100. Free: how to energy heal colds, congestion, allergies, and more 🙌

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Hi there it is Sunday let me adjust my headset so you can hear me okay; it is Sunday, it’s October 27th, it’s 3:11 and I just got
home from my mother so I went to a weekend visit to my mother’s hoping that
her cat will be okay I’m sure cats having a lot of health
issues but anyway I’m just gonna do a quick energy healing exercise just this
is in addition to the ones that I did a few days ago about clearing chest
congestion just to things that I didn’t do well one thing that I didn’t do one
of the things that I did I’m gonna once again with my crystal out of harm’s way
because this is going to involve hitting the thymus or thumping the thymus the
thymus bone you want to hit your thymus I just hit it with this part of my hand
I just used my fist and I thump it you can also do the Tarzan tap the reason
this is good and the reason that’s gonna help clear in your chest is as we get
older our thymus gland gets smaller and it was oxygen so if you run up a flight
of stairs and you find yourself just out of breath
doing something like this can actually help it can also loosen up any
congestion you might have the one exercise I forgot to do was opening the
heart chakra which is very simple you just put your hands on your heart chakra
push in and pull apart or break apart you can also do the golden hearts
meditation which you start off here and then you just slowly come up and then
when you get to the pecs change to the prayer position and then once you’re in
prayer position bring your arms up do a heart down and then come back down here
and then you can do the whole process again and you can do this as many times
as you want and you can keep going down to the bottom again but once you’re done
doing that once once you feel like you’re done I usually only do it two or
three times on the last round you bring your arms up but instead of going all
the way down from them in front of you almost like you’re clapping but we’re
not bring them to your heart chakra and rake
across so again those are just a couple of things I wanted to show you that I
didn’t do and then one last thing this is very good for prevention it’s also
good if you’re already sick it may be a little uncomfortable I’m gonna lift my
mouth for this what we need to do is use the chin bone you want to press and this
is tough love because this might be uncomfortable I usually use my index and
middle finger and you want to just press and massage very vigorously you might
hit a couple of sensitive spots one side may not hurt at all one side may be very
sensitive if it’s sore you need it basically it’s what done it evens rule
is and what you want to do is you want to go all the way back to underneath the
ear and then when you get to under the ear just bring it down go off the chest
and then work your hands together shake them off hope that helps you let me know
in the comments down below as always namaste peace and light thank you so
much for coming and thank you for your visit and I hope to be back soon with
more but as always leave a request down below if you have anything you would
like to see me do a healing video for for you and again thank you so much take
care of yourself bye bye Cheers

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