11 Signs You Have A Sinus Infection

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Hey there, health junkies. While the cold & flu season is still upon
us, sinus infections remain common all year round. Also known as sinusitis, this infection is
caused by the inflammation of your tissue lining of your sinuses. This affects around 31 million Americans every
year. Over $1 billion is spent annually on medications
to fight the infection. Today, we’ll be discussing 11 signs you
have a sinus infection. Is a wicked headache a symptom? How long does the sore throat last? Will my voice change drastically? We’re talking all that AND more. Let’s begin, shall we? Runny Nose A sinus infection can bring on terrible nasal
discharge. Excuse me, that was medical terminology. You would call it “snot”. Having to always blow your nose can be an
annoying task. Try doing it with mucus that seemingly goes
on for ages. It’ll drive you crazy! Sinusitis is caused when your nasal passages
become infected. In some cases, bacteria is to blame for this. This will cause your mucus to have a yellow-greenish
colour to it, as opposed to it being clear. This discharge might even bypass your nose
and go down your throat. It is known as postnasal drip. During this process, your white blood cells
are activated, helping to protect your immune system. It does this through draining the nasal passage. So if you notice that your mucus is still
green even after weeks, don’t worry. Your immune cells are still draining. We should probably mention that there is a
difference between chronic and acute sinusitis. Acute only lasts for a short amount of time,
normally being accompanied by a cold. Chronic sinusitis lasts for more than 12 weeks. To find out which kind you have, it’s best
to talk to a medical professional. Stuffed Up Nose On top of a mucus overload, sinus infections
can obstruct the breathing passage through your nose. Anyone with a common cold will know how uncomfortable
this is. Your inflamed sinuses will keep air from properly
moving through your nasal passage. As the infection begins, blood will flood
to the nose. The increase in blood flow will cause your
nose’s tissue to swell. This will result in a stuffy nose. If nasal congestion is the result of bacteria,
it may last anywhere from 5 to 10 days. About the same length as a cold or flu. Headache When a stuffed up nose is a symptom, you can
expect a headache to follow. This is due to the enormous pressure your
sinus infection puts on the head. The worst time of day for this headache is
the morning. Usually right after waking up. This is due to fluid that has built up over
night. As the day progresses, your headache will
wear off. Sinus headaches are normally accompanied by
pain in the front of the face, particularly behind your eyes. Sudden dramatic movements, such as bending
over, will cause further pain. This will normally last the same period of
time as nasal congestion. But before we continue, we would like to thank
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in flavour, Pur Gum is sold in 25 different countries around the globe. Pur Gum… Live Pur. Bad Breath Like a headache isn’t bad enough already. Now I’ve got to deal with awful dragon’s
breath? This is just something that comes blocked
sinuses. The mucus that accumulates in your nasal passages
will come with an awful odor. One that can certainly be smelt from your
mouth. Let’s just say that people will come to
dread conversations with you. If this bad breath continues over an extended
period of time, make sure that you visit a dentist or health professional. It is good to make sure that your teeth are
healthy. Come to think about it, this leads to our
next warning sign. Hurting Teeth A sinus infection can cause terrible pain
in your teeth. The pressure building up in your head will
do that to you. Sometimes, in places you didn’t know were
possible. This includes the gums. From here, your teeth will begin to hurt. This is mostly common in the upper rear teeth. Sinus related toothaches are normally bilateral. This means that they occur on both sides of
your face. Bad personal hygiene also serves as a contributing
factor. If you’re not flossing or taking care of
your teeth, the pain in your gums can be excruciating. This will make even the action of grinning
a difficult task, as just pressing downwards on your teeth will kill. Do you find this video interesting so far? Well you’ll want to pay attention to these
next symptoms… Before we continue, are you concerned about
the overall state of your health? Perhaps you’d like our recent video discussing
“7 Diets That Can Help You Live Longer”. Also, if you’re trying to improve your hygiene,
check out our clip listing 8 Personal Hygiene Rules We Break Everyday! Now back to our list of 11 Signs You Have
a Sinus Infection… Coughing Mucus build up can result in a heck of a cough. One that can keep you up at night. This is just another by-product of a dreadful
sinus infection. The fluid stuck in the back of your throat
will cause irritation. After a while, you’re going to want to get
that out. This is why you see sick people constantly
trying to clear their throat. This cough is normally at its worst after
waking up. There is a way to reduce the amount of fluid
that builds up in your throat during sleep. Try to sleep upright with the head elevated. This way the fluid can’t comfortably settle,
making for less phlegm to cough up the next morning. Mind you, this isn’t the only issue your
throat will experience during sinusitis. Sore Throat Postnasal drip can cause severe pain in your
throat. We’ve all experienced this at some point. Having a sore throat can ruin your day, or
even your week. You see, during the infection, any mucus that
has made its way into the throat can cause the area to swell up. From here, an annoying pain sets in. This can bring on something known as a hoarse
voice, where you will find it hard making sounds when you speak. Your voice will sound rough and weak. This change in your vocals can be the product
of many things. But the most common cause is a sinus infection. It is said to go away after a couple weeks. Fatigue & Dizziness Sinusitis will also make you feel tired and
gross. Your immune system going to battle with the
infection takes a terrible toll on your energy. It can drain you of the will to do any activity. The inability to properly breathe will also
bring on fatigue. Aside from feeling exhausted, sinusitis will
also have you feeling dizzy. Since your sinus membranes have become inflamed,
your sinuses will not be able to drain right away. As a result, you’re going to feel off-balance. Dizziness is among the more serious by-products
of sinus infection. If you’re feeling this symptom, the best
thing to do is try and relax. If it continues, consult a doctor. You Can’t Smell or Taste Sinus infection ruins a lot of things. This includes the ability to enjoy your meal. Simply put, if you’re having trouble breathing
through your nose, you’re obviously not going to be able to smell properly. This is known as hyposmia. Your sense of taste is connected to your ability
to smell. Both senses are dependent on your nasal vault. When air is moving through your system without
an issue, a signal is sent to your brain to let you know what exactly you are tasting. With smell, the odor will enter your nasal
passage and trigger smell receptors. This process is hindered when there is excess
mucus. It will delay or impair your smell reponse. Pain Upon Moving Remember earlier when I mentioned that sudden
movement may worsen your headache. Well with a sinus infection, moving can cause
pain in general. Even the act of leaning forward slightly can
provoke your body to respond with pain. You can also experience facial pain due to
the pressure placed on your head. Moving your mouth will cause you to feel discomfort
in the jaw area. Not the mention your teeth will already be
aching. Fever This can serve as a culmination of other symptoms. A sinus infection can result in an awful fever
that can put you out of commision for a few days. Since your immune system is working overtime,
your body temperature rises. If you experience a fever during your infection,
it may be a sign that the infection has settled in and you will have to deal with it for a
longer period of time. If you feel like a fever is coming on, the
best thing to do is consult a doctor. Do you often battle sinus infection? Are these symptoms you often feel? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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  4. Just to be clear, I’ve had a runny nose since I was born I don’t know if it’s sinusitis or if it’s something more serious but it’s really bad and I don’t know anyone else who has it :/

  5. Thank you for your video. ATM I have sinus infection. Didn’t sleep 😴 and it’s bad. I have all the symptoms that you showed in the video.

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  7. 1. runny nose
    2. stuffed up nose
    3. headache
    4. bad breath
    5. hurting teeth
    6. coughing
    7. sore throat
    8. fatigue and dizziness
    9. cant smell or taste
    10. pain upon moving
    11. fever

  8. I have been suffering from THE SINUSITIS from the years 1974 till this day.
    I was born on 08-9-1958 .
    Now I am running 62.
    All the ANTIBIOTICS in the world ranging from SULFAMETHOXASOLE AND TIRIMITHOPRIM to the latest, ie.,CEFUROXAMINE AXETIL etc along with anti inflammatory drugs and anti histamines and b complex with Vitamin C tablets.
    Perhaps, I am the only person in the world suffering from the DREADFUL DISEASE OF THE SINUSITIS for the past 48 years. But I still want to live till I complete 85 years as the same is the life span of my FATHER and my FOREFATHERS.

  9. I have a really bad sinus infection and my doctor said take some Mucinex and drink lots of fluids 🤧. It helps but I still feel like crap, I was hoping for some antibiotics but it’s not the way it works anymore.

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  11. I have a sinus infection now! It started at the end of January. It must not be bacterial because antibiotics did nothing. I also take daily Prednisone, which makes infections last forever, so it seems. The coughing is my most annoying symptom. I hope my neighbors don’t think I have CoVid-19!lol

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    1) Head ache especially after waking up
    2) Bad breath
    3) Cough
    4) Sore throat
    5) Tired feeling and dizzy
    6) I can't smell or taste
    7) Moving can cause pain
    What should I do to get rid of this

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