13 German Words That Are Impossible To Translate!

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She has annoying rings in every single finger now and she thinks she’s super cool with it just as with her hat, because in Mexico she saw that young girls in the age of 15 are wearing hats now I want to be young! -it’s not gonna happen you’re too old hey guys welcome back to my channel! today we’re talking about German words that don’t exist in English as you know Germans like to make it complicated when it comes to languages so today we’re gonna talk about words that you probably cannot find in any other language you cannot say that because we don’t know every single language we don’t know.. but I thinks so.. -You cannot find them in English at least.. I’m gonna tell you the words, you have to guess what it means I’ll explain you if it’s correct and what it actually means I’m pretty much Germanized.. I’ve been living in Germany for three years so I feel like I’m totally gonna guess it right away before we start we want to let you know that this video is sponsored by Lingoda! they have a super interesting language program coming up called “sprint” which gives you the opportunity to take three months of classes for free! if you want to know more about this stay until the end of the video ok the first word that I have for you is “fernweh” “fernweh”… it is when you watch the TV and it stops working and it hurts your soul because you were watching a football match totally wrong! literally it would be
distant grief, but actually it’s wanderlust oh so like wanting to travel or what? -yeah wanting to travel to distant countries because fern is “distant”, that’s TV it’s called “distant watching” because it’s actually not there.. oh everything makes sense… interesting… that’s a good word to have! -Germans.. -oh no.. ok delete what I just said.. “Sturmfrei”.. -use it in a sentence.. -no
-yes! dude those are the rules! -tell me! is the freedom of electricity.. -not “Strom” but “Sturm”.. -the freedom of storm.. is when it’s sunny And the weather? Oh it is storm free.. -okay to day it is so storm free.. actually it means home alone.. you’re a kid right? your parents are not at home and that means the storm is set free because you’re the storm oh God.. who came up with that? “schadenfreude” -“schade” is sad.. it’s like oh bad for you.. “freude” is happiness.. sadness and happiness?? hahaha literally it would be damaged happiness.. but why do you say “oh schade, marmelade, schokolade..” -yeah but “Schaden” is not the same.. rejoicing in somebody else’s pain.. -nice, malicious joy or the joy about the misfortune of others I thought it was wrong a 100% -next word! “weichei” -soft egg hahaha what I’m thinking I cannot say because in Spanish “Eier” are.. “c0jones?” -yeah is somebody that is in a very warm temperature.. relaxed Google Translate gave me wuss or wimp -oh you’re a wuss.. someone that is scared of everything yeah -I am not a Weichei… -Ah..sometimes.. ah next word is “Unwort” “Unwort”…. unword.. -yeah that’s literal.. -something that is so beautiful you can’t describe it.. no? -no -oh you took forever to say no! -yeah I wasn’t listening and I was trying to process what you said so the German dictionary, the book of words says basically it’s a word that might be newly made up and not beautiful and it’s an unwanted word.. whatever that means oh! that’s the definition of the word? “unwort” is a way to describe a new word that you don’t like yes Germans invented a word that describes unwanted words on English it would be “Shooketh”, it’s such an Unwort… what’s the tea.. Unwort everywhere.. he’s a hater! -ready for the next one? -I’m not a wuss.. “Lebensmüde” -oh this is me.. -What does that mean? lazy.. -no -lazy as hell.. you’re tired forever okay -so yeah literally it means “life tired” it would mean having no joy of being alive but people use it as reckless because when you do something where you can get hurt very easily they’re like “whoa you’re reckless are you tired of your life?” it’s basically like an adrenaline junkie.. -I guess… -yeah, I’m not that.. I’m always scared of everything.. -weichei! no! but sometimes I am a hartei.. -no..
“Fremdschämen”.. fremd is.. a traitor.. -no, so literally would mean foreign shame foreign? oh “Fremdsprache…” -yes actually it means being ashamed in someone else’s behalf oh -so when you do something stupid and it’s just cringe.. -is what all of you guys are feeling right now watching us yes.. secondhand embarrassment -that’s how you call it? -yeah it totally exists in English in Spanish is pena ajena… -next
one.. “Streicheleinheit” line is like woman.. like “fräuline”… -“Streichel” “einheit”… -oh okay *Sings snow white song.. so literally it would mean unit of caressing.. -unit of caressing? -einheit is a unit, Streichel it’s like this.. like how many times you do this.. -according to the book of words.. a certain amount of attention and caress
through body contact so that’s the “Streicheleinheit”… she doesn’t really understand.. her face is like.. I’m so confused!! -“schnapsidee”… schnaps.. drinking.. it is a drinking game!
-drinking game! no, schnaps idea basically it’s a crazy idea why do you use?.. what was that? -next one! “fuchsteufelswild” can you speak like a normal German?
“fuchsteufelswild”.. a wild Fox.. teufels.. Eiffel tower… okay it’s a wild Fox female Fox. -literally it would mean Fox devil wild because teufel means devil.. actually it just means very angry Oh Janik is a “fuchsteufelswild”… -Janik is “fuchsteufelswild”, that’s all you need to say Janik is “fuchsteufelswild” every day! -Ah my nose! you touched my brain! we have three left “Fingerspitzengefühl” -that’s what I hate about German, well I hate and I love it.. they mix like four words together and it’s a new word. Fingerspitzengefühl.. when you get a spike in your finger it hurts like crazy it’s just pain, it’s like a crazy amount of pain I’m just gonna tell you what it means because it’s wrong… Fingerspitze is finger tip, the tip of your finger what it means is empathy in dealing with people or things You have Fingerspitzengefühl.. -I know I do.. I thought you could also use it.. imagine you’re working on something very small and you have to be very careful, right? in your fingertips.. -you need to be precise.. -precise I always thought Spitze was.. -a tip -aaah Zugspitze.. I’m so dumb dude! I’m losing everything you’re losing yeah, you don’t know much.. second-to-last Kopfkino.. that you have a cinema in your head… that means that you can remember things super good, is like photographic memory no, I’m telling you I have a very muscled body.. -Oh Kopfkino.. you don’t even know what it means.. what does it mean? -you are crazy! you’re going through a scenario in your mind -yeah that’s what I said very creative you’re creating stories in your head that don’t exist in real life, like your muscles.. if you would have Kopfkino after I told you this, you would go through various scenarios of what you could do with my muscled body… oh my god what a bad example but okay.. -I have three boobs.. oh yeah Kopfkino for sure… okay last word is Feierabend.. -I’ve heard that before dude, celebration evening there is a holiday.. after every work day you could say it.. -oh I’m free! I’m finally free I’m gonna go party okay doesn’t mean that you actually have to go party.. it just means the free time after work day Why don’t you just say “free time after work day” -cuz is way too long! okay so these were all the 15 words and I think you got three correct speed round, very fast okay speed round I’m gonna tell you the meaning and you have to tell me the word okay fast! wuss.. Weichei! unwanted word.. -unwort! -being ashamed of someone else’s behalf… oh Schadenfreude.. Pech gehabt! Lebensmüde! no! that was another one! damn it! Fremdschämen! unit of caressing… -oh lebensmüde! -no! Steicheleinheit! oh so easy… -crazy idea -oh I have it feier…. Feierabend… I forgot..this sucks keep going.. A drink! -oh schnapsidee! -yeah very angry.. -du… ah fuchs… fuchsteufelwild -yeah almost, fuchsteufelswild empathy in dealing with people and things.. Spitzer finger gefühl.. – fingerspitzengefühl playing out a scenario in your head… -kino kopf.. -Kopfkino.. wanderlust.. -Fernweh.. -Wow first one.. home alone… – oh stop stop Freisturm.. -sturmfrei! what’s happening? malicious joy -Schadenfreude.. -yes reckless don’t look at me that way… -tired of life.. müdeleben.. Lebensmüde! free time after work day.. Feierabend… -yes oh my god I got all of them right! -yeah you just switched all of them basically oh I don’t want to speak German in a week.. -okay so these were the words and now before we finish this video let’s talk about our sponsor Lingida -oh yeah you guys want to stick around for this because it’s pretty interesting with Lingoda you can take online language classes from certified teachers that are native speakers we actually took classes ourselves with lingoda. I took German classes, you have to talk with other people also I really like the platform is super simple to use, they can even give you a certificate at the end so you can prove that you’ve been taking classes and the teachers are super super nice lingoda.. lingo da! lingo dah.. lingo duh has a special Sprint promotion coming up that can help you to become more fluent in just three months they have two different programs you can choose the Sprint and the Super Sprint if you choose the Super Sprint promotion you are committing yourself to take 30 classes a month for three months if you manage to do it every single day without missing any class you will get a refund of a hundred percent of your payment and if you don’t have that much time you can choose the Sprint option there you have to take 15 classes a month for three months and if you take all fifteen classes every single month you’re going to get 50% refund, half of
the money now these are the languages you can choose from here’s how it works, the Sprint starts on January 7 2020 and lasts until April 5 2020 you have to sign up before December 19 and be very fast because they have very limited spaces so you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. -To sign up you have to pay a deposit of 49 euros but with our link in the description you are gonna have a 10 euro discount on the deposit guys please make sure to read all of the rules yourself, make sure to click on the link in our description to check out
lingoda we hope to see you next week with a new video. If you liked this video give us a thumbs up! subscribe to our channel if you’re not already and we will see you next week! adios muchachos! tschüss!

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  20. Some of those words exist in Finnish too! At least these:
    fremdschämen – myötähäpeä
    schadenfreude – vahingonilo
    fernweh – kaukokaipuu
    We have many words for 'Weichei' but they're not the literal translation though, e. g. vellihousu
    Fingerspitzengefühl – näppituntuma but it doesn't mean exactly the same in Finnish as in German
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