100 thoughts on “13-Year-Old Cries as He’s Surprised With Dog From Late Dad

  1. We know this story touched a lot of people's hearts, so for some happier news, check out our heartwarming playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPu6h57gFbo&list=PLu5l82pnTRBG5xJJWOqSvAb1KU_p1pkfJ&index=4

  2. Wow, i wish more of the world and news we see was like this, not the passing of the dad ofc but just heartwarming content

  3. My mom died from lung cancer when I was 10. My dad got us a dog before she passed, and he became my best friend. His name was Puzzle, and I’ll always love him.

  4. So much love between the dad & his kids, what a last birthday gift from his dad to Logan, so precious ♥️♥️♥️

  5. What a loving wonderful father. I’m sure he’s still looking out for his whole family until they’re together again. You’re all a credit to him. Be happy . Sending you best wishes from🇬🇧

  6. my jaw dropped when they said the father passed away and he wanted his son to have a puppy stop youtube trying to make me cry

  7. Jeeze when that kid said REALLY?? and those tears in his eyes……man got me right in the heart!!! Soo innocent and pure…I'm sorry you guys lost ur main man.

  8. i got my allergies gone within five years. how come it took this long for his dad? I hardly get sick now. I know he lost to cancer and that's really sad. the father had it bad.

  9. What a brave family decided no disease can take away their happiness. He will grow up in love and courage. Hope the family grow strong 💖

  10. As I wipe away these tears let me just take a moment to say thank you to ALL the real fathers out there who daily sacrifice for our families and do so with a loving heart!

  11. This is the most amazing video, My mother died of cancer so I could only imagine how he feels, But when that dog dies it’s going to make him more upset because that’s the dog his dad gave him…. 😩

  12. Oooh… THAT type of Late….
    I thought the dad was late like grocery shopping late and never came back like most dads.
    Sorry kid.
    Take care of the doggo.

  13. my dads 90 and not well , not eaten for 3 weeks , but hes trying his best , but im a wreck sry , this vid got be big time

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