1232 FasterEFT & Allergies: The Secret to healing allergies and asthma

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Hi, this is Robert Smith. I’m still here in Craigan,North South Wales. And I’m answering questions. So, Sherry White has a question. She says,”I have three. Can we stop an allergic reaction, also asthma.” Alright. so. I answered these two: asthma. allergic reaction. Of course, there’s a lot of variations when you’re dealing with this stuff. And that is one, from my personal experiences, just like with pain, pain allergic reaction, it has its hypnosis as well. Now there’s a lot of variations of this, especially we’ve got early children allergic at birth. But we’re talking about adults. I bet you the experiences. Here you are. You’re talking to your friend on the phone. And your friend starts talking about how they have a cold. And as we’re talking about the cold, and when you get off the phone, you actually start to feel like you have a cold too. Because there is what we call the hypnosis of illnesses. We have the hypnosis of pain. Which basically means your brain will use its past resources to recreate to follow suit on how to respond. I remember I was in Australia, she’s not the only one, but this is a very typical. When I’m in Australia and this woman says,” I have a horrible, horrible allergic reaction to peanuts.” And so she came up and she’s in the magic chair in a live seminar. And I said,” I’m sorry. You just ate a peanut.” And all of a sudden, she starts to have allergic reaction with no peanuts at all, with just words. Which basically means, that her unconscious mind knows how to have allergic reaction. And how this works is, she has past experiences, her brain will use these experiences and reproduce with words, she actually went into a allergic reaction trance. So, how do you break the trances? That’s the real question. Just like when you go to a memory, you go to a memory and you remember a memory. And as you remember the memory, you feel like it’s happening again. That’s a trance. So, how do you break the allergic trance or the asthma trance? Now because I worked with hundreds of people with these types of ailments. One lady was Sara. Sara, for 18 years, had not just a severe, I worked with Sara, 18 years she had the worst adult asthma ever. She had have a happy purifier in her car, always having inhalers. She had a specialized doctor that she saw frequently. And of course, I was seeing her many times. I was addressing her emotional traumas. Dealing with an abuse, sexual abuse, dealing with the, the accident in which she had, the controlling mother. This day she comes in, she goes,” Cure my asthma.” I said,” Well, I don’t know if I can. But I’ll do the best what I can and I’ll help you.” So what I did is, I went to her experiences everyone that she gave me. And what we did is, we started rewrite the story. We started changing the sensations in her body. And just by thinking, she could feel as if it was true every memory. And we started changing those. And then, and then, we would test it, you know, like one up one time. She had an old suffocated, you know, because she had asthma. And she had a memory of someone putting a Phillip pillow over her face. So we tap, tap, tap. We use what you call the deck of trauma process which we dissipate the trauma. And as we do that, then we eventually test it, you know, and then we put, I said,” I have a pillow. Is that okay put over your face? ” She said,” Yes.” We tap on any resistance put the pillow her face it’s gone. Then we continue tapping on and addressing her mind and asthma. No lie, 18 years of asthma gone. And three years later, I was at a health fair and she walked in. “Robert I was just thinking about you. I was misting my flowers. And as I was misting, I said I used to have asthma. And it’s because of what you did.” So asthma, allergic reaction is an internal unconscious process. And you can change that. Just, we just remember always be wise, be smart, change everything about it, your fears. I think that had even Linda Esser for example, here’s another good one, for all her life she had severe migraines, allergic reaction to onions. Hated it all, hated it all. And of course, she’s first master Faster EFT practitioner. and her sister goes,”Well, if this Faster EFT really works, why don’t you get rid of your reaction to onions.” And so she did. She went ate onions and her sister. She was amazed. But she still wasn’t a believer. Now the cool thing about Faster EFT Eutaptics and what I teach, you don’t have to believe it for it to work. All you have to do is try it in the proper way. Because there’s a lot of people write me and said,” Faster EFT is not working for me.” And I said,” First of all, if it’s not working, you’re not using it correctly.” Faster EFT is not about tapping. It’s about your mind. Learn how to drive your mind. Learn how to take control. Learn how to transform your life from the inside out. Faster EFT Eutaptics, Eutaptics is the newest training system. Now it not only the newest training system but it is the most profound transformational system in the world in my opinion. And it will be a part of your life, once you start using it on yourself every day. Get some good training. Learn how to take control of your mind. Right now Change your body. Change your life. Everything will change. There are so many people who have transformed their lives, from being ill, allergic, PTSD, pain, bad relationships, bad bad stuff. And they change it themselves. They conquered things they never thought possible. And they did it by using what I teach. Come join us. Be a part of the team. There’s an online training course level 1. Come to a live training system. We’ll talk to you later. Peace. Subtitle: Liu Chin

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  1. Great video , makes so much sense , the point of power is in the present moment by using Eutaptics that power is yours to keep and enjoy .

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