2013 III. Adrenalin Sprint Kupa – Domony – STMSE

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We loved the rally. To tell the truth, in terms of quality and interest I think it was the best we took part in. It was also very rapid, very exhausting. I only had problem with the end of the rally, I wouldn’t have taken the crews to the car exhibition. That was unnecessary. Apart from this we are through a very nice rally. I experienced that what we could achieve by the end of the year it’s really the maximum from our “darling”. I’m very happy that we finished the race without any major technical issue. This way we really enjoyed the rally. Our mechanics worked very well, and the atmosphere in the team was also great. With finishing fourth in our category I have no problem, it’s OK. But with this result — thank God — we achieved the 13th place overall and 3rd place in our category. In the classification of Sprint Cup we are 5th overall and 2nd in our category. This is quite interesting because we are classified one category higher, so we have to compete among 3.5-4 litre cars with this 2 litre engine. I’m fully satisfied with our results! The chairman of the CCR committee hasn’t told yet when does the annual prizegiving take place. Imre Varga, the chairman of the CCR committee is a brilliant man, I really hope that he organises the prizegiving by the end of the year. But if not then a prizegiving at the beginning of next year will be also good from the chairman of the CCR committee. There we will feast everyone, especially we will reward the chairman of the CCR committee with a thicker envelope. I hope that Imre Varga will go on as the chairman of the CCR committe and then everything will be fine!

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