19 Soluble Fiber Foods To Fix Cholesterol (Statins Alternatives)

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35 thoughts on “19 Soluble Fiber Foods To Fix Cholesterol (Statins Alternatives)

  1. Thank you so much for soluable fiber foods! So happy to have this list!! Need help always with fiber so I don't get blocked!! Great info that I will pass on. Thank you again!!

  2. Happy Blessed day! Doc.Joe..I like okra but before i steam it, I remove the buto ( seed) its coz my atrithis..:)) thanks again for your info.God Blessed..

  3. Well well.what a basket of alternate to strawberries.soluble fibres train has taken off.asked for a bit & got the moon! Thanks doc Joe for your hard work & lovely info.right up my alley! Love you.

  4. Thank you for your very helpful videos! Watching them has given me hope that through eating the right foods and exercising correctly, I can avoid having to take medications for cholesterol and/or blood pressure …and I appreciate that you give us specific foods and exercises that will help! Even better that most of them are foods that I like, and the exercises are actually doable!

    My question is: The fitness/nutrition app that I use recommends 21g of fiber each day (for women over 50), but it does not differentiate between soluble and insoluble fiber. Do you agree with that recommendation, or does it take more to lower cholesterol levels? Thanks, and I hope that you have a very blessed day.

  5. Dr these are not eaten regularly like our staple food .Some are seasonal fruits how will it help if we take once awhile along with our daily rice .Thank you dr for all the information you are giving

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