11. I've got porphyria (epp) I'm realy alurgic to the sun too much sun can even cause liver failure it's hell

  12. Even though you said it with a joke (a good one too 😂) you are the first person I've ever heard actually say sorry and understand it sucks for those who have it. I have a nerve condition and basically my nervous system that does simple autonomous functions is damaged to the point of not working so I cannot regular my own temperature and I sweat too much but only on half my body the other doesn't sweat at all. I'm also allergic to most perfumes but rather deal with allergic reactions than ever be the stinky sweaty girl ever again!

  13. Damn, this stuff is tuff, I can't believe he's allergic to about everything! I feel bad for everyone who has these allergies.

  14. I have aquagenic urticaria, It’s so hard to even go outside if it’s even remotely humid, showers= death, rivers, lakes, even purified water kills me with red bumps and hives all over my body. I was the 36 person in the world to be medically diagnosed.

  15. His impression of a vampire😂😂 I'm dead and it's honestly not offensive as someone who is allergic to the sun #vampirelivesmatter

  16. I'm glad I don't have any allergies do u know how it can affects u?

    It can kill u, I saw a movie where a girl eat a cack but it has peanuts in it and well I don't wanna spoil the movie

  17. I'm allergic to grass. It causes blisters that take days to heal. I also develop breathing problems if grass or it's pollen gets near my face. Found out the hard way very young. Also feathers, and over one hundred others. Requiring weekly injections to even be able to live normally. Thankfully I have grown out of many of these. I still have to carry an epi pen due to the life threatening reactions, especially to bees.

  18. That one patient that had sex every 48 hours. " CAN'T KEEP MY DICK IN MY PANTS AY! MY SEMEN DON'T BURN ME NO MO'! I GIVE HER DICK SHE LIKE 'VRO'! "

  19. I'm allergic to tomatoes. It's so hard when going out to eat. I get diarrhea, stomach aches and sometimes my neck swells up

  20. I’m allergic to omega 3 I checmical I think…. all I know is it’s in almost every fish in the sea and some other foods also apparently if I don’t take in omega 3 Il die but I’ve been going without omega 3 for the last 15 years????

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