150 Years of Legacy & Our Vision | Dr. Vaidya’s

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I am an Ayurvedic doctor I come from a legacy for
150 years of Ayurveda I’m the sixth generation of Ayurvedic doctors in our family As a family we own 96 FDA-approved
formulations for all kinds of ayurvedic medicine everything that we sell is
proprietary to our family we have products from liver, arthritis,
diabetes, cough-cold, asthma, muscle relaxants, face pack,
pain balm, hypertension and cholesterol to Ayurvedic health toffees. My
grandfather was one of Bombay’s most successful ayurvedic doctors and used to
see more than 300 patients a day, but what I saw lacking with ayurveda was an
appeal to modern consumers. So in 2016, last year I took on this business after
my grandfather passed with the view that I want to make ayurvedic products
appealing and accessible to modern consumers both in India and worldwide, so
we took our entire product range repackaged, rebranded and made it globally
appealing and products of international level. Today we have 31 products that we have repackaged and we’re exhibiting here in dubai with the hope that we
can grow our products outside of India we’re already in the US, UK and China and our long term objective as a company is to be the ayurvedic products company that takes
ayurveda to the world!

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