7 thoughts on “13-year-old Broadway star Laurel Griggs dies after suffering massive asthma attack

  1. Horrible tragedy for this Young Lil Angle & for her Parents, family & friends… Asthma is a huge Problem in The USA… I Personally Don't Wish Asthma upon Nobody Not even too My worst enemy… I've been Diagnosed with Asthma myself at a late Age of 30yr old… I've never had Asthma in my life not even when I Was a lil kid…. An I Must say Asthma Hit Me Hard Twice in the pass… Asthma Put me Twice in a Medical Induced Coma & I Was Intubated Twice….SMFH So I can Relate Too This Young Girl an What She Had Too Put up Too With Asthma…. RIP SIP Sweet Lil Angle..

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