1176 “Why did my allergies come back after tapping?” Robert Smith explains

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hi this rubber Smith I’m here in Adelaide and I thought I’d I thought I’d answer a couple of questions Carol Anne says I found an emotion that kept active infection going on in my sinus for over eighteen years had total clearance for twelve months and then it came back I made a loss on this so apparently she’s wanted help want to know help apparently she doesn’t understand this now here’s something weird about the unconscious the unconscious will have hold physical ailments in the body the unconscious will hold pains in the body and it’s it’s related to could be a person could be not just an emotion but a relationship now here’s a perfect example i am i mean wichita kansas about 2002 and i was giving a presentation and one of the ladies raised her hand said hey does this work on allergies i said i don’t know let’s give it a try I said what’s the allergy she says well I have a severe allergic reaction to milk and it does really nasty horrible things and my body and comes out in a horrible nasty way and I stepped away from her and I began to explain how I see allergies or even some physical pains and I started to explain that what happens usually or often times or good is that here it is you’re eating something and as you’re eating something maybe something will happen like a father will yell at you or some event and while you’re eating it your unconscious will create what we call a link to the flavor and the emotional experience at that time and so as I’m talking about this I came back and she’s crying and I go what’s wrong she goes well my dad’s a dairy farmer which means you know he raises cows and he milks cows for a living and we’re all sitting around the dinner table and he’s making us drink the milk which is already soured and by the way when we’re talking we’re addressing this milk issue guess what it is it sours in her belly sours in her stomach sours as it comes out so we started addressing not only the relationship with her father we address that and then we addressed what it felt like going through her body and address that now it’s just starting the motion it’s an internal production of the unconscious because the brain has memories it has body memory which basically a flow within itself and so then at the end of the seminar she went home three four months later she wrote me she said oh my god this is so amazing my husband’s completely shocked I’m drinking and eating milk and there’s no problem with it and I’ve been helping him with this golf score and his buddies – with faster of tea so two years later I’m doing a seminar in Oklahoma City and she shows up and she goes the milk problem all came back and I asked one question how’s your father she starts to cry because her father was dying of cancer so her unconscious mind still had what you call a link tied to love and the relationship she has with her father which is the milk issue so what do we do we go back we address the emotional system that’s linked to the milk and the problem with her father now although this was back in 2002 my understanding and experiences and how the mind works and how the unconscious create links so inside you there’s obviously a link it’s a link to something it’s not one emotion it’s a belief system and the structure inside yourself and it can be changed and how it can be changed in what we use in faster tea it’s called the art of change it’s a process that elicits strategy and how your unconscious mind produces and of course you get that by the online course they are to change course and also see a practitioner or get fresh dirty training which you can get training online so this Robert Smith I’m here in Adelaide Australia I hope that helps you

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