105-Years-Old: the World’s Oldest Doctor?

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When we met at his home in central
London he told me his latest paper had just been published in a medical
journey only this month. I started by asking him if he thought he was a
because of his jeans or because he worked at it?
My old age is due to luck. The reason I have not died is
because I have been so close to death but every time I have just
missed it. I think that is the reason I am so lucky to be alive.
Do you still practice now, do you see
patients? I am not allowed
officially to see patients. Various very grateful patients still come
and I see them but there is always a doctor there and I am only gossiping
with them. You actually got to work
for the last two years of his life with Alexander Fleming, the
discoverer of penicillin. I had to
see him every day Monday to Friday at ten o’clock to talk about award
he was technically in charge but was completely uninterested in clinical
medicine and we talked about all sorts of things. I should have
written a book about what we did talk about but I never have.
If you don’t mind me saying you are the
oldest person I have ever spoken to and I am wondering, you were born
during just the build-up to the First World War, can you remember
anything from the First World War? Yes, I can remember receiving
postcards from my father from Egypt. My father coming back from the war,
just before the war finished, I remember great job location of my
mother — the great happiness of my mother and all the kerfuffle that
went on because he was back and had survived France and everything else.
Your own war took you to a point where you were a prisoner of war of
the Japanese. Where was that? Yes, I
was taken prisoner of war in Singapore on the 15th of February
1942 and I remember that, strangely, although I was on the outskirts of
Singapore, I think there were three planes came over and dropped what
are now called small bombs but I remember it’s the only time in my
life I got under my bed because I could hear it swishing down.
In our own times you actually met Saddam
Hussein. I had never heard of him.
But what was interesting about him of course, he was on desensitising
injections for his asthma and allergy. By all definitions of
allergy and asthma, he had neither but he wasn’t sleeping, eating or
praying he was smoking a cigarette so he was smoking over 40 cigarettes
a day and that was what was wrong with him. He was the most grateful
patient I have ever had as far as I was concerned he was a very pleasant
patient. You said as a child you
played with nature, there were no televisions radios, mobile phones or
computers. We entertained ourselves,
I remember the first ever radio I heard aged ten at a prep school and
I thought it was marvellous, sending noise through the air. The main
difference as I see it is now that everyone is organised to do all
sorts of things with all the modern technology and so on, in my day,
certainly when I was young, we organise ourselves.
Do you have a mobile phone?
No. Do you watch
television? I watch a lot of
television. Do you have a computer?
Yarde no, no, no. Gosh. How long do you think you want to live?
I don’t know, I have dealt with death so
much myself. Would you describe
yourself as happy? Yes, I’m very
happy. I never get depressed. When I was a prisoner of war for three and
a half years and came back here I decided I would start a new life and
I never told my wife for children about being a prisoner of war. It
was part of my life which was not very pleasant and I was not going to
think about it again. It’s been a
privilege to talk to you, thank you very much indeed for talking to us.
Good. 105 and still going strong.
Tonights main news, no Conservative MPs will face criminal charges in
knowledge and two elections bending rules in relation to the 20 15th
battle bus campaign after the CPS said it was not in the public
interest. And more on President Trump firing James Comey as FBI
director, tonight the White House has claimed Mr Trump had considered
sacking him since the day he was elected saying there had been an
erosion of confidence. The Senate intelligence committee has asked
James Comey to appear before a hearing next week. That is Channel 4
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  1. I would love to see both Dr. William Frankland and Prince Philip arrange a meet up. Imagine the topics and life experiences they will be discussing, I hope either the BBC or Channel 4 will make it happen.

  2. I think a sense of humour helps people to live longer, together with a vegan diet. This man's incredible. <3

  3. …….Alexander Fleming the discoverer of penicillin?..its a long story,,docudramas on the matter portray Ale ander Fleming as being g not a man of his word. Howard Florey and Ernst Chain never get much mention, yet they did all the hard work isolating and identifying the molecule , they were a driving force and Fleming enjoyed the ride. There would be a case to give Beatrix Potter some credit also if one read her notes on the matter …good to see spritely centenarians.

  4. Older than every US President since 1961 (minus Johnson and Reagan). Older than the last 4 Popes. Also alive during the sinking of the Titanic.

  5. Very impressed with the way Jon conducted the interview here. There are a great many out there who would be all 'ohhh, REALLY? That's AMAZING! Wow! Bless you!' – you know, the way we seem to speak to very old people as if they're children. Jon approaches him as a man, as he is.

  6. Dr. Ellworth Wareham. This is his other video were he explains his diet and his secret of longevity: https://youtu.be/FX58PyQwrcI

  7. The most amazing thing about this man is that his mental clarity and quality of speech is better than 90% of libtard politicians aged 40 and hillary clinton voters

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  9. I think him not having a cell phone or computer helps him to live longer haha. I have a damn router in my room at my apartment and I know it's been aging me rapidly

  10. My 84 year old Great Grandmother tells me to walk at least an hour per day and to keep your mind active will help you live a very long life.

  11. This is a great man. Long may he grace this earth with his spirit and knowledge, he’s a gift to humanity.

  12. WAAAAU!!!! This man met Alexander Flemming =O He would have met people from the Victorian Era.

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