11 EXPENSIVE Dogs that Cost more than a HOUSE!!

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Is that a rescue? No I dropped lazy cash for my best friend! We all love dogs even Cat people love dogs. With a ten to fifteen-year life span, the
commitment to your dog is longer than the average marriage these days. They say three months rent for the engagement
ring- so how much for your dog? Let’s see the best money can buy
11 # The samurai dog Akita. The akita breed is from the land of the rising
sun in Northern Japan, this was a chosen breed for the Samurai. It is one of the most Tom in ant dog breeds. They really packed a lunch with a strong bright
strength and a sturdy build. It was the perfect companion in the old days,
dating back to the B.C. times. And although they’re still on the list of
ranger us dogs It’s, actually a very loyal feed; and good for families. They have a high level of intelligence and
warmth. The fur ranges from white to reddish brown,
in different varieties. The Japanese Akita sells for a higher price,
between $1,500 and $4,500 appearing in dog shows and homes around the world. It’s said these dogs have a lot of personality
but Akita can throw shade at strangers; this dog is more of a family guy. But Akita can be temperamental, and deep restive
if mist treated or left alone. Just a little TLC and the Akita can be anyone’s
best friend One of the best things about this dog, besides
those cute tails: It is quiet! My neighbor dogs barks all day and you wouldn’t
believe the dark thoughts that go through my mind. That is unless you have an intruder. Akita make natural hard dogs with ingrained,
protective instinct. These dogs are sweethearts. Treat em right and they’ll do no harm! 10 Queensland Blue Heeler
The loyal Road more he or! Mel Gibson’s trusty companion in the Mad
Max movies, is an excellent sidekick in real life as well. Our reasearcher over here at Bored Badger
Quin had one for 16 years. Are Eye He Barkley! Without any training, even city Blue Heelers
are born with the knowledge to herd cattle. Let them loose in the country and they’ll
start rounding up cows by Nick sing at their heels. The grey and black hair blend, appears to
some, to give a slight-blueish tint, and they were bed partly from dingoes in the farms
of Queensland Australia. Thus; the name Queensland Blue Heeler. I kind of like Dingo Dog, personally but this
one won’t eat your baby. They are considered one of the gentler dogs
around children. Untrained- They can be volatile and a bit
wild. But mainly this comes from their pro tech
live instincts If you want a watch dog then not a bad pick. Blue Heelers come in a lot of variety. They are known to be typically short & stout
as a mid-sized dog, but the champion pedigrees will be a bit taller and leaner with more
light, blueish tones. The Australian cattle dog, or red heeler are
other names within the breed, depending on coloration. But all of them will have red colored shins,
a marker of the dingo mud. Mixed pups can sell cheap, but for a pure
pedigree you’re looking at around $3,500 to $5,500. 9
Portuguese Water Dog As the name suggests- these dogs are good swimmers who used to live
on the docks helping Portuguese fisherman. They’re very hairy and called “water dogs”
so you’d that if you had allergies then this wouldn’t be the dog for you. But its hair actually taps allergens in the
air around it- so it’s branded the Hypoallergenic dog. It’s a dog filter! But be prepared to pay some grooming bills
around $2,500 a pop 8
Peruvian Inca Orchid On the opposite side of the scale, here’s a dog with no hair
at all. They developed alongside the Inca people in
the Peruvian Alps and were important to the culture. They are one of the oldest known breeds. To maintain its uphill skin, remember its
sensitive to the sun, and baths and even applying moisturizer is recommended. They come in a range of colors from black,
brown, gray, spotted, pink, tan and white. The budget for this k-9 is about $3,000
7 Pharos Hound This is a cool-looking dog. They have short & neat hair with a bright
brown range of color. And as the name suggests, they were bred in
Ancient Egypt and kept as pets for Pharos & nobility. This sprinting hound is good on the bunt. Later they became popular in Malta and they’ve
been named as the national dog. These mid-size dogs are loyal and pro tech
live, but still should be supervised around young children- just in case. The Pharos Hound comes with a price tag of
about $6,500 and like all hounds, they have moments of stubbornness and can be aloof. But they have a sweet side as well. With a happy personality, playfulness and
the ability to blush. 6
Rottweiler A classic breed. These dogs are commonly found in America,
but the price tag is quite steep. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these
there’s a lot of upside. These big loveable oafs are real friendly
and loyal to their owner, and bed see to their in him sees. This is one of the best hard dogs, it’s
a german breed that was used in Roman arm sees to herd cattle and pro tech the camps. Their signature markers are big size, a black
coat with reddish accents on the mouth, chest and legs, with a snub tail. By character they’re good natured, obedient,
peer less, and devoted. Along with pitbulls & german shepards, the
knock on the Rottweiller is that people consider it to be a ranger us breed, but that’s usually
not the case at all. 5
English Bulldog This iconic breed has a high demand back home in the United Kingdom It’s
one of the safe choice for many families because of the English Bulldog’s patience & friendliness. Its good around kids, cards the house, and
doesn’t always need a long walk. The only drawback really is its ugh Lee face. No, I’m kidding it’s the health problems. Fun fact! English bulldog leaders will often opt for
the see selection instead of natural births because their head’s so big it can get stuck
on the way out. Another unforeseen consequence from the leading
practice results in potential breathings problems. Ya, dogs can have asthma too. Even sleep app knee a – look at this special
doggy sleep app knee a machine. But on the bright side, English bulldogs have
been getting media attention for a peculiar skill. Some people want a skateboarding dog, I mean
why not? Short, stout, and smart- English Bulldogs
are well-known for being able to grasp this skill compared to other skate-dawgs. You may have seen some clips on the news. These head hers can come with a bill up to
$9,000 4
Samoyed The smiley dog. Their mouths naturally bend in a smile- hence
the nickname. From Siberia, they’re named after the tribe
that bed them. Samoyed dogs are strong and competitive and
playful, sometimes used for dog sleds. Mainly in the past they were used for reindeer
herding. Their Rascally behavior is endearing, they
need lots of love and attention. White coat, fluffy fur and perky tail- are
the signature Samoyed attributes. This is a beautiful dog; The price tag on
these guys go from $4,000 to $11,000! 3
Saluki Another dog from Egypt, this is one of the most expensive. Maybe you’re seeing a pattern developing
– this is another lead that is both one of the oldest in the world, and, most expensive. Going back to at least 329 B.C. This lead is so old, you’ll see ‘em in
hieroglyphs on ancient Egyptian temples. Saluki get top dollar because owners like
the slim & elegant look, their cool demeanor, and speed baby. Typically you’re going to have to shell
out 3 grand to get your hands on one. They’re even used to bunt gazelles, the
fastest of all antelope. The hair requires moderate grooming. They do need a lot of space to roam and take
long walks or go for a run. As long as they get their exercise the Saluki
temperament is usually cool and laid back. 2 Lowchens
From as far back as the Renaissance, the lowchens were a sign of wealth in Europe and popular
companions for noblewomen. They came from Germany and mean “little
lion” in german. Lady from the lady and the camp is supposed
to be a lowchens. They have a small, compact body, with a smaller
head, and they tons of broom-like fur that owners groom out to be fluffy
And the lowchens has a peppy personality and positive attitude. Couldn’t make the vid without a lowchens
cuz they do sell for more than most dogs out there ranging from $5,000 and up to $10,000! 1 Tibetan Mastiff Full of comfort and class, the Tibetan Mastiff
takes our number one spot- The most expensive dog on Earth! This owner surprised crowds and the media
alike in Hangzhou, China at a pet fair auction- paying $1.9 million US dollars for a Tibetan
Mastiff. As you can see these dogs grow to be huge-
almost bear-like, or, like a teddy bear. The fluffy coat, lovable face and sweet nature
really win hearts and minds. They originally developed alongside sheepherders
and pro tech lead flocks of sheep from the leopards and wolfs in the Tibetan Highlands. Sitting around 200 fluffy pounds with a mane
and those giant paws, the Tibetan tradition believes they have lions mud. The shaggy hair was meant to keep them warm
in those cold climates- but these days its best used to win trophies in categories like
coolest hair. The record breaking million-dollar dog was
an exception, you can get your own for around $5,000 to $8,000. That’s a dog gone sweet deal

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  1. Bored Badger did u hear about the bird that costs 1 million dollars and even has sceuirty Guards A BIRD!

  2. What kind of self indulgent asshole would spend that much on a dog? If you have that much to just piss into the wind you should be helping some kind of charity. Spending that amount of money on buying a dog is literally immoral.

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